Monday, July 18, 2011

Nuzzling Muzzles

Yes, the title of this post is the title of my blog.  Sunday morning I threw on some sweats and skipped the hair and make-up.  I made up my mind that I wasn't going to go anywhere or do anything.  I just wanted to recover and avoid leaving myself open for more trouble.  I did take my sleeping pills the night before and finally got a good night's sleep.  I went outside to sit on the patio in the shade and read a book.  By now I had my horse trailer back to block my neighbor's view of my patio.

After sitting out there a while, I realized that my neighbors had padlocked their front gate shut.  That's something they rarely do, suggesting that they planned to be away a long time.  I decided to move my chair over under the awning of the barn so that I could sit with the horses while I read, since there was no one next door to come to the fence and pester me.

After a while Bombay moseyed on over to me and started inspecting my book with his muzzle.  Before I knew it, he was grabbing my book with his teeth and we were fully engaged in a tug-of-war.  I won.  He kept trying to take it out of my hands, so I gently bopped him on the nose with it each time he tried.  He gave up on that task and moved on to trying to tip me out of my chair.

He grabbed the top of the back frame of the fold-up chair and began lifting and tipping.  I shooed him away.  He returned and I told him to be "nice, nice".  He responded by licking my hand and nuzzling my head.  I gave him a lot of lovin' and then he proceeded to try ripping the backing of my chair with his teeth.  That was it.  I had to remove the chair from the paddock, because he was in full-on mischievous mode and he was on a mission.

But first, I set the fold-up chair on his back and threatened to ride him side-saddle in that chair.  He just smirked at me, calling my bluff.  I then had a chat with him regarding how brave he is about accepting strange objects, and how fearful he is of riding in the horse trailer.  I said, "No horse I know besides you would ever let me put a fold-up chair on his back."

I walked up to Lostine to demonstrate, and she took off for the hills as soon as I lifted the chair toward her back.  "See?" I said to Bombay.  "You're the bravest horse I know, so why can't you ride in the trailer?"

I then noticed Lostine sadly licking Gabbrielle's stall window.  I walked over to her and rubbed her head and neck, explaining that Gabbrielle will be back at the end of summer and she is just away at school.  I think Lostine has been worrying that Gabbrielle may never come back.  She does get attached to her mare friends.  It took Lostine years to stop yearning to be with the mares at her old farm across the road.

Bombay's cut is healing well on top, but the bottom of the cut keeps breaking open and bleeding.  I've been wiping off the scab formations and cleaning it with Betadine solution, water and soap each day.  Then I surround it with Swat since the flies are starting to come around.  The vet thinks that if I keep up this daily treatment he may not even have a scar.  He was just concerned about letting scabs form, because bacteria can build up under them.

I've been exercising Lostine when I can, but have avoided doing anything with Bombay in order to let his wound heal.  I'm sure that getting him running would just tear open his wound more.  It looks like this will be the summer of very little horseback riding.  Hopefully, next year will make up for it.


Mikey said...

YAY! Sounds like a great day. Those sleeping pills (when I remember to take them) are the best. I forget what real uninterrupted sleep is like sometimes.
Fingers crossed the neighbors went on vacation for a month :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Bombay seems to have a good sense of humor. I think it's fun to play with them when they're curious like this. So glad you got to relax for a while and your crazy neighbors seem to be gone...for now.

Crystal said...

Hmm I am glad you said about the post being the title of the blog, I looked at it a few times thinking I was crazy till I just started reading it!

I can't imagine my ponies letting me but a chair on them, but of course can't say I have ever tried either. Might be intersting though.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon. What a ham Bombay is!

Katharine Swan said...

I love hearing about Bombay's antics! My mother-in-law has a young horse who is similar, but his half-brother (who her friends used to have) was even funnier. He'd carry around any fold-up chairs left out, let horses out of their stalls, turn on the lights, and unplug the radio. (That last one is actually a bit scary, but it was one of his favorite tricks -- and then he'd run around the pasture with the radio. They went through quite a few, as you can imagine!)

I hope for your sake that your neighbors are gone for a really, really long time!

Leah Fry said...

Too funny. Good thing Bombay and Jaz don't live together. Nothing would be safe!

How wonderful your neighbors are away. Enjoy it while you can.

Paint Girl said...

Glad to hear that you finally got a day without the nosy neighbors!!
I love hanging out with the horses. They can be so silly. I love the picture of Lostine. Very cool!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Well so much for getting any reading done.But I'm sure it was all worth it having such special horsey time with your good ole goofy bud Bombay.

And I'm really hoping that Karma has finally caught up with those creepy neighbors of yours, especially after the lady flipped ya the bird recently.

Enjoy your new found privacy, quiet and freedom every second that you can.


Dreaming said...

It sounds like you had a perfect day - a little reading, a little R & R and some fun with horses!

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, get a vacation from your neighbors! Enjoy your time, while you can! That's funny bout Bombay and the chair!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

They were only gone for one day and now they are back to babysitting that annoying kid. But I realized why I was confused when I saw their truck approaching me in front of Subway the other day. I don't think it is the same truck. It seems that they got a newer truck of the same color and just put their camper shell on the back of it. This makes the third nearly identical truck they've gotten their hands on. I know they don't own any of these vehicles, because each one seems to be a timeshare that they pass along to other family and church members after they've used it for a few weeks or months. I just think it is odd that they are so attached to having as many of the same truck in the same color as possible. Also, I wonder if something happened to the old guy, because there were a ton of strangers visiting them and doing things for them like mowing their weeds and bringing them food and the old guy hasn't been going to work.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Spoke too soon. The old guy is fine. He's back to his usual tricks of making junk cars appear out of thin air, leaving their hoods up, and having tow trucks show up to haul them off. Of course, he always has to park them right up against my fence as close to my property as possible. I don't get it. He seems to buy broken down vehicles, have them towed to his property, and when he can't fix them himself, he has them towed away. Why not just buy a car that runs instead of putting all this time, energy and money into junkers? Where's the profit?

achieve1dream said...

I love Bombay! I'm glad you got some good sleep and a neighbor free day to spend relaxing and playing with your horses. :)