Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A List to Keep In Touch

I have returned from my blitz... I mean my estate sale.  So, much has happened over the past six days that I have to condense it into a list for you, but maybe I'll put together some funny anecdotes in the future when I'm not so tired.

1.  I had strangers showing up at the door for days before the estate sale requesting a preview.  I turned them all away, because I wasn't willing to risk getting raped or robbed.  They were probably all legitimate antique dealers, but I needed every second I could get to set up for the sale and couldn't honor any distractions. 

2.  What people were and were not willing to buy surprised me.  The items I expected to sell didn't and those I didn't expect to sell did.  People bought our beds, chairs and dining room tables right out from underneath us.  Sleeping and eating off a hard floor is not fun at my age. 

3.  You wouldn't believe how many times I had to rescue our toilet paper and groceries from people who thought they were for sale!

4.  I had more people blocking my driveway in those six days than I've had in the past year at my ranch, and I thought the driveway blocking problem was excessive in Nevada. 

5.  A lot of stuff got broken.  I don't understand why people feel the need to pick up delicate china and turn it around in their hands.  By the end of the day so much of the stuff had chips and cracks that I couldn't give it away. 

6.  In the end, we made so little money that the only reward was giving gifts to those who helped my mother and me in some way in the past or present.

7.  The home inspections didn't go so well.  There is so much termite damage that some major support beams between the first and second floors have to be replaced.  There is also a lot of water damage, the roof needs to be replaced, every room in the house needs spackling and repainting, and the chimney needs to be replaced.  My home buyer got scared off by those inspection reports, so the deal is off and the home is back on the market.

8.  Right after receiving that bad news, some antique dealers stopped by to pick up the remaining antiques that were not purchased at the estate sale, and they left empty-handed because they claimed that antique oak furniture is worthless.  So, now I have to make the 400-mile trip again next weekend or the weekend after to finish either selling, donating, or burning those beautiful antiques.

9.  I met with some estate clean-up reps after the estate sale, and they wanted to charge me most of what I made at the sale for their service of taking everything off my hands.  Why should I pay them to resell some great furniture and get 100% of the profit?  They should pay me.  I know part of their job is to clean up and take truck loads of garbage to the dump, but the money they make off the good stuff should more than pay for the job.

10.  After sleeping and eating off floors, I got home to discover that my husband started remodeling our bathroom, but the pink wallpaper refuses to come off, so he couldn't finish the surprise in time.

11.  While I was away, Bombay tore out half of his stitches and is now limping again.

12.  When I got home I found that all the goats next door were gone.

Those are just a few highlights.  I'm hoping to turn off my cell phone and email and spend some time at the river just relaxing with my kids tomorrow.  I don't know if it will happen, though, because other people won't let me rest.  They keep scheduling tasks for me as if I work for them and not the other way around.  I'm so tired that I wish I could just check myself into a hospital and hook myself up to an IV.


Jeni said...

I say screw everyone else and turn off the darned phone. Just for a day!

Hope things get better soon.

Breathe said...

That's terrible news about the house and Bombay. It was a rough trio, sounds like, hopefully you can hook up with a local charity to take the antiques. In my experience the salvation army and goodwill will come by with a truck. But maybe that's not the case everywhere.

Too bad they don't have elastic stitches for horses. Or Elizabethan collars to keep them from yanking on them.

Welcome home.

achieve1dream said...

IV of caffeine as my husband says lol.

Sorry the trip totally sucks. The economy is just so crappy that it's not really a surprise that everything didn't sell. I hope you can find a solution for what is left. And I really, really hope the house sells soon because I know you need the money right now to reimburse for what you've put into it.

Poor Bombay. I wonder how he ripped out the stitches. . . oh and I forgot to mention that for the dry scab tearing open I use Carona. It works really well and my coop carried an offbrand that wasn't quite as expensive as the namebrand. It works really well. I hope he's doing okay now.

Please turn on the phone and enjoy time with your kids. You really need some relaxing time.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Holding an estate sale sounds very exhausting. And you got quite a glimpse into the less attractive side of human behavior. I'm sorry about Bombay's stitches. You didn't need that on top of everything else. Protect yourself and take the time off you need to rest and enjoy some quiet time by the river. You need to do that to recharge your batteries. You gotta take care of You first before you can take care of Everyone else.

fernvalley01 said...

