Sunday, September 18, 2011

This and That

Mikey commented that I hadn't posted in a while and she was concerned because the Reno Air Races accident was so close to me. Since I was stuck in a roadblock in front of the iHop shooting right after the gunman finished himself and his spree, it's not inconceivable that I might have been at the air races too. I didn't mean to worry anybody. I was not at the air races, but I have been deeply affected by it and other tragedies we've been experiencing in Northern Nevada lately. We get all the uncensored local news, and it's almost impossible to not let it affect you.

I seem to be in one of those Final Destination movies again, so I've been laying low. After nearly being broadsided in Siren Intersection, I was walking out to pick up my mail at the roadside mailboxes when a neighbor came racing into the mailbox turnout in her car and almost hit me. I couldn't understand how she couldn't have seen me, but my husband thinks she was drunk, because he sees her husband standing around on his driveway drinking all the time. So, I'm tired of having my heart beating in my throat. I need a break from all the shock and adrenaline. Having horses spook and trample me is a minor setback after dealing with all these inattentive humans driving killer hunks of metal right at me.

Thursday was my birthday. My husband brought home this gorgeous bouquet for me. Yellow roses and sunflowers have always held a special place in my heart, and I love the colors yellow and purple together.

My kids sent me cards that fit my sense of humor and enough pens to keep me writing for a while. The timing was perfect, because the day before I had to throw 3 pens in the trash that ran out of ink. I specifically asked that nobody buy me any gifts since our house is already so cluttered after I brought home everything sentimental I could grab from my mother's house this year. I've had my fill of stuff, so flowers and pens and funny cards were perfect for the occasion.

My son also introduced me to Skype, which allowed me to see his handsome face while he spoke to me through my computer, instead of just hearing his voice on the phone. And, BONUS! Skype is free. It made me so happy to see him. He showed me around his dorm room, and I brought the dogs over to my computer camera lens so he could see them and whistle to them. Midge always gets so happy after she hears his voice. She was in a serious funk after my son left home.

At the market yesterday I found a display of a new-to-me brand of coffee by a company called Blind Dog Coffee Roasting. What caught my attention was a picture of a cowboy riding his horse with a dog at his side under a full moon, and the coffee was called Nevada Black. I turned it over, but couldn't read the print without glasses. However, I did see that the company is in my town. We also have a Starbucks plant here, so I admire anyone who competes with them locally.

I bought some and am drinking a cup right now. Great stuff. I also put my glasses on and read the back. The man who owns the company is blind and proceeds from sales go to blind children. Yippee! Many years ago I had the most amazing job volunteering at the Braille Institute in Los Angeles. Believe it or not, I taught those kids how to build and race soap box derby cars. Seeing the expressions on the kids' faces when the cars first started rolling was priceless.  It was a totally new sensation for them.  There were a lot of crashes, but everyone had a good time. We made sure the hill wasn't steep enough for the cars to get up to high speeds.  This kids laughed heartily, couldn't care less whether they won or lost, and not a single tear was shed during the competition.  It was a stark contrast from what I've seen at other children's sporting events.


Mikey said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! For your birthday, I reopened my blog :) lol

Seriously, I was worried bout you. You make me laugh with your stories, and I was missing that!!

fernvalley01 said...

Glad you are safe, HAppy Birthday , and cool onb the new coffee! The experience you shared with the blind children sounds just magical

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Happy Birthday NuzMuz! I'm glad you've discovered Skype so your kids won't seem so far away now.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Good to know that you're okay. Happy Birthday!! Love the flowers Yellow is my favorite color.

TnTConnect said...

Glad you are ok...haven't tried skype yet. Probably should it has been getting a lot of publicity lately and I like to keep up with technology.

Jeni said...

Skype is WONDERFUL ! Sounds like had the perfect birthday that's for sure.

Happy Birthday =)

Mary said...

I didn't know Skype was free, nothing is ever free so I decided I wouldn't even experiment with it because of that. I will revisit. Thanks!
I have also been thinking about you since I heard about the terrible crash. My heart aches for all involved. I am happy you are safe and sound and laying low.

Dreaming said...

Happy Birthday! Your flowers are beautiful! I love sunflowers, and the roses are such a pretty, creamy yellow. Nice job!

I'm glad you can Skype with your son. I use iChat video chat with one of my guys and it is nice to see him, and his girl friend. Once we did a video chat from my Dad's house. He loved seeing the 'youngsters'!

KarenTX said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I love the bouquet, that is SO my style, too.

Cheryl Ann said...

Happy Birthday! I've been without Internet for over 3 days and I'm behind on my blog visits, but I hope you had an enjoyable day! What beautiful flowers!

achieve1dream said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

I hope all of the scary drama goes away soon. I don't blame you for staying low after so many close calls.