Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Color for the Master Bathroom

For 17 years we've lived in a house with a pink bedroom and pink master bath. The wallpaper was pink with baby blue ribbons and dolls on it. We hated it, but never had the time or energy to redecorate... and before someone suggests we could have hired someone, we don't let strangers into our house.  We've had bad luck with that in the past.   I think my husband was a good sport for putting up with it for as long as he did. I always tried to make our bed covers mostly blue to bring a little masculinity into that part of the house.

Anyway, my husband and I spent several weeks tearing the wallpaper down in the master bathroom. There was wall to ceiling wallpaper, including wallpaper on the ceiling! We discovered that the wall had never been painted. There was nothing but drywall underneath, so my husband sanded the walls, painted primer on, and then we picked out a color called "Lightweight Beige". Does this look beige to you?

We find this to be so ironic, because we meant to paint our other bathroom and kitchen beige too, and now all three rooms are yellow. I don't mind yellow. It's better than pink, but since our master bedroom is still pink, this area of our house looks like a nursery.

There must be something about the lighting and the carpet in our house that brings out the yellow in paints.  My husband pretty much gave up his entire summer to work on this project, and the bathroom feels so much cleaner and spacious now without that cluttered wallpaper.

I know I have a lot of lotions, perfumes, and make up on the counter.  I'm really not a beauty supply fanatic.  Some of it came from my mother's house.  I've already stuffed all her other beauty supplies in the cabinets under the sinks, so there wasn't anywhere else to put the rest except out in the open.  There's still dust all over everything, so I have it on my To Do List to wipe off each item on the counter, wipe down the counter top, and clean the mirrors.

It's nice having one of the problem rooms in our house fixed.  I consider this one more step toward being able to sell the house some day.  Nevada is so depressed that every other house on the main road in front of our house is up for sale and has been up for sale for years in some cases.  Most of these houses are selling for a lot less than what the owners paid for them.  I suspect that either the owners could no longer afford the variable mortgage rates, or got sick of the non-stop traffic on what used to be a quiet road.  I'm getting used to the traffic now, but I can't stand all the emergency vehicle sirens blasting past our house at all hours of the day and night... which leads into my next post...

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achieve1dream said...

Hmm, yep it looks yellow to me. I bet it is your lighting. If there were sunlight coming in through the window it would probably look beige. It looks really nice, even with the yellow hue. :)