Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time to Set Up an Ambush Again

It appears that my night stalker is back.  I was walking up my driveway looking around for a bunny,

and spotted something strange on the island on our driveway.  We have a U-shaped driveway with a bunch of bushes and trees in the middle of the U,

and it points directly at our kitchen window, which we leave open late at night even if the lights are on inside the house, because we can let the cooler air into the house.  I walked right onto the island and found a partially full bottle of Smirnoff vodka sitting upright.

I brought the bottle of vodka in to show to my husband and said, "You see?  I'm not imagining things when I say that someone is trespassing on our property at night and looking in our windows.  This was out in our driveway island."

He just laughed at me.

Well, it didn't blow in from off the street and land upright now, did it?  This is a big part of why I can't call the police for help, because my own husband doesn't support me.  He thinks I'm just paranoid, and he probably wouldn't hesitate to dismiss my complaints should the police talk to him.  So, I'll probably have to set up one of my ambushes.  I wish I could get night vision glasses so that I could see the guy coming.

This is really a shame, because things had really settled down and I was feeling comfortable leaving the gate unlocked at night, but I see that I really can't relax at all.  I'm surrounded by perverts and creeps.  I don't think this is one of my nosy neighbors, because they don't drink.  I suspect this is a young man who lives in a house across the highway, because my son has seen him standing next to my pasture smoking cigarettes and drinking beer some nights after sunset.  I guess he's not allowed to do that on his own property, so he walks over to our property to do it. 

I wouldn't mind if he'd stay on the edge of our property and clean up his garbage, but he always leaves his cigarette butts and beer cans behind.  Apparently, now he has graduated onto hard liquor and just tries to hide the bottle in the bushes on our driveway, so he can come back later for more.  I have no doubt he's watching us through our open kitchen window while he's hiding from his family and drinking on our property. 

What the hell do I have to do to get some privacy in this neighborhood?

If it's not one neighbor, it's another.  They are all freaks.  I've been trying to clean the paddock every day instead of just once a week on Sunday mornings when my nosy neighbors are in church, because now that Gabbrielle is back home, the poop piles up three times faster than it did with two horses.  I always look for a time when my neighbors' vehicles are gone, so I can shovel without an audience.  I only got two scoops in today before the woman came driving up the road into her driveway.

I shoveled some more, waiting for her to get out of her car and go inside her house, but wasn't hearing any door slamming.  I looked up, and she was sitting in the driver's seat with the door open, leaning out and stretching her torso, sticking her head up in the air like a prairie dog, just staring at me.  I sighed in disgust and shook my head, and then went back to shoveling.  She got the hint and got out with her little boy that she babysits and her dog, and went inside the house.

But that wasn't the end of it.  Of course, she had to forget something and walk out to the car again to get it.  After years of living next door to her, I was expecting it, so I left the manure fork and wheelbarrow and went behind my truck to pet the horses while they weeded my RV lane, where she couldn't stare at me.  I stopped shoveling manure, hoping that she will make the connection that every time she or her husband comes out to watch, I leave and the manure piles up, while every time they are gone, my yard stays clean.

Although, considering the toilet, wash basin, washing machine, dryer, oven, furniture and piles of other junk they have in their yard, I doubt they really care whether my horse paddock is clean or not. 


Anonymous said...

you can buy night viewing googles at the army surpluss store.

fernvalley01 said...

If you can I would just carry on and let them watch , attempt to fart now and again as well, As far as the boze drinking weirdo , call the cops anyhow,that is downright scary!

fernvalley01 said...

alternativley ,since they are regular church goers , look up the lyrics to the most inappropriate drinking song you know and sing it very loudly

Dreaming said...

Your 'find' reminded me of life in our first house in the south. We had no AC so had to open our windows wide. The town's drunkards would often saunter by our house, and sometimes prop themselves up on the fence and sing! It was a bit weird to hear the drunken songs as we tried to sleep!
Maybe you should get an extra manure fork and invite your neighbor to join you in cleaning the paddock. A peace offering or a show of friendship! ;-)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I forgot to mention one odd thing that happened last night. My husband had been watering the pasture with our sprinkler, and when he went out at night to move the sprinkler, he found that someone had turned off the water. He asked me if I did it, and I didn't, which means that a neighbor or the night stalker came right on to our property after dark and shut off our sprinkler without our permission.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Get the night vision goggles as suggested or get a pellet gun. Maybe both?

I would call the cops and nail the guy for trespassing, littering and anything else they can come up with. Even if the first time is just a warning. I would also gather up all of his crap and dump it in the middle of his porch. When his family knows what he is doing, maybe they will be the greater influence for him to stop. Otherwise- expect them to keep treating you and your property the same as long as you let them.

samihob said...

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Anonymous said...

I think you should pee in the bottle and put it back, since the guy comes in the dark he will not see that it might be a little yellow.