Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Aftermath

The aftermath of our 12-hour windstorm was not 1 to 3 inches of snowfall as predicted, but a quiet, sunny day.  Unfortunately, I'll be spending my weekend cleaning up the mess left behind.  This is the gate the my clients have to walk through to get to the photography studio...

View from the other side...

You can't just grab those tumbleweeds with your bare hands and move them.  It's even not wise to touch them with gloved hands.  Only a long-handled rake will do, but then we have to find a place to put them where they won't blow right back into the path of the gate.  This happens every year.  We can mow them or take them to the dump, but there are always plenty more where these came from on my neighbors' lot across the road. 

Somehow every fallen leaf from every one of our trees ended up blocking the rest of the path to the photography studio.  I spend an hour before each client arrives sweeping these paths.  I can't wait until fall is over, but then I have to start sprinkling salt to melt the ice on the path.  Only when spring gets here will I get some rest.

More tumbleweeds piled up by the horse's gate.  Yay.

When my husband chopped down this locust tree, I was so happy to not have to be sweeping those little gold leaves off the walkway and driveway anymore.

But there are still plenty of trees that haven't shed all of their leaves yet, despite 90 MPH wind gusts.

At this point, naked trees look pretty sexy to me.


fernvalley01 said...

that was one heck of a storm!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

All the reasons you mentioned are why I just don't like Fall. I loved Fall when we lived back east, but Fall isn't pretty or easy in the high desert.
What is very weird for us this Fall is our lack of winds. We usually get them in early October and they stick around until late Spring, April or May. The weather reports were calling for a High Wind Advisory last night and today with winds up to 60mph, but the highest we've gotten is maybe up to 25mph. I also thought we'd get more snow this Fall, but all we've had is a couple flurries so far.
It seems that everything you all get up there, just sweeps across the top of New Mexico and bypasses us here in the Central and Southern parts.

They say this is because it is another El Nina year which will keeps us in the lower desert states in a drought with mild winter weather, while everyone in the northern states will get more severe weather.


ps....I did something crazy today.....I adopted another dog! Oy!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

why do leaves always end up at the sidewalk of the door? I sure hope we don't get more snow!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

OMG! On this evening's local news they showed a picture of a guy in Reno whose house and car were literally buried in tumbleweeds. They said all of this neighbors pitched in to help clear a path and get rid of them. How nice of them! All of my tumbleweeds are caused my my neighbors not taking theirs to the dump or burning them. They just pile them up on their properties and let the wind blow them into mine. They, of course, would never offer to help me clean them up. My husband tried mowing them down, but they broke our lawn mower, so now we have one more expense we didn't need thanks to the neighbors.

achieve1dream said...

What a mess!! I hope you were careful with those tumbleweeds. I never realized what a problem those were. Of course I never knew they had thorns either. Good luck!!