Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Almost Caught a Trespasser

Tuesday morning I was frantically trying to get all the leaves raked up, the poop scooped up, and the carpets vacuumed before my photo shoot.  I was scrubbing out the dog bowl I provide to my models, when I saw a shadow moving around on my driveway.  It looked like someone was trying to get in through my RV lane gate, which I knew I had padlocked the night before.

After purchasing $300 in stall shavings, I told my husband I was going to leave them in the horse trailer instead of stacking them on pallets on our RV lane, because I didn't want to tempt thieves.  So, here we were, not even 20 hours after we bought the shavings, and someone was already trying to break into my gate.  I ran outside to catch the thief and was startled to run into a horse!

The annoying neighbors are boarding horses for the winter again, and someone left the gate open, so there were horses running all over the neighborhood, up and down streets, galloping across lawns, jumping fences, etc.  I went to grab some halters, but had locked my tack room door for the ride to pick up shavings, because the latch is weak and the door will fly open while I'm driving down the road.  By the time I found the keys, some other neighbors had already rounded up the horses and driven them back to their paddock.

This has to be the at least the tenth time over the past few years that these people have had their horses escape.  You'd think they'd learn their lesson by now.  I think part of the problem is that they invite so many strangers over to their house every day, letting many of them live there or vacation there, and it is those people who forget to latch or lock the gates.

I find it ironic that I can't go outside to do anything without someone coming out of that house to watch me, but when their horses are tearing up the neighborhood, causing all the other horses in the neighborhood to be neighing and all the dogs to be barking, not one single inhabitant of that house came outside.  They hid.  They didn't want to take responsibility for unleashing havoc.  Thank God they don't own exotic animals like tigers, because we'd really be in trouble.

So, the horses are safe, but once again I lost precious time that I should have been devoting to my business dealing with a problem that was caused by my annoying neighbors.  I keep thinking, "When will it ever end?"  It just seems that each problem these people create gets worse and worse.  One of these days they're not going to get so lucky and one of these animals they are responsible for will get hit by a car and killed.  However, since they continue to let their dog and horses run loose, it leaves me to believe that they simply don't care.  I overheard one of the neighbors chewing out the horse boarders afterwards.  I hope she made an impact on them.


fernvalley01 said...

A bit of info that may or may not help. In Alberta if horse are loose and an injury MVA or death is caused as a result the owner of the livesrtock , particularly if they can be proved negligent or have hasd a history of stock at large can be charged with a criminal offense (in the case of a death ) manslaughter. Maybe this information would make your nieghbors more diligent if it is the case in your state

Anonymous said...

What fernvalley said applies in many locations, so reporting loose snimals is a good idea. Death or injury to the driver/passengers in the car is a great liabilty.

My neighbor made a habit of turning her horses loose to forage when she fell on hard times (after my dog put a stop to her stealing our hay). I reported them each time and soon she was no longer allowed to keep them at home.

Once Upon an Equine said...

We've had a similar 4-legged trespasser show up at our house...twice. I was so relieved that the horse chose to come our direction instead of trying to cross a busy road near his house. It's always very scary when horses get loose. I'm glad all of you good neighbors rallied to get them back to safety. And sorry that your other neighbors are still being such a nuisance.

achieve1dream said...

She'll care when she gets in trouble with the law! If I'm not mistaken when a horse gets hit by a car if the person driving is injured or killed the horse owner is held responsible, for the human's life, the horse's life and damage to the vehicle. Maybe they need to be reminded of the law. I don't know if it's that way up there, but it is here. Good luck!

samihob said...

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baystatebrumby said...

Oy vey, I sure wouldn't want your neighbor to be in charge of boarding my horse! She could get hurt running free like that! Your neighbors are always taking the cake!!! Too bad they can't take a pill that would make them less ridiculous!!

Dreaming said...

Thanks for the chuckle! I can just imagine your surprise when you discovered the intruder was a horse!
I had to help catch a few runaways last month. At least the farm owner was out there right away trying to catch the horses, which belonged to boarders.