Rest my friend , shut of the phone and the rest of the world and let your family love you

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'd be hooked up to a Margarita IV myself. And call me anti-social, but I never answer my phone. I always let the Caller ID get it first and then I can check to see if it's someone I want to talk to or not. I figure why not let technology work for me?

I was curious to find out how the Estate Sale went because, as you know I volunteer at the horse rescue's thrift store twice a week and we get a lot of items donated from families of loved ones who have passed away. Estate Sale companies here are in trouble because it seems most buyers want stuff for cheap and aren't willing to pay antique prices for anything old and possibly valuable. And the time, energy, fees and the hassles aren't worth it to the families just to maybe make a few dollars, so they donate to us and other local thrift stores. Which is a very good thing for us because without the thrift store, the rescued horses wouldn't have the vet and farrier care and food they need. So, we're secretly grateful for this economic turn of events.

Thanks for the update, even in list form. You can give us the details later, only if you feel like it.
Poor Bombay...

Take care,

Katharine Swan said...

Antique oak furniture is worthless? Hmmm, not sure why that would be. I've grown up with antiques and all of my furniture is antique or vintage, so the only response I have to that is that maybe they are talking about the stain -- I think lighter and medium stains are out of fashion right now and harder to sell.

In any case, I do know that the economy has taken a toll on antique and collectible values, so if you are having a hard time selling you might need to reduce your price. Try listing on Craigslist -- I think stuff sells better there than at garage sales, and you can repost the same ad every two days. It's pretty easy, and just takes a couple minutes.

And oh, it doesn't surprise me at all what sold first. My mom and I have discovered pretty much the same from selling at garage sales and on Craigslist. Big furniture sells FAST.

I wonder what happened with the goats? You'll have to let us know if you find out.

Crystal said...

Wow that sounds crazy, too bad about the sale though and Bombays stitches, but good about the goats being gone. Hope you get your day of rest today.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Glad to hear the goats are gone. I second the idea of Salvation Army, Goodwill or even the Big Brothers & Big Sisters type organizations. They will take the stuff and resell it for their profits, you get the donation write off- win/win!

Shut the phone off, bolt the door if you have to and enjoy whatever peace you can find.

Mikey said...

Wow. That is unbelievably tough. I'm skeptical too, since when is antique oak furniture worth nothing? I'm glad you have your own mind and didn't let it go.
Can you lock yourself in the bedroom for a day and just sleep? You surely need it after all this. Although the river sounds almighty good too right now.
It's going to get better. Really it is.

Anonymous said...

How about consigning the unsold items to auction?

Totally off topic, I thought you might enjoy this news story about a really rotten neighbor getting a comeuppance:

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I've been working with all kinds of charities and consignment places. They all have a catch, so I'm weighing my options. The logistics of being able to be at the house (400 miles away from where I live) to let people in or getting my real estate agent to let them in or making a copy of a key to give to a neighbor to let them in is the tricky part. Also, I only had furniture lifters on my staff this past weekend and will be on my own in the future.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Anonymous - I read the article and wish I knew what the neighbor did to push the other neighbor over the edge, because using his wireless network to ruin his reputation sure takes a lot of energy. I put most of my energy into avoiding my neighbors. I can only imagine the guilt a normal person would feel if he/she put an innocent person in jail or made him lose his job through trickery.

Stephanie said...

sounds like you could really use a day just for you with no phone and no one bothering you!! and with no issues!!

Dreaming said...

I hope you got the rest that you needed today.
What an exhausting time - I was tired just reading about it and imagining what you had to go through. On top of the physical exhaustion is the emotional end of things - from your mother's death to the problems with the house. How tough for you.
I hope you get some R & R.
What a sweet hubby to work hard to surprise you!

Anonymous said...

NM, I do remember the FBI taking the victim into custody at the time, and when reporters interviewed the neighbors all but one said he was a good guy. And the ONE? Yep, that was the one guilty of hacking and setting him up. No idea what started it all though.

Cheryl Ann said...

It sure sounds like you need a day of complete rest~sorry to hear about Bombay. GOSH DARN! I'm surprised to hear about the antiques, but considering the state of the economy...Please rest up and can't wait for your next post!