Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We've been experiencing the sound of so many emergency sirens racing past our house each day that I've decided to add "no police stations or fire houses near" whatever home we move to in the future.  I know they are convenient to have nearby when you need them, but my little rural neighborhood is beginning to sound like New York City.

Sometimes they are racing to wildfires, but more often than not it is car accidents in which someone was speeding or drunk or on drugs or talking on a mobile phone or all of the above.  What is really scary is the number of fatalities that have occurred this season.  We have always had accidents during tourist season, but this year many people are not surviving them.

Someone stole the roadside memorial for a 16-year-old girl whose life was cut short at a dangerous intersection many years ago.  It was a memorial that was kept fresh and clean, maintained by friends of the family, so there was no reason to remove it.  The family of the girl has been a strong influence in our community, offering college scholarships and awards to high school students every year in their daughter's name.  You'd think people would show more respect.

Despite traffic increasing during the summer months, I still see people driving in the oncoming lane everywhere I go.  I always wonder is it stupidity, selfishness, laziness, or foreign substances that make people behave that way?

Yesterday there were two more Sheriff's officers visiting a house in our neighborhood.  Twice in one week at two different houses isn't a good sign.  We seem to be attracting the riff-raff as our housing values decline.  I was out watering the pasture when someone came racing around the corner going about 50 MPH in our 35 MPH residential zone.  Apparently, the driver was too busy checking me out to notice the two police cruisers on the side of the road.  He saw them when he was finally on top of them and literally slammed on his brakes, and then crawled past.  The officers were too busy dealing with the people at the house to give him a ticket. 

I read in the paper that the animal shelter is full and they have a waiting list of people who need to find new homes for their pets.  The abandonment rate of animals has gone way up in the past month.  They desperately need people to adopt.  I'm tempted, but I know that Scrappy would not handle another dog well.  He is finally learning to accept Midge.  He still tries to intimidate her with his body language, but he's learned not to lunge at her with his teeth bared.  He has tried to bite her in the past, but fortunately all he's done is tug on her fur.  Also, since my husband is the light sleeper who gets up to let the dogs outside at night, he made me promise not to bring home any more dogs.

I hope that whatever is going on in my community to make people act so crazy will settle down soon.  Usually a little snow takes care of it, but I'm not asking for some.  We've been fortunate to have a mild summer with temperatures in the 80s this year.  I'd like to keep it a little longer, minus all the trouble that people cause when they aren't holed up inside their houses.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I agree. I wouldn't want to live real close to a fire or police station either. We have both within 8 miles of our house, but I can count on one hand, the number of times we've heard sirens, or seen emergency vehicles race past our house, in a year. But we live down an unincorporated county road, where just south of us, the road is lined in National Forest, BLM and Open Space land. So, we're used to things being pretty quiet here.

I've considered adopting another small dog as a playmate for Dobbie, or a dog for Zuni to hang out with up at the barn all day, but Dobbie tends to be very protective and territorial of me and my bed and she won't even let our cats up to visit. And Zuni is already a handful and a lot of work, and I kind of like the status quot right now. It breaks my heart to see so many dogs and cats with no loving home, though.


achieve1dream said...

That's sad about the pets at the shelter. I wish this stupid economy would turn around so people would stop losing their pets, jobs and houses. It's so depressing.

It always makes me angry when I see someone doing something illegal and not get in trouble for it, but then I realize it's not worth getting upset over. If they want to risk their lives driving like idiots then they can go right ahead, I'll just keep a careful eye out and avoid them. I hope things settle down in your neighborhood with the cops hanging around.