Friday, October 21, 2011

Taking Back My Time

Week after week Saturday hits and I wonder where all that "free time" went during the week.  I haven't walked dogs at the shelter all month.  Heck, I haven't even walked my own dogs.  I haven't ridden my horses much.  I'm not as far into writing my novel as I should be.  I still haven't finished the quilt that was supposed to be on our bed two winters ago.  Years ago I bought specific fabrics to make a quilt for my brother and they are still folded the way they came in the mail.  I know there's no guarantee that we will be around forever, so I promised him I'd get his quilt done for this winter.  Then there's the half-painted master bathroom, and so many other items on my To Do List that never get done.  What's up with all of that?

Well, the best I can explain it is that either I'm not feeling well enough to do anything beyond reading blogs, or someone else or something else is taking up my time.  Example:  Over a month ago our fairly new microwave oven broke.  This is the built-in one we bought when we remodeled our kitchen.  The repairman was supposed to arrived between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM yesterday, so I planned to work with the dogs and horses in the afternoon.  Of course, I got a robo-call that the repairman was running late and was told to call a specific number to reschedule if I wouldn't be home.

Well, I wasn't planning on being home, but since I had to wait a month for the first appointment, I knew I couldn't wait another month for another appointment, because by then my home insurance on small appliances would run out, and I wasn't planning on renewing the insurance.  So, I had to wait.  The guy showed up at 2:00 PM and left at 3:00 PM, saying that it would cost more to repair the microwave than to replace it.  He knew that in the first 5 minutes of his appointment, and admitted to spending the rest of the hour participating in a computer conference call in my kitchen regarding some other customer's broken appliance. 

Apparently, he thought I didn't have places to go and things to do, so he just used my house without my permission to conduct his other business.  I am continually floored by the lack of consideration I get from other people.  The entire time this guy was in the house, I had to keep my dogs outside and they were barking and scratching at the door to get in, because it was cold.  I couldn't let them in, because they'd jump all over the man and Scrappy would bite him.  Apparently, the neighbors got annoyed enough with the barking and scratching that they threw a sandwich over the fence to shut my dogs up.  I had to run outside and take the sandwich away before Scrappy's tiny gut exploded.

Then, as if the guy didn't already waste my entire day, he told me I had to stay by the phone because the insurance company was going to call to explain to me the process of replacing the microwave.  I tried to work on my novel, but was thinking about all the things I had to get done outside while waiting for the land line to ring.  My mobile phone battery was dead, so I couldn't tell them to call on that.  I had to wait for my husband to get home from work, so that I could go outside and do barn chores while he waited by the phone.  Of course, the home insurance company never called.  So, that was one whole day down the drain.

I think about all the things I want to and need to do, and then I see my nosy neighbor do things like run over to my driveway to see why there is a repairman's van parked there.  Maybe I should just give her my unfinished quilts and ask her to help out.  It would keep her busy and hopefully she'd stop running over to my property every time she spots some activity. 

Anyway, now that the sun is rising I've got one last weekday to try to take back my time and do something that matters to me.  Broken appliances and mail deliveries be damned.  I'm not doing any more overnight paperwork, making any more appointments, or letting the fact that I've become allergic to everything I eat and drink and everything in my environment keep me from how I plan my day.  Wish me luck.  I'm running out of time to walk the dogs and ride the horses on dry ground.  We've got a cold front moving in next week.  Goodbye 70-degree temps and hello 50's. 


Katharine Swan said...

NM, I know exactly where you're coming from. I have unfinished cafe curtains for our kitchen sitting folded on our hutch because for months I've been unable to find the time to finish them... Even though they're pinned and everything. My last couple weeks have been especially bad -- I haven't blogged or worked on my novel in probably 2 weeks, and I've hardly ridden at all, because I just haven't had a chance. Hopefully it will get better for both of us!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cold front?? That means we'll be getting it right after you get it. Bummer!

I just hate it when repair people make you wait for their arrival, their repairs, and for rescheduling. And then they always seem to tell you that to fix it will cost you more than to just replace it.
No wonder the landfills are exploding with garbage! beh!


achieve1dream said...

Yeah winter isn't going over so well with me either lol. Not looking forward to it.

I mentioned what I thought about the repairman in your last post. I'll add I think you should have unleashed Scrappy on him haha!!

You know what might help with your ever growing to do list is to prioritize what actually needs to be done and what is just because you want it done. Since life is short and we always have unfinished business that might help with getting unbogged. I'm somewhat of a control freak so I used to have to have everything done exactly right at exactly the right time, but realized how much time I was wasting doing things that really were not that important. By "letting go" a little I was able to free up time to do things I enjoy doing like photography and NaNo. :) Just a thought. I figured if it helped me, it might help you too and that's about all I can do to help. :D