Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Winter Storm of Fall

We usually start seeing some fall colors in the Eastern Sierra during the first and second weeks of October. However, often times the first winter snow storm arrives before the colors can change, so we don't really get to experience fall all that much.

One of my plans for this year was to create an old barns calendar and an Eastern Sierra calendar with my photography business, and sell them over the Internet and perhaps in some local stores, but it takes money to make them before you can sell them and up until my mother's house sold last week, we didn't have any money. I thought perhaps I could now race out and put those calendars together, but I needed more photos first.

The colors finally started changing on the trees this week, so I had plans to drive up into the mountains for a photo shoot, but this snow storm blew that plan out the window. Now most of the leaves have frozen and been blown off the trees.

These leaves are all over my horse paddock this morning, blown in from my neighbor's tree. The horses are eating the leaves like they are delicacies.

Of course, each horse has to take his turn rolling in the mud.

Sorry about all the manure in the background.  I haven't been able to do much cleaning thanks to my nosy neighbors running outside and holding a stare-a-thon every time I walk into my horse paddock.  They are now parking their vehicles at an angle so that the sides of each car face my barn.  I wondered why they would do that until I started taking pictures around my property this morning.  I was talking to my horses and enjoying the day until I heard a cough, and looked up to see my nosy neighbor hiding behind one vehicle spying on me over the roof of it.  I then realized that by parking that way, they create more mass to hide behind while they watch me.

I literally have not been able to go outside for more than one minute without them either sneaking up behind me or driving up the road and parking facing my property so that they can watch me through the front windshield of their vehicles.  I keep changing the times of day that I come outside to do chores, and they keep showing up rain or shine.  The other night I was mucking out stalls in arctic winds and that lady came out onto her porch with the kid she babysits, who was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt while the woman was all bundled up, and they just sat on the porch watching me muck my stalls in that crazy weather.

My construction lady next door appears to have finished the last of her construction projects quite literally as the first winter storm was moving in.  She extended her guest house patio so that now the Peeping Tom who lives there can set up a chair right outside my bathroom window.  How considerate of her to not make him stand while he invades my privacy.

My other neighbors' trash and tumbleweeds were blown into my yard as usual.

As soon as I saw the woman digging up tumbleweeds and piling them against her puny fence last week, I knew a big wind would blow in before they got a chance to burn them.  It happens every year.  I complained about it last year to them, but they obviously don't care if their yard work becomes my yard work. 

I just love spending my free time picking up other people's trash, don't you?

Here's a section of fence that my husband replaced with pipe panels.  I was a bit worried that the horses might try to squeeze through there, but they've been really good about not trying to escape.  I just can't ever keep a foal in this paddock.  It's so good to get rid of those ugly, chewed wood panels.

My bunny came out to play.  I tossed her another slice of carrot, and this time she hopped out from underneath the car to grab it and drag it back to her hiding spot.  It only took two feedings and she has learned that when I throw something in her general direction, it's a treat.

Ain't she a cutie?


Reddunappy said...

Glad to hear your Moms house finally sold. Hopefully it will help take a load off of you!!!!
I would be getting sooo fed up with those nieghbors, have you ever asked them why they watch you so much?

Maybe you can look for another place now?

fernvalley01 said...

Well at least that one uninvited guest is a cutie! Love the bunnie shots , and your fence looks great

Crystal said...

I like the fence to, It looks really good. And that bunny is adorable :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! What a beautiful bunny!

Have you had any snow flurries yet?
We're gearing up for the same winter storm, figuring that once it leaves your area it will drop down here to New Mexico.
The temps have already been dropping. brrr! And we've been getting heavy rain storms, too.

Noone believes me when I try to tell them that our Fall season rarely ever lasts a few weeks before winter moves in. I think some people think I'm being negative by not gushing over the arrival of Autumn, but how can I when it is so short-lived up here?


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Cute bunny!

Well, for now, since you don't have a foal, no worries! It does look like a great replacement to the broken wooden boards.

achieve1dream said...

That bunny is adorable!!!

Does the staring not work when they hide behind the vehicles? Did you try taking pictures? It's not illegal to take pictures of someone and hang them up on telephone poles is it?? ;)