Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long Post About Pests

My nosy neighbors are on a roll and I swear, if they don't back off, I'm going to lose all self-control with them.  Sunday evening, after having both the woman and her husband buzzing around me literally every time I walked outside for three days straight, my blood pressure was through the roof.  So, here I was trying to clean up my horse paddock next to their front yard, and of course, the woman had to come running out of her house with her dog on a leash.  I stopped shoveling and gave her look that could kill.  I wanted to confront her and ask why she must walk her dog around the perimeter of my property every friggin' time I come outside.  I mean, how many times a day does that stupid dog have to be walked? (I know.  It's not the dog's fault that his owners are idiots.)

She ignored me and marched right down her driveway, down the road, right up to my driveway and let her dog do its business in my bushes, then turned around and came marching back like there was absolutely nothing wrong with her behavior.  I was fuming thinking about how this witch has been pulling this stunt for five or six years now -- specifically walking her dog over to my property to do its business and now she doesn't even try to be sneaky about it anymore.  She blatantly does it right in front of me.  I was gritting my teeth thinking about screaming at her, and asking her how she would like it if I marched my dogs up the street and let them do their business in the bushes at the end of her driveway every freakin' hour on the hour.  She acts like my property is her precious dog's toilet and she has every right to do what she does.  How rude can one person be?

I saw her coming back up her driveway, looked down at the manure I was picking up, dumped it in the wheelbarrow, looked back up, and she was gone.  I knew she was hiding behind something spying on me, so I just stared in the general direction of where I just saw her, and sure enough, I caught the top of her head peeking over the roof of her car at me.  As soon as she knew I spotted her, she rushed back inside her house.  I was so angry over her pulling that hide-and-spy stunt for the millionth time that I couldn't even speak.  It's like when you have a nightmare and you are screaming for help, but the words won't come out.

I think the little dog fairy needs to visit their property and leave some stinky deposits.  An eye for an eye.  She goes to church.  She knows what that means.  The problem is that once you start giving someone a taste of their own medicine, it makes it harder to hold them accountable since you are doing the same thing to them as an act of revenge.  It really doesn't solve anything, but then again just asking them to stop hasn't had any effect either.

One morning I woke up and spotted the woman sitting in a car in front of my house again.  I walked outside with my camera and snapped off some pictures of her sitting there.  Then I noticed that it wasn't even her car.  Her vehicle was still parked in her driveway.  She acts like she's a secret agent with the number of different vehicles she uses to do surveillance on my property.  I'd swear that she borrows people's vehicles just so that she can stalk me and not have me recognize her car.

Then one night I went outside to feed the horses, fill the water troughs, and clean up some manure, and here came the man driving up the street.  I walked to a part of my property where he would be blocked from staring at me by my horse trailer.  He has this ritual of driving up, parking as close to me as possible, opening his car door, swinging his legs out, and then sitting there staring at me for the duration of when I'm outside doing chores.

I was relieved that he drove past the spot where he usually parks and stares, so I sat down in a chair on my patio while waiting for the water troughs to fill.  The man drove around to the back of his house, pushed a gate open with the front end of his truck, did a loop in his horse paddock and came back so that his front end was facing me in my chair on my patio, and then he turned off his engine and sat there staring at me through his windshield.  I got disgusted and moved to a location where my horse trailer blocked his view of me again, and he got out of his truck and walked to a location where he could see me.  I shut off the water and went back into my house feeling like I was going to vomit.  There ought to be a law to protect women from being raped by dirty old men's eyes.

He has also started this habit of coming home late at night when we are in our family room with the lights on.  That room has almost an entire wall french doors and windows that span floor to ceiling and are only covered by transparent lace.  The guy purposefully parks his truck in his back yard so that it is facing our french doors, and then he sits in his truck with his headlights shining into our house for hours on end.  All I can do is hope that he wears his battery down with all the peeping.  

But the biggest incident that went beyond ridiculous was when I went outside to move my horse trailer to a specific location for a specific reason.  It was a tight spot, so I had to keep pulling forward and backing up to adjust my approach.  When I back my horse trailer through my gate, there is only one-foot on each side for clearance, so I have to be very careful or I'll damage both the trailer and the fence.

I was pulling forward in my own driveway, but looking in the side mirrors to carefully position the trailer when some movement caught my eye and I had to slam on my brakes.  That witch came running out of her house with her dog the second she saw me get in my truck, and she literally ran down to the end of my driveway, and then froze like a deer in headlights.  I could have hit her because my eyes weren't in front of me.  But what really makes me angry is that I was in my own driveway.  People should not loiter at the end of my driveway period.  We have a wide street.  She could have easily walked on the other side of the street, but for some reason she always has to hug my property.  What kind of idiot runs in front of a moving truck?  It's not like she didn't hear my engine or see my truck moving.  The lady is absolutely insane.

