Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Post

Here is a post just because I know I've been neglecting my blog. I also knew I was due to provide pictures for your entertainment, so I ushered my dogs into the photography studio for a quick portrait session.

I have them well trained.

When I work with the shelter animals, I have a lady who assists me. She helps pick out props and costumes, trains the dogs to sit, and directs their attention for various poses. I wasn't feeling well at this week's photo shoot, and she seemed to get annoyed with me. She made some kind of comment like, "You're not doing any work. You're just pushing a button."


I probably was sitting on my butt more than usual, however my mind is always working on the next scene I want to compose, and I'm making adjustments on the camera, and I spend a good six to eight hours after the photo shoot turning the digital images into art with Photoshop.  So there!

We have another winter storm on the way, so all of my annoying neighbors' friends who live up at the lake have been bringing their trucks and trailers and boats down the mountain and stockpiling them in my neighbor's yard next to my horse paddock again. I guess they think that since the snow pack is less in the valley, their vehicles will less likely rust.

They are still letting their dog have the run of the neighborhood and I have been trying to catch it to tie a note or a baggy of its lawn deposits to its collar, but the dog keeps trying to attack me. It knows I have bad intentions. So, now I'm trying a new tactic of filming it taking a dump on my lawn. The lady who assists me with my photo shoots stepped in one of my neighbor's dog piles and tracked it into my photography studio. Not her fault at all. I just can't keep up with all the crap now that I have to clean up after the neighbors' dogs and horses as well as my own. 

Next thing I know the neighbors themselves will start taking dumps on my property.  It brings a whole new meaning to the term "squatter".

The lady who walks her horse is still leaving piles of manure in the road. So far I tried to give her a hint by cleaning it up myself, but she seems oblivious, so I guess I'll have to ask her outright to clean up after her horse since she's walking it and now riding it on my property without my permission. I don't want to be too much of a beeotch, because she's my good neighbor's friend and my good neighbor always lets me ride on her property. But I'm also considerate enough to clean up after my horses.

Other than that, there's no news. I'm still working on my novel and settling the estate. Same old, same old.


Mikey said...

Those two are so cute! Love those pics :) Some good dogs there :)
Wondered where you were. Figured you were writing like crazy, like I'm trying to do.

fernvalley01 said...

Love the pics! Nice to hear from you

Crystal said...

Better be careful someone might want to adopt those adorable dogs ;)

Cheryl Ann said...

Cute photos! I missed you...

achieve1dream said...

Gorgeous pictures!

For the lady walking her horse just politely ask her, "Would you mind cleaning up when your horse poops on my property?" She may not even realize she's being rude. In my ares it's not customary to clean up after them . . . . no one does. Not sure why, but just give her the benefit of the doubt.

You do way more than the other girl realizes so just ignore her snippy comments. She may have been having a bad day too.

Good luck on your novel!

Anonymous said...

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