Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sorry, Son

Sorry, son, but something, uh... "happened" to your favorite tree to hang from and do pull ups while you were away at college:

This Locust tree grew on its own from a seed that blew in from somewhere.  As you can see by the seed pods, these trees are never lacking in the reproductive department.  It grew so fast that the roots began pushing up the concrete walkway slabs that make the path to our front door, so we had to cut it down.  My husband is going to pry up the slabs and grind down the roots so that we don't have to worry about people tripping on the walkway when they come to my photography studio.

With this experience, I got another crazy neighbor story. My husband was out on the front lawn cutting down the tree, and I was in the garage getting painting supplies together so that I could finally finish painting the master bathroom, when the annoying neighbors' dog came racing up our driveway and started doing its attack bark at my husband.

Not far behind it was my annoying neighbor driving his truck. He stopped at the end of our driveway as if contemplating pulling in through the tiny opening I left for us to get in and out. (I kept it small enough so that random trucks couldn't turn around there.) The guy just sat there in his truck and didn't really make any effort to get his dog. He didn't call to it or open his door to let it in. He just stared, as usual.

I couldn't help get the dog back to him, because I had paint all over my hands. My husband came around the corner of the house, and must have startled the man, because he raced off down the street leaving his dog at our house barking at us.

This dog is extremely neurotic. It barks at everything and acts real tough, but if you try to approach it, it runs away. We do like dogs, obviously, but this particular dog is a neighborhood nuisance. I suspect I clean up after it more than its owners do, since they specifically walk it or send it down to my property to do its business. Now it is to the point where we can't even do anything in our own front yard without this dog threatening to attack us.

So, my husband chased it off our property. However, instead of it running back home, it took off down the main highway after the man in the truck. We have two blind curves on each side of our house, and accidents happen there all the time. People have been killed there. So, what does this man do? He pulls a U-turn on the blind curve and races back to his house so that the dog will chase the truck back home. He then locked the dog in the house, and headed back off to work, which is what he should have done in the first place when he saw that the dog was trying to attack us.

A part of me secretly wishes that this dog would bite me so that I could have it sent to the animal shelter to be trained and put into a better home with more responsible dog owners. A lot of people think that an animal shelter is a terrible place for animals to be, but our local shelter takes better care of the animals than many pet owners do, and it is a no-kill shelter.

The good news is that the other couple who was "living" on my annoying neighbors porch for the past month is finally gone, so I have a little more privacy than before. The bad news is that these neighbors are apparently making it a habit to have parties every Friday and Saturday night. All their guests start arriving at dusk, driving behind my barn, honking their horns and slamming their doors right when I'm putting blankets on the horses in their stalls. I'll have to remember to put the horses to bed early those nights for now on.


Cheryl Ann said...

My dad cut down the magnolia tree which was in our front yard...the one I climbed as a kid and it took me YEARS to forgive him. I really don't even know why he chopped it down...he just did. There wasn't a sidewalk near it. I think he did it after having a fight with my mother...I was crushed.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ugh..Locust trees make a huge mess. We had a Sycamore tree in South Carolina that never stopped shedding long strands of bark. I'm surprised it hadn't any left at all.

Blankets on horses already? It must be much colder there than here. We're in the 60s during the day, down to the 40's at night. Apache is growing a thick fur coat in preparation for the winter.


achieve1dream said...

What an idiot! He's lucky he didn't get hit. Or his dog. Maybe someone will find it wandering around on it's own and take it home lol. Probably not likely though since it acts so aggressive.

Are there no noise ordinances where you live? The parties, heavy equipment and car shops, etc. are so stupid!