I know everyone is going to tell me I should have hit her, but unfortunately, that is against the law even if she is on my property.  I'm not going to let her ruin my life further by putting me in jail.  Anyway, I started backing up again, even though I really needed to pull forward a few more feet, but couldn't because that witch was blocking me.  I got angry because now I was at a bad angle and was going to hit the fence.  I pulled forward again, and the woman lurched out of the trees at the end of my driveway and jumped in front of my truck a second time!

It was like she was just walking her dog back and forth at the end of the driveway where I was obviously trying to maneuver my truck and trailer, when she had the entire length of the street to walk her dog.  I knew that she specifically came out to harass me.

I was so floored by her bizarre behavior that I didn't have all the reactions I should have had in retrospect, like leaning on my horn, rolling down my window and yelling at her to get the heck out of my driveway.  Instead I shut off my engine, gave up, went in the house and screamed, "That woman next door is the biggest pain in the butt on earth!  I can't even move my horse trailer on my own property without her physically getting in the way."

I had plans to ride Gabbrielle, but I was shaking all over in anger and didn't want to subject my horse to that mood.  Plus I knew as soon as I put my foot in the stirrup, that witch would come running outside and start doing something distracting and disruptive, so what's the point?

That night it suddenly hit me that I was so sick of being stalked every time I stepped outside, that I never gave Bombay his medication for his latest ailment, and it was dark outside.  I asked my husband to hold a flashlight for me while I administered the stuff.  I said, "I guarantee you that woman will come out of her house and interfere in some way, because she hasn't given me two-minutes of alone time lately."

But, of course, while I was out there with a witness, she stayed in her house.  It's like she's trying to drive me insane and each time I bring someone else outside with me to witness this harassment, she won't take the bait.

The next morning I had all these plans to clean up our outdoor spaces just in case a customer came to my photography studio.  I had leaves to rake, weeds to pull, junk to hide, etc.  I also had to get out there early enough to beat the heat.  So, I carried my broom outside to commence sweeping and immediately heard male voices.  I looked up and there was my nosy neighbor and some other man standing at the corner of their property that meets up with the corner of my property and is high enough to allow them to look down over my fence at me in my backyard.  They were just standing in front of my neighbor's truck, which was pointed at my back door.  I stopped what I was doing and stared back at them.

They turned around and wandered to the back of the truck and stared into the bed as if looking for something, so I continued my efforts at cleaning the back patio, but as soon as I'd glance back over next door, the two men would be back at the front of their truck watching me.  I gave them the finger and went back inside my house feeling nauseous over the fact that I can't go anywhere on my property without being watched like I'm the star of some porn movie.

I then pulled out my To Do List and wrote an "N" next to every task or chore I tried to complete in the past week, but was unable to do so because my neighbors either interfered or made me feel uncomfortable by staring at me.  There ended up being an "N' next to every outdoor chore.

About an hour later I let the dogs out and noticed that they had finally unloaded a bunch of plywood from the back of the truck and placed it up against the barn.  Then it hit me:  The horse boarders are on their way back.  These relatives board their horses on the neighbors' property between September and May, and every year this man attempts to finish repairing the barn before they come, and every year he only gets as far as piling up more junk that the horses can hurt themselves on.

I can't stand it when they have horses in their yard, because the traffic in front of my house increases, the noise level increases because these horse boarders are really big on honking their horns and slamming their truck doors, and the woman has one more excuse to come running out of her house each time I come outside, because now she can pretend like she's doing horse chores.  Most of the time she just mimics whatever I am doing.  If I fill my water troughs, she fills hers.  If I pick up rocks out of my paddock, she picks up rocks out of hers.  The only thing she won't do is groom or ride them, but she usually sneaks around in the bushes and behind vehicles so that she can get in really close to spy on me when I do it. Anytime my horses shy or get themselves into a corner and refuse to come out, I know she's sneaking around somewhere nearby.  It's like having your very own predator next door.  Some days I'd welcome a mountain lion over this woman.

Also, I lose the peace and quiet of Sunday mornings, because the horse boarders always show up then because they don't want my neighbors interfering with their horse training either.  So, then I have to work around my horses being distracted by the boarders and what their horses are doing.

Monday morning a funny thing happened.  I went out to the paddock to feed the horses, then went back in the house and turned around to shut the sliding glass door.  I saw my nosy neighbor in her backyard cleaning some windows that were not attached to her house.  Her husband seems to collect windows, frames and all, and has them leaning up against the barn so that the horses they board can kick them and cut their legs up on them, I guess.  Trash and horses don't mix very well.

Anyway, just as I was turning away from the sliding glass door, the woman stood up and stared directly at me.  I thought she could see me through the door, but being morning, chances were that a glare would have blocked her view of me inside my house.  She then walked right up to this bush by my fence and peered around it in a sneaky manner to look into another neighbor's backyard.  I could see that she was looking in all the windows of that house.  When the coast was clear, she stepped right up to my fence and leaned over it to look into my yard.

