Monday, November 7, 2011

Manic Monday

I managed to get ahead of schedule with my NaNoWriMo word count between all the novel writing I did on Sunday and Monday.  I had no plans to go anywhere or do anything today except write, but at the same time I knew it was impossible, because things always have to come up to throw me off track. 

The first interruption of the day was when my dogs went off on one of their barking binges.  I had to go outside to investigate, and sure enough, my annoying neighbors had cut their dog loose to run around the neighborhood again.  I grabbed a leash and tried to catch the dog, but it just kept running away from me and barking.  It kept a good 20-feet between me and it.  There was nothing I could do except chase it back to its house again.  More time lost thanks to inconsiderate neighbors.  They know their dog gets all the other dogs in the neighborhood barking by trespassing, and they just don't care.  I wonder if I can have the police write them up for disturbing the peace since there aren't any leash laws?

I knew I was really in trouble when my business phone started ringing around noon.  A client wanted to change the location of her photo shoot, which means I'll need to invest another hour or two into her project packing my equipment and traveling.  I had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday scheduled so tight with activities that I really didn't have much time to spare, but I agreed to what the customer wanted.

Toward mid-afternoon I knew I had to take a break from writing to clean stalls, scoop up dog poop, clean up all the neighbors' garbage and tumbleweeds that blew into our yard, and vacuum the photography studio for tomorrow morning's photo shoot.  However, I made the mistake of checking my email first. 

A shipment of pine stall shavings had come in and the co-op leader wanted everyone to pick up their orders that afternoon so that the truck driver could pick up an empty trailer the next day.  I called my husband to ask if he could help when he got home from work, and then I ran outside to hook up the truck and horse trailer.  I ran back inside to throw on some make-up.  I was good about remembering to bring my gloves, but before I could get them on, my husband and the co-op leader were tossing bales at me to stack.

I turned into the trailer holding a bale and smashed my hand between the trailer divider and the bale.  It hurt so much that I lost the use of that hand and had to stack the bales using one hand and two arms.  I looked down and realized that I had managed to take a chunk out of the back of my hand and was bleeding all over the cuff of my sweatshirt.  Eventually the pain subsided and feeling came back, so I did regain the use of the hand, but I sure hit a major nerve, because the pain extended from my fingertips to my elbow.

Of course, while we were driving to pick up the shavings, my business phone rang again and I couldn't answer.  Nevada passed a law that it's illegal to talk on a mobile phone or text while driving.  I listened to the message when I got home, expecting it to be the usual type of call, which is from people trying to sell me something.  This time I was touched to find out that it was the animal rescue group offering me free advertising for my business in their newsletter.  I thanked them profusely.  It truly amazes me when people go out of their way to do me a favor when I never asked them for anything.

Since it is getting darker earlier and 18 miserable degrees outside, I had to skip cleaning up the manure and dog poop, but I did manage to get the blankets on the horses and feed them.  You should have seen them galloping around like nuts when we returned with the horse trailer.  I think they thought I was bringing home a new horse. (God forbid.)   I'll have to get to the other chores in the morning.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

New Mexico has that same law, but it's still legal to use a speaker phone or hand's free device/microphone, which is what many commuters here do.

I'm sorry you injured your hand. I hope it heals quickly.

Oh. It snowed here tonight....brrr!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...


Yes, we can use hands-free devices too. I haven't bothered to look into them. It's just one more thing to do. I figure that by the time I dug through my purse to find my phone and looked at the phone to see which three buttons I have to push before I can get speakerphone, I'll have caused an accident anyway. I think it's just better to text/call later, unless you have a setup where you only need to push one button or can voice-activate answering a call.

Katharine Swan said...

Well, for someone who suffered through so many distractions, you sure had a productive weekend! I saw you hit 14k -- congratulations! That's awesome!

achieve1dream said...

Awww they thought you were bringing home a new brother or sister lol. Too adorable!

Sorry about your hand. It never fails in November we all get hand injuries lol. I hope it's not affecting your typing. Congrats on getting caught up on your word count. I'm still feeling completely uninspired this year, but I think it's because I have a head cold. Hopefully when I feel better I'll be able to write more.