Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Use It While You Got It

I'm talking about time here.  Use it while you got it. 

My schedule for the next two weeks is tight.  Having an estate sale is like opening up your own shop for business.  I've given myself two days of travel time, two days to set up for the estate sale, one day for the sale itself, and one day to clean up.  I know that in reality I'm going to need a month to get it all done, so whatever I can't get done I will hand off to some business that specializes in such things.  The days leading up to it are being spent advertising, making prearrangements, and packing.

Holidays always mess me up, because it is important that I receive my mail and can do business.  It's hard for me to just sit on my hands while I wait for a holiday to pass, so that I can get back down to business.  So, when Tuesday morning came, I was happy to finally be able to kick it into gear again and start making phone calls.  However, before the business day even opened, I got a phone call at 7:45 AM.  I cringed.

I knew it would either be bad news, more responsibility and work for me, or just something that would knock me off course.

Back track for background info:  Our temps are getting up hovering close to 100 degrees now.  Nothing compared to Arizona, but I do like to open all the windows and doors before the sun comes up to let the cool air into the house and then lock everything up tight as soon as the heat sets in.  However, on this morning the neighbors' goats were bleating so loudly that they were waking everyone in the neighborhood.  I decided to film and audiotape the racket for evidence in case worse comes to worse with these neighbors.  Then I had to shut all the windows and doors to regain our peace.

Shortly after that the phone rang and it turned out to be another neighbor who just couldn't stand the goat bleating anymore.  She was practically in tears over it.  She can't sleep because the noise comes right into her bedroom and she knows they are screaming so loud because they are hungry and not being fed often enough.  She wanted to know if I talked to an animal control officer.  I told her I did and I conveyed the results of our conversation.  I suggested that she talk to them too, because perhaps if the neighbors get two complaints, animal control might take it more seriously.

She told me that the neighbors had asked her to feed the goats once while they were away during a 24-hour period, and she ended up feeding them three times because they were so hungry.  She pointed out that the bottle-fed baby is about 4-inches smaller than his twin.  The goats do seem very anxious and even my horses are anxious.  Bombay stands guard at the goat pen and worries.  I'm about ready to start throwing hay over the fence myself.  I've also never seen them attempt to clean up the poop in the two months that they've had the goats.  It's literally spilling over into my yard.

Somebody has got to do something about these people.  They are a nightmare.  This other neighbor said, "They should not be allowed to care for any animals at all."

I totally agree.  I don't think they should be allowed to care for children either, but they do. 

Anyway, it took me a while after the phone call to get back on track.  My main goal today was to put out advertisements for the estate sale.  Within a few minutes after I submitted payment for an ad in a very big newspaper, I received an automated fraud alert phone call that told me to call another number.  I called that number and an automated system asked me to verify that I bought the ad.  I pushed the button that verified that I bought the ad, and then it told me to contact the newspaper because they had my transaction on hold.

I called the newspaper and was put on hold for a long time.  I finally got through to one woman and she was completely confused by my problem and didn't know what I was talking about.  She transferred me to someone else who answered in Spanish.  I said, "Hello", to let him know that I speak English, and he hung up on me.  Argh!  Why do simple things have to turn into such fiascos?  I suspect the fact that I input my mobile phone number instead of my home phone number into the form caused the fraud alert.  Now I won't get my ad for the estate sale into that paper.

This is the kind of situation in which I wish some kind of concierge service for the general public existed, so that I could call them and say, "Look, I tried to do this simple task, and it's turning into a huge fiasco that's snowballing out of control, and I don't have any more time or patience to put into correcting the problem.  Can you help?"

There have been times in my life where I've seriously considered hiring a personal assistant.  I'm not a movie star or businesswoman -- I just am fed up with being overtaxed.  I need someone to play the role of my buffer.  I thought my estate attorney was going to play that role when I first started working as Trustee, but I quickly found that all he did was create more work for me.  I need someone who will say, "You sit down and relax.  I'll take care of this.  Don't worry."


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

A Personal Assistant....Oh that sounds like music to one's ears.

But that screaming goat racket does not!! Yikes! They are very loud!
Good for you for recording that chaos and...wow, you have good clear zoom, too.

Those poor goats are obviously stressed and hungry. My goats only bleat in the morning and evening...and only when they see me walk out the door on the way to feed them...because they are happy to see me coming up to the barn with food.
My 3 goats *never ever* sound so anxious, pitiful, and stressed. The most I ever hear is a few short "naa's" to greet me, not those long drawn out moaning, "Mwwaaa's!"

Those poor things. Do they even have shade and shelter? It broke my heart to hear them, but I wouldn't be able to sit back and just let those neighbors get away with neglecting and caring for those goats.
No wonder your neighbor was in tears. It looked like Bombay was concerned, too. Those sad sounds would upset any caring creature.

