Friday, September 30, 2011

One Giant Step Forward

It's official.  My mother's house is now the responsibility of new owners.  I closed out the last of her utility and home insurance accounts today.  Now I just need to finish paying off her debts, pay her taxes, and normalcy should reign in my life once again.  Of course, it won't be the normalcy I used to know, but perhaps a new kind of normalcy.  This came just in time, too, because my husband is sick of being worked round-the-clock by his new boss.  He's ready to start looking for a new job and a new home elsewhere.

Today he bought a bunch of pipe to replace the rotting wood panels that the horses have destroyed.  Little by little we are making improvements on the house we are in now, so that we can either rent it out or sell it.  I suspect we will have to rent it, because nothing is selling around here.

I was at home alone and wanted to put the horses out to pasture.  Usually, my husband leads Gabbrielle and I lead both Bombay and Lostine, but since there was only me, I had to take the horses one-by-one to the pasture.  I put Bombay in the pasture first, and as soon as I walked away, he freaked out and galloped all over the place tearing up the grass.

I then haltered Lostine and led her out of the paddock.  Gabbrielle had a full-on heart attack and began galloping back and forth along the fence line squealing while Bombay continued his fit in the pasture.  I hand-grazed Lostine on the lawn between the two of them and refused to lead her in either direction until the other two horses settled down.  Lostine couldn't care less about being separated from the other two.  She was just happy to be eating.

Bombay settled down, so I put Lostine in the pasture with him.  My husband came home with a bunch of pipes sticking out of the back of his truck with a red flag hanging off them right when I was getting ready to lead Gabbrielle to pasture.  She had a snort-fest, neck arched, tail up over her back when she saw that red flag.  I insisted she walk past it, and she did.

Just when I was a few yards away from leading the last horse to its destination, Gabbrielle sensed something behind her and spun around me.  I looked over to see what spooked her, and found that my husband came out the front door onto the lawn to watch.  Getting the horses back from the pasture to the paddock was much easier with him home.

I didn't work on separation anxiety with the horses at all this year, beyond taking Lostine away for our trail rides and sending Gabbrielle off for training for two months.  I did work on it a lot last year, but we are now back to square one.  Horses always need so much work to get them to a manageable temperament.

We are even back to them panicking in their stalls when my annoying neighbors drive behind the barn at night.  I heard a huge boom from them kicking the stall walls a little while ago and looked outside to see that my annoying neighbor had driven his rickety truck and noisy trailer home from work.  He was parked in his front lot with his headlights on.  A couple of minutes later I heard two more big booms and went outside to find that the annoying neighbor had driven out of his driveway, behind my barn, turned around in my driveway, drove behind my barn a third time, only to end up parking in his lot again.

Now you know why I call them my "annoying" neighbors.  They can't seem to make up their minds on whether they are coming or going, and they spend the majority of their time behind my barn and in my driveway.  So, I went outside in my socks and stood on my driveway to deter the man from doing it again.  I also checked to make sure I locked my gate since he could be up to no good.

The annoying kid that my annoying neighbors babysit was standing on a boulder watching everything that was going on over at my friend's place.  I've caught him doing that a lot lately, and my annoying neighbors don't think to tell the kid that it is rude to spy on neighbors.  They let him stand out there all day calling out to my friend for her attention.  She's told me that kid drives her crazy.  He used to run over to her property and wreak havoc, so at least the annoying neighbors are now keeping him on their own property, despite letting him continue to pester my friend from their property line.  Oh well, I've learned that any improvement at all with these people is a huge step forward.


Sydney said...

I bet your moms house being sold is a huge weight off your shoulders.

TnTConnect said...

I'm sorry about you having to close your mom's property and finish her bills, but am happy you seem to be able to adjust and handle what sounds like a new adventure (soon to begin). I do hope your husband will be able to find a job he likes quickly.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hooray!!! Congrats on getting your Mother's house sold!!!
Now it's only a matter or time before you're able to move away from the chaos of your current neighborhood.
Oh my! What will your annoying neighbors do with themselves once you're not around to spy on?


lytha said...

i'm curious if the nosy neighbors are the same ones as the annoying ones? you seem to have it coming from all sides.

it would be cool to see an overview drawing (googlemaps!) of your property so i could figure out where the driveways are and the homes.

i think it goes so far beyond annoying, there isn't a word awful enough for it.

from my kitchen window where i type, i can see my next door neighbors as they come and go and i really try not to watch but she always has fabulous riding breeches on and shiny black riding boots. every morning at 7:30 she goes to ride her jumper horses, and then she comes home at around noon. she retired at 35 due to heart problems, i hear, but gives riding lessons to kids weekly. i think if i rode my horse as much as she rides hers, i'd be at the olympic level by now! *lol* yes i'm jealous can you tell? doesn't have to work the rest of her life, and rides her two horses every day, going to shows on weekends. thankfully we are on good terms with them and her husband (the cop) is wonderfully helpful and smiles all the time (so american!). the lady always picks me up and drives me if she sees me walking to the store. i am grateful to have them and hope so much you guys have a turnaround from your situation now when you finally move. i swear, if nuzzling muzzles moves, it will be the most important event in the history of horsaii blogging!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lytha - Yes, the annoying neighbors are the same as the nosy neighbors. But I also call my noisy neighbor on the other side an annoying neighbor too, because she's always doing loud construction during the best horseback riding weather. She's also annoying because she picks on me. I was watching the movie "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" yesterday and realized that the heavy-set red-headed neighbor who complains that leaves from the neighbors' tree fall into her yard could have been modeled after this neighbor of mine. A satellite view of the neighborhood might be a bit too incriminating, so I'll make a drawing instead.

achieve1dream said...

That's awesome about your mom's house selling. :) And to such a nice family.

I REALLY hope your husband finds a new job and you guys can move away from the horrible neighborhood. That would be so awesome.