Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do I Feed My Horses Too Much?

I just cleaned all the manure out of the paddock yesterday.  How can three little horses poop this much?  The view looking west:

The view looking north:

Gabbrielle's stall:

Bombay's stall:

Of course, you know Lostine is the one pooping in the other two horses' stalls.  She always has to mark her territory.  Lostine!


This manure pile is about two and a half feet high and I can no longer push the wagon up on top of it.  I need a new place to start piling manure.

Now, before anyone starts giving me advice on how to feed my horses, this is a J-O-K-E.  See the label.  It reads, "humor".  I know that my humor doesn't always come through in my writing, so I thought I had better spell it out.  This is also a warning to anyone considering owning three horses.  Get your pitchfork ready.


Katharine Swan said...

Well, I would hope that no one would think you are considering feeding your horses less so that they poop less. LOL It looks like they really like pooping along that fence line! Is that on your sneaky neighbors' side, perchance?

Deanna said...

I have 3, and I couldn't agree with you more!!

Dreaming said...

Well, that was a shitty post ;-) (more humor... in case you can't tell!)

At least they didn't walk through it in the stalls and turn it into little crumbles that don't pick up with the fork!

Mikey said...

What do you do with it when the pile gets up there? With 14, I'm always trying to figure out new places to move it to. I wish our garbage company would take it, but they refuse.

Reddunappy said...

LOL they say, the each horse poops about 25 lbs a day....75 lbs a day adds up quick!!! LOL I have three and only one in my paddock! and I am way behind in picking it up and moving it to the manure pile. She was starting to make poop castles! LOL Of course I decided to finally go clean it all up and the quad broke down, dead battery, had to buy a new one, which takes 24 hours to charge, after having to wait 3 hours after putting water in it (hubby said, LOL) Then of course we are having a stretch of 90 degee weather and I had a stint in hospital. So there the poop still sits, (sigh).

achieve1dream said...

LOL I was going to say the same as Dreaming. At least the piles in the stall are neat hehe. :) Chrome piles his up neatly. I'm pretty sure it's a stud thing because he and the donkey always poop/pee on each others spots. Silly boys. I hope his neat habits don't change once he's gelded. :)