I hope all your nice neighbors can band together to do right by those goats soon.

Good luck in CA. Hope everything goes smoothly.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Yeah, I'm ready for a personal assistant too. Wouldn't it be nice?

Mikey said...

I'd like a personal assistant too :) Wouldn't it be nice?
Those goats are very loud. Good for you for videotaping them. They definitely want to be fed! My mom has one goat, and it SCREAMS when she leaves the house. That's always mid day, but it sounds like it's being killed. I'm sure the neighbors don't appreciate it but at least it doesn't happen often and she quits as soon as Mom is out of sight.
Good luck with the estate sale, I can't imagine the amount of work that's going to take.

fernvalley01 said...

If I could I would be right there to pour you a cup of tea, tell you to sit and relax , and take up some of the slack for you . I so wish sometimes we could offer something more than just moral support ! Hugs my friend . KNow I would help if I could . If there is anything I can do to help online , drop me an email K?

Maery Rose said...

Why do people get animals and then not take care of them? I don't get it. But then I don't get a lot of things about people. Anyway, good luck with the estate sale. I did that with just my son to help and it was a lot of work. I have also wondered how much it would help to hire a personal assistant to handle all those details of life (like dealing with the mail, phone calls and grocery shopping). I could use a housekeeper too, maybe a dog walker, and how about throwing in an accountant?

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, my...that IS a lot of racket! And, no shade or shelter? Water? Good thing you documented this. I would definitely save this for animal control. Poor things...On another note, I had to completely deal with my mother's house and personal items. Most of her stuff went to the nearby thrift shop, but I kept a few things. It was a LONG ordeal! Just remember to take some time for yourself.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The goats have water as long as they don't tip it over. There is a tree near their pen, so they get shade, but only at certain times of the day. The lady gives them hay that doesn't belong to her, but belongs to her other boarders' horses. She also pulls weeds out of the ground along the road and throws them in the pen, but the goats aren't that interested in eating them. The kids picks up the sticks and starts poking the goats, and now I'm pretty sure he's poking my horses too, because Bombay has a puncture wound by his eye. Yesterday they had a strange man and a bunch of kids show up to play with the goats. I thought they were finally going to find new homes for them, but the people just hung out for an hour or so and then left.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I hope they're not feeding any of their boarder's alfalfa to the goats as they are prone to getting urinary tract infections and kidney stones when eating alfalfa or foods high in protein.
Poor things...


word verif: cooty

Your creepy neighbors give me cooties! lol!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - I'm glad you said something, because my hay is alfalfa/grass mix and I was thinking of tossing some of that to them when they are being ignored. I find it so ironic to be in this position. I've forbidden them from letting their guests feed my horses, so I'd be breaking my own rule if I fed their goats, but I don't want to watch them starve either.

The good news is I got a call from another newspaper that I put an ad in, and they sold me a package in which my ad will be posted on several Internet sites and in several newspapers, so I don't have to worry about that fact that my credit card got rejected by the big newspaper and everyone who works there is too incompetent to correct the problem. I think I got a better deal in the end. So, I'm back on track for the estate sale.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I can't watch the video with sound for the moment, but from the comments, I gather it is quite the racket. I would notify animal control again and just play that in the background while you are on the phone with them. Ask if they can hear it to be sure they do. Ask them a few times and act like you can't hear heir reply over the racket. Drive the point home to them. Nothing like the noise and not being able to hear for the added affect!

It worked when I was calling A/C at 3 am because the neighbors dog was barking at nothing. Yeah, I obviously wasn't sleeping. Two nights in a row of that crap. The second night I told them "I called last night, I'm calling tonight and if it wasn't handled I would not be calling tomorrow night because I would take care of it myself." (I wouldn't but they didn't need to know that.)

Hahaha- word verif->slencia
As in silence. But with a twist.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Good news! Some people came by and picked up the billy goat, one nanny goat and their two babies to take them to a new home. They took the bottle-fed baby. So, basically all the loudest goats are gone. All that is left is one nanny and her two babies, and they are pretty quiet. I was outside for about an hour doing chores and I didn't hear a peep out of them.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Poor goats. I'm glad most of them found a new home. Hopefully good for the goats. And good for you and your neighbors.

Glad you ad made it into the paper. That is a relief.

Add me to the list of those who need a personal assistant.

Breathe said...

There are virtual assistants, in fact they have a professional association so you rely on them actually having skills.

Glad the goats found new homes and the newspaper figured things out. Craigs list is a good spot for those estate sale ads too...

achieve1dream said...

That's a relief that they rehomed some of the goats. I hope they went to a nice place. I was going to suggest you accidentally let the goats out lol, so I'm glad the problem was mostly resolved.

If I lived closer to you I'd be your personal assistant. :D