Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guess Who's Back?

No, not Gabbrielle. My trailer is back. The entire experience of getting it repaired was a bit awkward. I was originally told it would be ready before I left on my trip, because I needed it to haul back some furniture from my mother's house. However, they didn't finish in time and just had to hang onto it until I got back and now I have to make a second 800-mile round trip to pick up what I had to leave behind.

Thursday morning I had to drive into Reno anyway to drop my daughter off at the airport, so I stopped at the trailer place on the way back to pick it up. They open at 9:00 AM and I arrived at about 8:20 AM. I decided to hook the trailer up to the truck while I was waiting for them to open, and looked up to see an angry guy in a quad and a big black Pitbull mix glaring at me.

I explained that I knew I was early, so I was killing time by getting my trailer hooked up to my truck until they open. The guy said not to worry, that he could help me. I probably interrupted his breakfast or something. He helped me back right up to it and hooked it up for me, and then pointed out that my hook up was illegal.

Who knew? I'd been driving it that way for 10 years. There was this cable woven through the chains and I never knew what it was for. It turns out that it was a cable attached to a pin that works as an emergency release should the trailer detach itself and get out of control being pulled just by chains. The cable was supposed to be connected to my bumper. He kindly gave me the parts needed to hook it up.

The interior padding and wall mat were replaced where Bombay went nuts...

I noticed that the newer padding was softer and with less grip, which might help in the future should a horse start pawing.  The hoof should just slide right down the mat without pulling it out of the wall.
The old mat is a lot gummier and groovier.  They fixed the broken window and repaired the window frame so that the wind can't blow it open and let it fall onto a post and break the glass again.  That fix was a long time coming.

I had asked them to slap a reflector on my tack room door, because that fell off years ago.  I know I could just buy my own reflectors and do it myself, but I figured since they had the parts, they'll may as well do it.

I was happy with the service until I walked around to the other side of my trailer and realized that they just pulled my own reflector off one side and attached it to the other.  It looks like I'll have to go to the automotive store today and look for another reflector after all.

That's the way these guy's operate.  They pull parts off one trailer that's up for sale and put them on other trailers to fix them.  When I first bought my horse trailer in 2001, they had to retrieve a water hose for the water tank from another trailer, because it was missing.  Oh well, I guess they get points for resourcefulness, but I don't understand the logic of removing a reflector from one side of my trailer and gluing it to the other side.

Just to make it even more awkward, they misplaced my bill and the dad had to call his foul-mouthed son and wake him up to ask him where he put it.  He couldn't find it, so he took down the information on my card, so he could charge me once they found the bill.  The son left a voicemail for me while I was driving, informing me of how much they charged my card.

The trailer bill didn't cost as much as the vet bill, but it was pretty close. My vet is coming out this afternoon to see what he can do to better the healing process, and to remove the rest of the stitches. I tried doing it myself, but my little scissors were still too wide to get up underneath the line without poking the sensitive laceration.

I also spoke with my horse trainer and explained Bombay's trailer phobia. She said she will try to borrow a stock trailer from someone and bring it out to my place and work with him in it to see if it is worth my while to trade my luxury trailer in for a stock trailer. They said they'd give me $6,000 for a 10-year-old trailer that I paid $8,000 for, so that's a deal. The stock trailer I am interested in is just over $6,000. I'm still waffling on losing my lovely tack room. I really rely on my current trailer for storage under lock and key. I also still have to be in a position to buy a more powerful truck before I trade in the trailer.

The fact that the house was going to sell within a month gave me hope, but that fell through. At least I can trailer Lostine out and ride her while I'm waiting.

I've been talking on the phone with Gabbrielle's trainer. The first time I spoke with her she said that Gabbrielle was moving forward at the walk and trot well, but wasn't moving on the bit or into her turns, so she wanted to focus on teaching her to make effective turns before anything else.

The second time I talked with her, she said that Gabbrielle was turning great and both walking and trotting on the bit now. She said that she is very smart, remembers everything from the last lesson, tries to improve on it, and anticipates what is being asked of her in the next lesson. The trainer was really pleased with the speed at which she was learning and said I've got myself a really nice horse.

I loved talking with her, because at that point in time my trainer was the only person who had good news for me. She also said that she might be interested in hiring me to do some equine photography around her place. She wants to make her website look more professional and has several clients who would like to be photographed while they ride. That is exciting, because this means I might actually make my first dollar from this business I tried to start well over a year ago, but kept getting waylaid by other responsibilities.

I will finally get a chance to see her work with Gabbrielle from the saddle tomorrow. I'm planning on bringing my camera. I may have to desensitize Gabbrielle to the indoor arena flash first, before the trainer rides. The trainer did mention that she and her groomer do spend a lot of time desensitizing Gabbrielle, which doesn't surprise me. When she was a yearling and two-year-old, she was fearless, but now that she's a full grown mare, her prey instincts have kicked in full gear.


fernvalley01 said...

the trailer looks great , and good news on Gabrielle!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had some GOOD things happen!

Linda said...

I love the idea of the trainer coming over and loading him into a stock before you make a big purchase. I really like the modifications to your existing trailer as well. It's looking pretty darn sharp! Mine isn't nearly as nice, but I did spiff of my tack room the other day..and I'm with you on having a tack room. Do any of the stocks have one??

Paint Girl said...

The trailer looks great, but can't believe they would move one reflector from one side to the other, I mean really? That's ridiculous.
Sounds like Gabrielle is doing well. Can't wait to see pictures of her in training!

Maia said...

It seems like thing are fineally turning around for you and just like how all the bad things kept piling up, my wish for you is for all of the good things to start heading your way, one right after the other.

Now if only those neighbors would move...

achieve1dream said...

Okay dumb idiots over the reflector, but other than that this is a great post! I'm so happy you have your trailer back and are happy with the repairs. That's great about your trainer too. I'm glad you were finally able to talk to her and that she's enjoying her time working with Gabrielle. :) I'm looking forward to see the pictures when you go see her!

Anonymous said...

$6000 for a 4 place stock trailer seems excessive - or it would be in my location.

I would sure want the trainer to actually haul Bombay in the stock trailer, not just load him.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Linda - The stock trailer I looked at does have a tack room, but with less storage options and it is not under lock and key. I would have to create my own lock set up.

Anonymous - Yes, hauling him in the trailer is the goal. He already gets in and out just fine.