Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Report From Around the Ranch

Mr. Skunky still stinks, but we got most of the stench out of the house. I've given him two special baths and hosed down the location where the skunk sprayed him, but he still goes outside and rolls in it. Ugh.

Midge is so disgusted with Scrappy's preference for yucky smells that she just avoids him.

In the mornings I wake up to be greeted by the horses and my neighbor's pile of junk vehicles and trailers. They are on another junk vehicle collection binge. Another trailer piled with junk appeared against the fence this past weekend and now they have a wrecked car up against my horse paddock. It has dents all over it and the trunk won't close. What are they thinking? Do they think they are going to fix it up and sell it when they can't even pay the mechanic to repair their own truck? Ahhh, the mysteries of the human mind.  I think I understand animals better.

Despite parking my truck and horse trailer to allow me to sit on my patio without the neighbors being able to stare at me from their front porch, they have figured out where to park their latest vehicle so that they can sit in it and get a perfect view of me on my patio between my truck and horse trailer.

Peek-a-boo, I see you.

The privacy trees I planted a couple of years ago on the other side of my property have all died, save a few shoots. We had two hard winters and my husband says I over-pruned them.

The two little trees in pots outside my bathroom window are still alive, though not thriving. I may try to transplant them to where the dead trees are and perhaps buy a few more younger Emerald Cones for the bathroom window and rest of the fence line.

I'm still waiting for the finances to settle, though, so it probably won't happen until fall or spring. Yesterday I received the property tax bill for the house I inherited payments on, and the Coroner still hasn't issued the certified death certificate, despite it being well beyond 120 days after the autopsy. 90 days is supposed to be the deadline for them to issue it. I've never owned a home before, so it shocked me to find out that taxes are paid in July.  This is going to create trouble for me when the mortgage company finds out that the house changed names, but the mortgage didn't.  If they want to refinance and put the mortgage in my name, I won't qualify because I'm out of work.  Why does life have to be so complicated?

I've spent the past few days just resting at home, doing the bare minimum in order to avoid creating more problems. However, today I plan to venture out to spend a day out of the house away from the endless bills that keep pouring into our mailbox, in hopes that not seeing the mail for one day will relieve some stress.

My son is at his sports camp this week. His hair has been getting long, so I wanted to trim it before he left for the triple-digit heat of Arizona. He called last night and told me that I can't cut his hair now, but wouldn't say why. I'm guessing his roommates at camp gave him a hazing and shaved his head. I guess I'll find out at the end of the week.


Cut-N-Jump said...

Nuzz, I feel for you. Maybe try 'stalking' the neighbors instead. Give them a dose of their own Nosy? Although I'm sure they are NOT interesting at all! lol

I just found a plant that grows like MAD in our heat. No thorns, no blooms, no seed pods, no mess and watering it every night with the horses- the thing is putting out new growth Daily. It went from being about 3 ft tall to almost 5 feet in a few weeks. If I can figure out what the hell it is, I will gladly tell you so you can plant them along your fenceline or anywhere else you want natural green privacy.

Ftree said...


Your neighbors are really strange...It would freak me out...Or maybe I've just watched too many horror movies...But still...plz make sure that your safe and sound!

I love the pic of Bombay greeting you like that...Its really cute!

About those trees, I have them on my property and you should not prune them untill they are at least three years old...this is so it establishes some growth... pruning too young always stresses the tree out, causing the roots to stop developing properly. If you want lasting privacy as well as good looks, try a few blue spruce trees...they grow larger so you don't have to buy so many, and they really fill out the space...No more noisy its always nice to have some green in winter...Good luck.

appydoesdressage said...

From the looks of it, the top of your round pen panel is in line with their car roof. Is there any kind of tarp or netting you could use to cover the round pen panel and it would then block their view? A few tarps and a couple hundred zip ties may make things easier for you. Make sure the tarp is snug and then pull the zip ties tight.

For the bathroom window you could try window tinting for cars, they have one that is mirror like. You can see out but anyone really only sees a reflection if they look in. It is pretty cheap stuff, maybe it would work to deter your peeping tom?

Hope a suggestion could help. How annoying.

Sydney said...

Woolite works the best for getting skunk out. Used it on dog, cat, human and once a horse with one or two applications the smell is gone.

Vaquerogirl said...

Mix bottle of Hydrogen peroxide with two drops of Dawn dish soap, a cup of water and a cup of white vinegar. Soak dog in it. Let it sit awhile. Wash dog with warm water. It should work, even though the skunk is 'old'. It's an old grooming trick.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Vaquerogirl - That's the mix I've been using. It work only if the dog doesn't keep going back to the spray and rolling in it.

appydoesdressage - People have suggested tarps along the fence before, but I didn't do it, because I knew Bombay would rip the tarps to shreds and try to eat the pieces. I once had to pull a piece of tarp out of his throat. I draped a tarp over the round pen temporarily today to see if Bombay has matured enough to leave it alone. If he has, then I might invest in the right sized tarps.

The bathroom window is iced over. The problem is only when we have to leave it open to air it out to avoid mold during showers.

achieve1dream said...

Can't say that I blame Midge one bit lol. I love her expression. :)

I wonder if taking pictures of the neighbors when they are spying on you, printing them out and taping them to your trailer or something would freak them out enough to make them leave you alone.

I hope things work out with the house. The whole situation sounds like it sucks.

I'm curious what happened with your son's hair now hehe.