Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scrappy vs. Moth

There are so many things I want right now that I can't afford. We've been losing money so fast with me being out of work that even my husband is getting nervous. One of those things I'd like to get is a screen door. Screen doors come in handy right around August when we like to leave the door open in the early morning hours to let the cool air in, but not let the dogs out to bark and not let the bugs in.

I had mosquito bites all over my fingers and toes this past weekend, and then an article came out announcing that West Nile Virus is alive and well in our area. Great. Just great.

Every night a moth or two flies in when we open the door to let the dogs out to do their business. This morning a very large moth was annoying me, so I told Midge to "get it." She chased it for a little bit, but didn't do much beyond that. I kept urging her to "get that moth" while Scrappy looked on. I didn't even bother to ask Scrappy to get it, because he doesn't speak English very well. The longer a dog lives with you, the more of your language he/she learns, and Midge has been with us a lot longer than Scrappy.

Much to my surprise, Scrappy leaped off the couch and attacked that moth with gusto.

Scrappy: 1
Moth: 0


Mikey said...

Lol, I love that little dog. He's such a cutie.

Jeni said...

And he's so proud about it too!

lytha said...

i was just thinking about screen doors today, how much i'd love one. did you know they don't exist in germany? screens on windows are also rare. i think germans are bug lovers.

in australia they have the best screen doors i've ever seen - they are sturdy cast iron things that you can lock and leave your doors open all night with no worries of burglars.

i have mosquitos that somehow slip thru our bedroom screen every night. they usually don't bite me but they sure annoy me with their sound around my face.

this morning one attacked me in the bathroom, dive bombing me over and over and i ran out yelling "there's a rabid mosquito in there!" and my man is not familiar with the word "rabid" so he said "a rabbit mosquito?": )

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay Scrappy! Our cats are the ones that attack any flying, crawling insects. But they also will rip up screen doors, too. I'd love to get some new ones for our sliding glass door and our back door, but they won't last long around here.


Leah Fry said...

Way to go, Scrappy!

Lytha, look out for those rabbit mosquitoes LOL!

Cheryl Ann said...

Go Scrappy! Abby, my indoor cat, chases flies and moths. She keeps the house pretty insect-proof!

fernvalley01 said...

Go Scrappy!!!!

Dreaming said...

Hooray for Scrappy... big game hunter! Well, perhaps that's exaggerated a bit....!

achieve1dream said...

That's awesome! Way to go Scrappy!