Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daily Horror-scopes

A while back I put some daily horoscope widgets on my iGoogle home page, and just recently realized how much they annoy me.  I thought the idea behind horoscopes was to predict the future, but these horoscopes may as well be called horror-scopes, because all they do is warn you not to do anything today, because it will be a bad time, and to wait before making any kind of move.  In other words, they try to scare you and they try to prevent you from living your life.  How dumb is that?

I'm an action-oriented person, so advising me to wait is never a good thing.  I've also noticed that many of these horoscopes nit-pick the person attached to the astrological sign, criticizing the personality and giving advice on how to behave.  How is that predicting the future?

Anyway, I thought I would mention it because some people follow their daily horoscope religiously, and it can be damaging to a person's thought process.  Some more impressionable people might soak up those criticisms and have a lower self-esteem for it, while others may stop making decisions, stop taking action, and stop living their lives because their horoscope advised them to wait.

There's no time to wait.  Life is way too short for that.  I thought these widgets would be fun, but it's just the opposite.  They are so negative that I had to wipe them from my home page.

Today turned out to be the most extreme day when it comes to ups and downs.  I had the day planned out the night before.  I was going to visit some thrift shops in the morning to get ideas for props for photo shoots, then I was going to walk some dogs at the animal shelter, and finally I was going to ride the horses -- neighbors be damned.

Well, I woke up with one of my famous allergy headaches, and it was bad enough that I had to take an antihistamine, which I don't like to do because it puts me to sleep -- usually at the most inopportune times.  After ten false starts, I finally made it to the thrift stores, which didn't help my headache because of all the dust on all that used stuff.  I didn't find much to inspire me, but bought some photo frames.

Before I could even get the frames put away, the phone started ringing.  First it was my home insurance company pestering me for the umpteenth time to switch the home insurance out of my mother's name into mine, which will notify the mortgage loan company that that house changed hands, and I will then be forced to refinance a new loan into my name, which I won't qualify for because I'm unemployed.  So, my only recourse in inheriting the mortgage payments on the house is to either keep the fact that the house changed hands a secret or come up with the cash to pay off the house.   I had planned on using the life insurance money for that, but the life insurance company denied me payment because the Coroner could not determine the exact cause of my mother's death.  Can it get anymore complicated?  So, I had to put off the home insurance company for another few weeks until I figure out what to do.

Then the phone rang and it was my son with more bad news.  I spent last week helping him replace a mobile phone that he lost, which required me to make a phone call to customer service and required him to part with some of his hard-earned cash.  This week his brand new laptop that we just gave him for his birthday broke.  I couldn't help him, so he had to wait for his father to get home from work to help troubleshoot.  I did spend an hour digging around in every desk and file cabinet in the house in search of a warranty and receipt, though.  Once again, that didn't help my headache.  There's a lot of dust in them there files.

I looked at the clock and it was an hour past the horses' lunch time.  I fed them late, kicking myself for delaying my ability to ride.  I noticed that a water trough was getting low and needed scrubbing.  I was starving and hadn't eaten since 7:00 AM, so I decided to eat lunch first, and then clean the trough and stalls.  I made the mistake of eating in bed, and...  Can you guess?

I fell asleep.  I awoke to the sound of crashing in the paddock.  Bombay had thrashed the water trough and broke the de-icer that I never got the time to remove during the summer months.  I was pissed.  That's another $65 down the drain all because I couldn't stay awake long enough to do a chore.  As if the horses didn't think they did enough damage, they then busted out of the gate and started eating off the haystack while I searched for parts to repair the trough.  I kicked their butts back into the paddock, but they kept crowding the gate every time I walked in and out, trying to push past me.

I didn't have time for that horse B.S. or H.S., so I chased them around the paddock with a lunge whip.  If any one of them came within 10-feet of me, they got chased off and chased down.  After all that, Lostine tried to push me out of her way so she could walk into her stall.  I'm not kidding.  She walked right up behind me, put her head over my shoulder and started pushing me with her chest while I was standing in the stall doorway.

I'm sure I had steam coming out of my ears at that point.  I slapped her until she finally decided that the slapping didn't feel good and she backed out of my space.  After a couple more incidents I had her at a point where all I had to do was look at her and she'd run from me. 

I gave up on finding the parts to repair the de-icer, so I grabbed my purse to head out to the feed store to blow more money on de-icer parts or a plug and some Probios.  Then my husband came home and said that if I could find a de-icer box, I can find some parts.  I don't know what made me look in the dog food closet, but there were two de-icer boxes in there.  One had the original plug to the Rubbermaid trough, which is the next best thing to finding the broken parts to the de-icer, and the other had a brand new de-icer in it!  Jackpot!

Then something outside of myself pushed me over to the fridge to look in the crisper.  There was a brand new syringe of Probios!  I didn't have to go to the feed store and blow more money, because I had everything I needed at home.  But I was puzzled over how I was led to look in the dog food closet and the crisper.  Those aren't exactly places one would expect to find such things.

Then right after plugging the hole in the water trough, my son's computer started magically working again.  Hopefully, it will stay that way and save us a few hundred bucks.  One minute I was thinking I couldn't believe my lousy luck and the next minute I was thinking I couldn't believe my good luck.  Of course, the day ended before I could walk any dogs or ride any horses, but that's typical.  I spend most days chasing my own tail.  Maybe the horror-scopes are right and I should just do nothing.  I'd probably get further ahead.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The next day wasn't much better regarding getting some dog and horse time. I had a microwave repairman coming between 8 and 12, so I couldn't leave the house. Of course, he had to call and say he'd be late. He finally arrived at 2 and left at 3. It turned out that he had determined that the microwave was unrepairable in the first 5 minutes, and spent the rest of the hour participating in a computer conference from my kitchen regarding someone else's broken appliance. He apologized to me, but I was irritated, because I had places to go and things to do. Then he said I had to stay home and wait for a phone call from the insurance company, which never came. The best I could do was to run outside when my husband came home from work and shovel some manure while he waited by the home phone since my mobile phone's battery was dead.

achieve1dream said...

Jeez that was extremely rude of the microwave repairmen. Total B.S.

I'm glad the day in your post ended so well. It's nice when things work themselves out, even if you did waste all day doing it lol. And I can totally relate to the sinus headaches. They can be so debilitating.

I know you've thought of this, but it really sounds like the horses are bored. :( The wood chewing, breaking out, waterer thrashing, etc. I don't know of a solution though if they won't play with toys and I know with hay scarcity you can't feed free choice. Sorry they were being brats and making things so difficult.

I hope everything works out with your mother's house. Soon! I hate that such a great person like you is being so bullied and mistreated by all of the stupid insurance people, coroner, etc. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Oh and I totally agree about horror-scopes lol. I think if they ever were intended to be useful, just like everything else, they've been ruined. I don't read them either. :)