Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Double Really?

Someone had a post recently with the title "Really?  Really?" to express two ridiculous blows happening one right after the other.  I didn't want to steal that exact title, but it fits the past 24 hours for me.  Oh, by the way, I am reading all the blogs I follow.  I've just been more of a lurker and less of a commentator in recent months.  I'll eventually come around and start being my usual silly self, but right now the voice in my head sounds an awful lot like a certain donkey named Eeyore.

Right after I cooked my dinner and sat down to eat last night I got one call on one phone and just as I was hanging up I got another call on another phone.  The second call was more bad news regarding the settling of my mother's estate.  Because the Medical Examiner blew off reviewing and approving my mother's case findings for over three months and the death certificate got delayed, one of her accounts is at risk of gaining interest and going over the amount of money that would pull her estate out of Trust and put it into probate.  What that means is that I'll have to come up with $50,000 that I don't have (being unemployed) and wait another year to get her finances settled while they are tied up in the court system.  So, basically, if this death certificate doesn't materialize in my hands within the next week, my family's life is going to get even tougher than it already is.  I'll probably have to sell my horses and start working two jobs.

I have been promised that the death certificates will be ready next week, but so far no one has followed through on any of their promises, so I had very little faith at the moment.  If Vital Records hasn't produced them by Monday, I'll probably have to chain myself to their front desk and swallow the key just to get them to understand how dire my situation is.

This morning I went to watch Gabbrielle's trainer ride her and I thought, "At least this is something I can do that I enjoy, and I can relax while watching someone else do all the work."

The trainer kept asking me how I was doing.  I kept giving common responses like "good" and "fine" and "okay", but she kept pushing it.  I sighed and said, "Let me put it this way:  Having you train my horse is pretty much the only good thing I've got going in my life right now."

She went to mount, and Gabbrielle began spinning to evade having a rider.  Somehow during that spinning, she pulled a muscle or popped a joint and came up lame.  The trainer tried walking it off by leading her around the arena.  That didn't work.  She then stretched out each of her front legs and that did help enough that she decided to ride her at a walk.  Gabbrielle did walk it off and was soon able to trot and canter, but she'd switch between a normal gait and a lame gait.

Then when the one other horse in the arena left, Gabbrielle threw a complete temper tantrum, whinnying repeatedly and running backwards into walls.  The trainer was calmly trying to get control of her, and then I saw this look in Gabbrielle's eye that told me she intended to dump her rider.  She started hopping up on her front end while running backwards in a half-assed attempt to rear.

The trainer pulled her head around and made her look at her and then move forward.  She rode her around the arena one more time and then dismounted because she didn't feel comfortable riding Gabbrielle with the state of mind that she was in.  She removed the leg wraps and saddle to see if Gabbrielle moved any better, because after her tantrum she came up lame again.  Removing the tack didn't help.

The farrier is coming out tomorrow morning and my trainer wants to show him how she's  moving at each gait to see if he can correct it with a special trim.  Gabbrielle has one club foot that flares out really bad at the toe.  I'm always trying to get the farrier to trim that toe more than he does, but perhaps with extra pressure from the trainer he'll try a little harder to get it balanced.  The trainer said that Gabbrielle had not shown any signs of lameness until today and her toe just started really jutting out this week.  I hope that's all it is, because we cannot afford anymore vet bills, especially with this latest financial threat.  I'm thinking it could even be something as simple as her tripping over that flared toe and pulling a muscle in the process.

We've had a lot of close calls lately that resolved themselves, like our lawn mower breaking down and then my husband doing research on the Internet that helped him fix it himself and save us a lot of money.  So, I'm hoping these two latest issues are just temporary scares that will resolve themselves in simple ways.  I'm starting to think I just need to live like a pauper and save every penny for unexpected problems and emergencies, because that seems like that's all I've been offered lately.


Leah Fry said...

Oh man, that totally sux about the death certificate. I just sent a prayer that you'd receive everything you need in the time you need it to get this estate resolved.

Linda said...

You've got to be kidding me?!?!? I didn't read this until now because I've been so busy with my own problems, but that is bull****. Why is she acting like that after being with the trainer this long? Is she getting rode every day? And what is this $50,000 dollars crap???? I'm sorry, but that is NOT right!!!! I want to scream for you!!!!!!! Makes me sick. I'm not there, so I don't know everything, but that just doesn't seem right. I'm probably not in a great place right now to comment, but I'll just say, I hope things get better REAL soon. Someone needs to go and kick life's butt so you can catch a break. :/

Fantastyk Voyager said...

GOsh, I've decided that really, really? is just called life! I seem to go from worse to worse all the time. I keep telling myself it'll slow down but it hasn't yet.

That is real disappointing to see the trainer riding Gabbrielle like that. Is this the first time you've watched? It seems to me that she would have made a little more progress by now, rather than having mounting issues, etc. That's awful to hear that she's pulled up lame, on top of everything else too.

I'm praying for you that all will work out in your favor.

achieve1dream said...

Wow this really sucks! I hope both issues resolved themselves quickly. Sorry I'm so far behind on reading blogs and couldn't offer my support when you needed it. I'm off to read your other posts with my fingers crossed that everything turned out okay.