Thursday, August 4, 2011

Neighborhood Gossip

I know I already posted today, but I finally found out what happened to the goats and why the Sheriff was at my neighbors' house.  The two incidents were related, but not in the way I suspected.  The neighbors did find new homes for the goats without any pressure from Animal Control.  However, the lady who owned the goats, who essentially abandoned them at my neighbors' place, didn't provide the neighbors with any food or board for the goats, and kept saying for months that she would come get them yet never showed up -- that lady went ballistic when she found out that they gave her goats away.

She began threatening my neighbors, saying she was going to sue them and put a lien on their house and charge them with grand theft or whatever.  She said she was coming by on a certain day at a certain time to hurt them, I guess.  So, my friend advised them to put a NO TRESPASSING sign on their gate and lock it, which they did.  Then they called the Sheriff and told them what day and time the lady said she was coming by to do some damage to them and their property.  That explains the first time the Sheriff showed up.  He was sitting outside the gate waiting for her.

The lady didn't show up, but the Sheriff came by later to talk with the neighbors to see if anything happened when he wasn't around.  She told him the whole story of the goats, which explains why she was pointing at my friend's house and my house, because we were both involved with the goat problem whether we liked it or not.  So, my neighbors weren't in trouble with the police or Animal Control, but were in trouble with the goat owner for doing the right thing.

How did I find this out, you ask?  Well, today Midge started barking her head off and howling inside the house.  I looked out the window to see what she was alerting on, and spotted a little wet dog sniffing around on my property.  I went outside to investigate, and the dog got scared.  He barked at me until I took a step toward him, and then he'd run up the street a little ways, then turn around and bark at me some more.  I tried to settle him down so that I could get close enough to check his tag, but he looked like he wanted to bite me.  He looked a little like my "goat" neighbors' dog, so I began pushing him toward their house to see if they were out to claim him.

Sure enough, the woman came out of her house calling his name.  I tried shooing him into her driveway, but he ran further up the road.  I began heading back home, since I really wasn't helping all that much, and my friend came out to talk to me.  The "goat" lady ran past us with a leash in one hand and the boy she babysits in another, and said the dog escaped while they were bathing him.  She caught the dog and went back into her house, and I was able to ask my friend about the goats and the visits from the Sheriff then.

The good news is that if the death certificate doesn't arrive on time to bail me out of my financial problems, I found out that my friend's son has been eying my mother's car and is interested in buying it.  I said to give me a couple of weeks to see how things go, because I really like that car and don't want to part with it, but it's good to know I have a way to make some fast money if necessary.

The bad news is that the mother of that obnoxious boy who my next door neighbor babysits is pregnant, which probably means that soon we will have a crying baby next door too.  I really, really hope that the mother does not turn the baby over to my neighbor knowing how that woman totally neglected the goats she boarded and hardly ever supervises the boy.  The pregnant mom is over there every evening for hours on end and she has the same habit that my neighbors do of walking back and forth between the house and her car, slamming doors like she's searching for something.  Only she takes it to the next level, because she pushes her fob key to lock the doors of her car and that causes her horn to honk.  I really love that when I'm standing next to a spooky horse and I'm wearing moccasins or sandals.  Yay.


Linda said...

Interesting goat drama. Who woulda thought?!? It is nice to know you can sell that car. It's just always good to have a Plan B ready.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Seems like there's always something going on in your neighborhood. Never a dull moment.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'd be selling that car if it were me. That's just extra money spent on car insurance and if you do decide to keep it, you'll have to keep up with it's maintenance costs, too.

Had to laugh at the goat drama. I kept picturing a new video game:

Grand Theft Goat



Gina McNale said...

Thank you for the story on the goats - you cheered me up!

Cheryl Ann said...

Our son just sold his beloved Toyota rav4 (1997 model) yesterday. He, too, needed the cash, so I'm happy he got a decent price for it. I used to use that car and go 4-wheeling up in our local mountains, so I'm really going to miss it!

achieve1dream said...

Well I'm glad the goats got a nice new home. That's what is important. I'm sure that woman is full of hot air and won't retaliate since she never did anything about her goats in the first place. :)