Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Weekend So Far

I've been checking the Lake Tahoe web cams to see if enough snow has melted for me to go up there for a hike and photo shoot.  I woke up battling allergies and wasn't gung-ho about going, because I knew I'd be blowing my nose every 30-seconds.  I found myself cleaning water troughs and stalls most of the morning.  The neighbors had carload after carload of people pulling up and parking willy-nilly all over their front lot.  People poured out into their yards yacking and yelling.  I could hear the kids' voice babbling at the top of his lungs and I said, "Oh God," to myself.

However, a short time later I heard a man's voice mimicking me, saying, "Oh God!"  I turned around to confront him, but he must have been hiding somewhere.  His voice was close enough that he sounded like he was right behind me, but I didn't see him.  He was obviously being snarky toward me.

They had seven adults, two dogs and one kid at their place seemingly all there to socialize, and then a Meeks truck pulled up in front of our house.  It then proceeded onto the annoying neighbors' house, but because of all the vehicles parked randomly all over the place, the driver had a hard time getting in.  A forklift began unloading stuff, and getting my horses all riled up.

Next thing I knew I looked out the kitchen window and there was a black pickup truck with California plates in our driveway squeezed between our Cadillac and our Cobalt even though it didn't fit, but then the driver backed out and started to drive up the road, changed her mind and pulled back into my driveway blocking my RV lane.  She came to the door, which is my pet peeve, because it is so hard for me to open the door and get outside with my dogs barking and throwing themselves at the door.  One time Scrappy got out between my legs and bit my friend.  Fortunately, he only bit her sweater and didn't break any skin, but I was shocked by how high he can jump.

I squeezed out the door and shut it behind me, which caused the woman to have to step back off my porch to make room for me.  She made a face like she was put off by my unwelcoming manner.  Little did she know that I was just trying to prevent my dogs from attacking her, because I didn't want to get sued.  I guess to be polite I'm supposed to open my door wide and say, "Welcome!  I don't know who you are, but please come in!"

Anyway, she gave me a bitchy look and said, "I'm here for the wood burning stove."

I shook my head and said, "You're at the wrong place."

She said, "They just told me it was the second house on the left."

I said, "This is the first house on the left.  The second house on the left is where the Meeks truck is."

I guess my U-shaped driveway confused her, because instead of counting houses, she was counting driveways.  She left, and next thing I knew, the Meeks truck was backing into my driveway.  I cringed, expecting him to hit our post that holds the chains that are there to keep trucks from turning around in our driveway.  The Meeks driver completely ignored my PRIVATE DRIVE - PLEASE STAY OUT sign as well as my pole and chains.  I cringed one more time as he backed right up to our Cadillac.  My blood pressure was going through the roof.  Twice in a ten minute period the neighbor's business came a little too close for comfort to our life savings.

The Meeks driver then pulled out of our driveway onto our private road and idled in front of our house for about 15 minutes while he loaded up his forklift.  Of course, had my annoying neighbors had the foresight to not invite all their friends over at the same time they were getting a delivery and a pick up, they would have had room on their own property for the Meeks truck to turn around and load up his forklift there.  I am really sick of all my inconsiderate neighbors allowing their delivery trucks to make themselves at home on my property.

I just don't know what to do about these people.  They really don't give a damn how they affect others.  It's obvious by their behavior that they think they own my property just as much as they own theirs.  They have no boundaries. 

For a short while in the afternoon, all the vehicles cleared out, but the two strangers who are now living with my neighbors were out weeding their front lot next to my horse paddock all afternoon, so I had no desire to work with my horses with them there.  Then suddenly, right when I was walking outside to put the horses in their stalls for the night and feed them, hoards of different vehicles showed up and more people and dogs piled out.  They all stood around next to my horse paddock and barn yelling and laughing for about an hour while it got dark outside.