First, she looked around as if looking for me, and then she started studying the ground of my horse paddock.  I found that interesting, because for several months now I keep finding foreign objects in my horse paddock that someone obviously threw in there from my neighbor's yard.  I always pick those things up and throw them right back into their yard.  I waited to see if she was going to throw something into my yard, but then she walked further down the fence line and hid behind a tree.  She parted some branches on the tree and peered through them at my barn.  I suspect she thought I was in it.  When she realized I wasn't around, she started working in her garden.  It was rather fascinating watching her sneaky behavior when she, for once, wasn't aware that I was watching her.

In retrospect, I probably should have tried to sneak up on her and let her catch me staring at her while she worked in her garden.  Let her be the one with her hair standing on end for a change.

The other pest in my life at the moment is that stinky skunk who keeps getting into our dog run and spraying my dogs.  I put plywood boards up blocking all gaps between fence posts to try to keep it out, but my husband discovered that it has been burrowing under our chain-link fence.  So, he's been placing large rocks in each new burrow hole that he finds.

A lady he works with has been having the same problem with a skunk that seemed to be seeking out her dog each night and spraying it, so she shot and killed the skunk.  I'm somewhat envious that this woman was able to put a quick and permanent end to her problem.  I don't like guns, nor do I like killing animals no matter how obnoxious they are, but I also don't like losing sleep on a regular basis to bathe dogs in the wee hours of the morning either.

Come to think of it, my nosy neighbors' behavior is very much similar to this skunk.  They trespass on my property and spray me with their repulsive presence every time I'm just trying to take care of business.  You know, I don't know why I haven't thought of this before.  I have a friend who is a psychologist.  Maybe I could show her my log of all the strange things these neighbors have done to me and get her input on what their motives might be, or what mental illnesses they might be suffering from, and perhaps give me some tips on how to beat them at their own game.  She keeps popping into my head, so I know I should call her and see how she's doing.


Mikey said...

Yes, see what your friend says. Your neighbors are SO bizarre.
I have another idea, lol. Do up another blog dedicated to your whack job neighbors. Don't go outside w/o your camera, and stalk that woman right back with your camera.
I wish I was there. I'd scare the hell out of them :) and enjoy every second of it.

fernvalley01 said...


word verf is noser! seriously!

Shai said...

I don't know the laws in your state but isn't there a way you can complain to local law enforcement? If you're feeling harrassed there should be some action they can take.

I wonder if motion activated cams could help you prove your point to them?

Shakin my head at them from Alberta

lytha said...

omgosh i feel so bad for you. i cannot even imagine it. i cannot believe it, even the boarders have learned to arrive on a sunday morning to avoid the "observation".

i get annoyed when the hippies are there, but they don't harrass me, they ignore me completely.

i just don't know what i'd do if i were you. probably the same as what you're doing. i wish so much for your privacy in your own home. *sigh*

appydoesdressage said...

Shai is thinking correctly, can you slap them with some restraining order due to harassment? Especially if you have video and/or pictures of it and you can gather a list of things they have done on which dates from your blog, maybe someone will be sympathetic to the cause? Good luck, they sound really crazy.

baystatebrumby said...

It's so awful to have a bad neighbor because even if you complain in a fair way, you never know when it might come back to haunt you in a very UNfair way. Those people all sound nuts. I am sorry that you have to deal with them.

Amanda said...

Nothing worse than bad neighbors. I had some that were so bad I moved. She thought I was her personal yet unpaid photographer at her constant beck and call.

Katharine Swan said...

Your story about your neighbor letting her dog do its business in your bushes made me think of a neighbor we had when I was a kid (keeping in mind we lived in the suburbs). Every morning they would let their English sheepdog out the front door, and it would come poop in our front yard. This was a problem because my mom would practice gymnastics in our front yard (walkovers and stuff like that), and would inevitably put her hand in it.

She tried to confront the neighbors about it, but they denied that their sweet pooch would poop in anyone else's yard. So the next time my mom found poop in our yard, she scooped it up and deposited it on their front step. ;o) With that, they stopped letting their dog out in the morning, and we stopped having to dodge poop in our own front yard!

Cheryl Ann said...

Here in California, you can pay $75 for a restraining order. Not sure about Nevada...HA! Then, let them violate the restraining order! I've considered that with my neighbors. One time, when we went on vacation, we came home to find that they had sent a worker OVER OUR FENCE, ONTO OUR PROPERTY, to put up another railing of fence. (They like to run around naked in their pool). Believe me, we have NO INTEREST in seeing that! They left gloves and cut fence posts in our yard! I, stupidly, threw it all back in their yard, but took photos first. I know how you feel, however...just how far do you want to push it is the question we both have to ask...sigh...

Johara said...

Just reading about your crazy neighbors drives my blood pressure up, you're a saint for putting up with it for so many years without going psycho back at them! How frustrating! :(
If your friend has been on your mind lately, it's for a reason. :)