Monday, September 12, 2011

Rotten Wood

I woke up to a rainbow over my pasture, hoping that rainbow set the tone for the day.

However, immediately after taking this picture, some construction workers showed up next door. This is a job that's been going on since last week. I remember going outside and getting the pasture water trough ready for the horses, but before I could move them from the paddock to the pasture, a huge truck and trailer showed up next door and began dumping what turned out to be one of several loads of boulders. If you've never heard a truck dump boulders, trust me when I say it is eardrum-crushing. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to take more horses out to the pasture until they were done with the dumping.

It eventually quieted down, so I walked outside to halter the horses, when another huge truck and trailer pulled up onto my property next to my pasture and began unloading a front loader. So, I had to abandon moving the horses to pasture again.  Apparently, my neighbor didn't think she had enough room on her property for this truck, so she sent them over to my property without permission.  That's typical.  I have some neighbors across the road who had an empty lot, and all the other neighbors were always instructing their guests and truck deliveries to park there.  The land owners got sick of it and put a fence around their lot, even though they don't use it for anything.  I know how they feel.  It's the principal of the matter.  It's always polite to ask, and not just assume that it's okay to trespass on the neighbors' land.

Someone drove the front loader over to my neighbor's place and began pushing boulders around. Today they showed up and continued pushing boulders around. I have no idea what they are doing, but I suspect it has something to do with preventing weeds from growing, because this neighbor is obsessed with weeds.

I figured the horses would be terrified, but they surprised me by being curious about all the activity next door -- so curious that they chewed through two panels of wood fence to try to get a closer look.

I was wearing sweats and no makeup and hadn't brushed my hair all day when I needed to run outside to feed them. I thought I would just feed them really fast and no one would see me for more than a few seconds. However, when I ran outside and found the fence in this condition, I knew I had to fix it because once they got the third panel down, they'd be loose.  (The top panel was actually hanging to the ground.  I moved it up and propped it higher up against the middle panel.)

I ran over to survey the damage and pulled the old rusty nails out of the post. I couldn't fix the bottom panel without a replacement, so I tried to re-nail in the top panel. I was talking to my horses, asking them who was to blame for this and exclaiming my disgust over the fact that they broke two panels in the same section on the same day, when I heard someone say something nearby and jumped out of my skin.  I thought I was alone.

I looked over, and just on the other side of my chain-link fence were these three strange men who had been moving boulders around in my neighbor's yard, and they were all just sitting on the ground eating their lunches watching me throw a tantrum over the broken fence in my so-called private yard. I really did not want anyone to see me when I went outside, and here I had an audience the entire time I was out there. It turned out I couldn't nail the panel back in, because the wood was too rotted and split from just me touching it. I need two new panels, and I know my husband wants to start replacing the wood with metal poles, so I'll have to wait for him to get home.

The timing of this couldn't be worse, because my husband was home for an entire week last week doing work about the house, and I'm sure now that he's back at the office he is swamped. The last thing he needs is to be repairing broken fences when he gets home from work. He'll have to show me where he's hiding all the hardware, so I can do it. He had hired a lady to help him at the office, and the lady kept complaining about the work he was giving her, (I guess it wasn't interesting enough or important enough), so she quit the day that he left for his vacation, which put the office in a tailspin since she was supposed to be doing my husband's job while he was away. I was like, "Really, lady? You couldn't have waited one week to quit so that my husband could have had a vacation?"

He ended up doing work from home pretty much every day of his vacation and doesn't get paid for any of that time. I guess bad timing seems to be the running theme for us lately.


Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, gosh DARN!!!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

boy they sure chewed through that in a hurry!!

Dreaming said...

Mmmm.... need more fiber in their diet?
How frustrating. I hate when I want to accomplish some task, and just can't get it done.

lytha said...

oh as usual this is perfect timing. my husband needs to see what normal horses do to property. baasha broke something recently - he's been standing on the gardenstone wall we built next to his barn (as a retaining wall) and the wall just came down and one stone broke. we cannot keep baasha off that wall so i built a temporary eyesore plastic post fence. my husband is upset that baasha "breaks everything" and jokingly said we have to get rid of him. i told him normal horses chew on wooden fences when the electric wire is not turned on (ours is never on). i told him normal horses destroy everything! now he'll see what i mean. i'm sorry this keeps happening to you though: (

Once Upon an Equine said...

That's a beautiful rainbow, so perfectly arced like that. That would have been perfect if your day had continued with such beauty and promise. Sorry about all the construction noise and the surprise audiance.