I did not want to go out there so that they could all point and stare at me, and my poor horses were so hungry for their dinner that they were whinnying for me.  The one thing my annoying neighbors have been good about not doing is having parties, but it seems they are on a roll doing that now.  There must be some special occasion, because they had one party Friday night, one Saturday morning, and one more Saturday night.  This is getting to be ridiculous.  If they could invite the people into their house and party there, I wouldn't mind so much, but they all stand outside next to my yard.  They may as well be having a party in my round pen -- they are so close.

I looked out the window and saw Bombay trying to open the round pen gate.  It is double-locked.  He knows how to trip the first lock with his lips, but it would be impossible for a horse to open the second lock, which is basically a curb chain wrapped around the posts and connected to itself.  I noticed that the partiers were watching him trying to get in there.  About 45 minutes later I walked outside to find the curb chain on the ground, the gate to the round pen open, and the horses inside.  Either Bombay is a genius horse that has grown thumbs, or one of the partiers jumped the fence to let the horses into the round pen.

Fortunately, my husband removed all of his tools from the round pen just hours before.  The horses would have been stepping on nails and chewing up some valuable stuff.

It appears as if my annoying neighbors brought home some kind of race car.  If I have to listen to that man revving the engine of a race car, I'm calling the police.  Enough is enough.  It's almost as if these people are intentionally trying to get increasingly obnoxious.  It's hard to believe that a couple in their 80's can be so lively.  They behave like they are in their 20's, and many of these people who have been coming to their parties are in their 30's.  I can't figure out why they even want to hang out with those weirdos. 

My dogs are so freaked out that they keep running for the door barking every time they hear voices or vehicles near our property.  It is now officially impossible to get even a moment of peace, quiet or privacy in our home thanks to these low class jerks next door.

I've been collecting information on their activities and have seen some disturbing patterns.  I'll post about that after I've had a few more days to confirm that these things are not coincidences.

Between feeling ill the majority of the time, completely losing my freedom and comfort on my own property, and more problems settling my mother's estate, I've hit an all-time low emotionally.  I sold my mother's house, but I can't access any of that money until her debts are paid off, which should be next spring.  I was counting on receiving life insurance or annuity money to help us through this financial crisis with me being out of work, my mother passing away, me adopting a disabled brother, and having two kids in college all within a matter of months, and I hired a financial adviser back in April to handle all the paperwork and processing so that we could maximize the money and not lose it to Uncle Sam. 

Well, here we are in October and I'm suddenly receiving all these letters from insurance and finance companies informing me that they cannot honor my claims for one reason or another.  It appears that this financial adviser I hired has been sleeping on the job.  She keeps making mistakes that are costing me both time and money.  So, now I am getting depressed feeling like there's no hope.  We're back to square one, filling in the same paperwork we submitted back in April.  I really feel like someone is out to get me, because every time I get a glimmer of salvation, it is instantly swept away by some fluke.  I wish I could snap my fingers and make these persistent problems go away, but it looks like hell is here to stay.


Mikey said...

I'm so sorry it's like this in your life. I know if I was in that place, I would run screaming.

fernvalley01 said...

Just sending you a huge hug , and prayers for some glimmer of hope in your future

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The tone of this post certainly portrays someone who is at the end of their rope....too bad you can't use that rope as a noose to hang your annoying neighbors and your lazy financial adviser.
I bet it would feel very satisfying.

Your crazy neighbors must think that Columbus Day weekend is bigger than Memorial Day weekend in regards to partying.
Interesting about the wood stove. I wonder if your neighbors are bidding on storage facility auctions and then bringing everything back to their house to sell each item individually?

I wish I could fly up there and go
with you to Lake Tahoe to letterbox together. We would have so much fun!



TnTConnect said...

Sorry to hear all your troubles. I know it is hard, but things will get better. It is the pits getting all those reject letters when you know the claims are real.

Leah Fry said...

So sorry you are having to go through all this. Hope you are able to get it settled with or without the slacker financial adviser.

achieve1dream said...

I'm sorry things are so crappy for you. I wish I could do something to help. Maybe throwing dog poop on their porch would make you feel better? :)