Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the Upside

After illustrating how people can suck, I wanted to also write about the positives of the week.  While driving home I passed through this stretch from Mono Lake or Lee Vining, California to Topaz Lake, Nevada right before sunset.  I have driven this route probably 50 times in my lifetime, but never at that hour.  The play of light and shadow on the natural surroundings was just breathtaking.  I knew it was a beautiful place, but seeing it at sunset just put its beauty over the top.

Of course, I brought my camera on all my other trips, but hardly used it and I didn't want to have one more thing to pack on this trip, so I left it at home.  However, now that I know about how intensely beautiful the area can be at that time of day and season, I'm planning on making a special trip down there with my camera soon.  I just have to get over my "jet" lag from so much driving first.  Can you believe it?  There is still snow in the mountains in August and everything else is green.  The scene is more like May than August.

For dinner I stopped at Walker Burger in Walker, California.  My daughter has been there and my son has friends who actually drive the hour down there specifically for their burgers.  They say they are ten times better than In & Out Burgers.  My first favorite cheeseburger was the McDonald's burger.  Then I fell in love with In & Out.  Eventually, my son stumbled upon Big Daddy's Burgers in South Lake Tahoe and we both agreed that Big Daddy's were far superior than any other burger we had tasted. 

Walker Burger is what looks like just a little hut on the side of the road in a tiny mountain town.  I've never felt compelled to stop there in the past, even though I vacationed in the area in my childhood and passed through every year in my adulthood.  However, this time my curiosity got the best of me and I had to taste their cheeseburger.  They asked me if I wanted it for there or to go.  I looked around and all I saw were some benches, but there was a nice cool breeze and the mountains across the road were gorgeous, so I said I'd eat there.

While waiting for my burger, I noticed a little sign that said "Tables and Restrooms" with an arrow.  I picked up my order and followed the sign through a trellis archway, which opened up into this huge garden with picnic tables, fountains, wagon wheels, birdhouses, picket fences, and a windmill under a canopy of trees.  The entire area was shaded.  I felt like a tiny fairy who stumbled upon her own secret garden.

The Walker Burger with cheese was delicious.  It is now officially the best burger I have ever tasted in my life.  I noticed that a lot of truckers stopped to eat there, and truckers are really good about passing along information to each other, so I suspect that Walker Burger is probably nationally famous via word-of-mouth. 

After I finished eating, I explored the garden.  I followed a stone pathway to a box that said it contained tablecloths for those who chose to picnic on the lawn.  Lawn?  They have a lawn?  I wandered further and found two levels of lawn in the sun at the back.  The ambiance of this place was spectacular.

Then yesterday I had a FedEx delivery that has been a long time coming.  My mother's final, amended death certificates arrived, so now I can move forward on settling her estate and processing her finances.  This was a huge relief, because basically if those did not arrive before the end of this month, some really bad things were going to happen.  The worst of it being that we may not qualify for a home loan for the house we are living in and be asked to leave, and part of her estate would have had to be turned over to the probate courts, which would mean having to come up with a lot of money to pay an attorney, having to make more 400-mile trips, and having to wait another year for her estate to be settled.  Now I just hope that people accept the amendment. 

Also, Gabbrielle's training ends this weekend, so I'll be bringing her home.  I'm sure that Lostine and Bombay will be excited to see her again.  Sigh.  It feels like I'm entering a whole new era filled with hope.


KarenTX said...

I'm so glad the paperwork got to you! I've had my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

it is so good to see some things turning around for you. just hang in there, it will work out in time.

Mikey said...

Oh gosh, I'm feeling your hope! It really is going to turn around now for sure. Some things like that happening here too. I'm loving that hopeful feeling again.

Linda said...

Wonderful!!! I'm so glad the certificate arrived and you are entering a stage of hope.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Things seem to be looking up. There's nothing like a great burger at a great place to make you feel better. Glad the papers came, that's a relief.

I'll bet that Gabrielle will be just as happy to see everyone at home as they are going to be seeing her.

Sydney said...

I am very glad you have had some positives. Sometimes taking time to look for that "secret garden" can make your whole day better.

Mary said...

I think that burger place had special powers. I hope things continue to be on the upswing for you. It's been hard reading about your troubles and not being able to help.

Breathe said...

Ah, a turn for the better!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh Hooray! Such positive uplifting posts are such a rarity on your blog. I'm so happy for this little glimmer of hope for you.

Love the burger place, too. Sounds like a little piece of nirvana. That's one of the reasons we love letterboxing so much. Most letterboxers love to share some of their favorite locations and place boxes there. We have visited such unique, interesting, and beautiful places that we never would have if, it were not for a letterbox being placed there.


achieve1dream said...

Wow that sounds like a great place and a great burger joint. :)

Yay! I'm so happy the certificate arrived in time. What a relief.