Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Close One

I believe I've told you about my wild domestic bunny that appeared this year and spends most of its day sitting under my daughter's car.  It's creme colored and sometimes hangs out with a gray jackrabbit.  This weekend I tossed it a carrot to see if it would eat it, but it just looked at it.  It's comfortable enough with humans that it won't hop away if we go outside and do our own thing.  If I walk up to it talking to it, the bunny will let me get about 5-feet away from it before it will hop away.

I've been getting up around 5:30 AM and letting the dogs outside to do their business.  Yesterday morning Scrappy was barking up a storm, so I had to open the backdoor to let him in.  I was standing in the doorway in a teddy only to find my neighbor from the guest house standing on the other side of the fence looking at me.  I slammed the door in his face since he was obviously being a Peeping Tom again.  He's been so good this year, not trying to look into my bathroom window when I get in and out of the shower like last year.  I was disappointed that he took advantage of watching me through my lace curtains in the wee hours of the morning when most people should either be asleep or getting ready for their day.

So, this morning Scrappy started barking again and I figured Mr. Peeper was out there.  I decided to let Scrappy bark for a while, hoping he would wake the man's wife and she would catch him in the act.  However, Scrappy's barking was getting up to a frantic pitch, so I opened the door just in time to see a coyote galloping away from our property and up the road.  It was huge and could have easily jumped our 4-foot fence to eat my little dogs.

Then I thought about the bunny.  This was about the time of morning when the bunny hops into my yard for breakfast.  I ran to the front of the house to look out the kitchen window, and my heart dropped when I didn't see it under my daughter's car.  However, then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and the bunny came hopping up my driveway.  Yay!  She survived. 

Why can't the coyotes just eat skunk?  We are still having to go outside with a flashlight at night before we let the dogs out, because despite all the skunky roadkill on our highway, there are still plenty of skunk trying to get into our dog yard.  And believe it or not, after multiple special baths with all the formulas you guys recommended, Scrappy still smells like a skunk.  The last time he got sprayed was several months ago.  I may have to take him to a groomer for perfuming once I know all the skunks are gone for the year. 

It appears that Gabbrielle is the culprit behind destroying our wooden fence.  It seems Bombay went through the same phase at her age.  7-years-olds have a lot of pent up energy and just always have to be doing something.  My goal (smirk) is to work with her every day and wear her out so that she'll stay out of trouble. 

I worked with her yesterday only to lose her attention to my nosy neighbor, whose sunbonnet was peeking up over the roof of her car.  She sneaked out her back door around the side of her house and was using her car for cover while she watched us.  Gabbrielle was quick to point her out.  I stopped and stared at the woman along with Gabbrielle.  As soon as she realized that our attention was on her, she scrambled around pretending to get ready to go somewhere in her car.  She surprised me by actually getting in and starting the engine, so Gabbrielle and I went back to our work.

However, when the woman backed up, she stopped so that she was facing us and watching us through her windshield.  Gabbrielle and I stopped and stared right back at her.  I said out loud, "We will get back to work as soon as this annoying woman leaves, Gabbrielle."

The lady had her window rolled down and must have heard, so she drove off down the road.  We returned to our work, and 10 minutes later the lady came back.  She went around the side of her house to the backdoor again.  This was odd, because she parks just a few feet away from her front door.  Next thing I knew, she was returning to her car with her purse and the little kid she babysits.  Apparently, when Gabbrielle and I caught her spying on us, she got so flustered that she drove off without her purse and the kid, and then had to come back to the house to get them!  Sigh.  She's just plain nutty.


Anonymous said...

Try lettuce for the bunny. I hear carrots aren't the best for them anyhow.

LOL at the neighbor. Keep rattling her!

I have found that in addition to being a phase with some horses, wood chewing is a habit that runs in some families, darn it. Toys, free choice hay, buddies - nope, the rascals just chew wood instead.

Katharine Swan said...

Too much lettuce can actually cause major (and fatal, without vet care) digestive problems in bunnies. It happened to the bunny I had as a teen, though I don't remember now what it is about lettuce that does it. My mother-in-law feeds her bunny fresh apple slices, broccoli, and that sort of thing. It also gets the occasional bit of cereal for a snack. ;o)

Breathe said...

Smokey just had to have his teeth floated again, I was told by our amazing dentist that at this age their teeth really grow quite a bit. She thinks it explains some of his spooky behavior.

Maybe Miss G needs a teething ring. :)

Ms Martyr said...

My girlfriend and I used to feed the abandoned bunnies that were let loose close to our workplace. We actually invested in rabbit food, alfalfa blocks, etc., in addition to fresh veggies. Anyway, the darn things loved Craisins and would eat them out of our hands.

fernvalley01 said...

Gosh ! I hope the mom of that kid reads your blog!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I used to have a lagomorph rescue so I'm familiar with what is best to feed rabbits. Some lettuces can cause diarrhea in bunnies. Better to feed dark green leafed lettuce(like spinach, romaine, collard greens, cilantro, parsley), carrots and carrot tops(oddly enough, some bunnies like carrots, some don't), sprouts, pea pods, etc.
Most bunnies have a sweet tooth and love cranberries, raspberries, apple, melon, pears, and oranges. And of course, they also like hay...preferably grass hay because it has less calories and calcium(which can cause kidney stones) than alfalfa.

Funny that the lady got so flustered that she forgot her purse and the kid. lol!


achieve1dream said...

Forgot the kid?? That's horrible. Stupid woman. She needs a life. Or medicine. Or therapy.

Darn Gabrielle! Hopefully she'll get over the wood chewing like Bombay did. I hope it's just a phase.

achieve1dream said...

Oh and they have a salt block right? Chrome loves to lick on his salt block after he eats and drinks. It's almost a ritual with him. Maybe she'll prefer that to the wood lol.