Monday, November 28, 2011

Truck Search

My husband and I toured auto dealership row in the city on Sunday just to sit in different trucks and discuss their various specifications and packages with salespeople.  I wasn't up for taking any test drives because traffic was insane with so many tourists returning home after the holidays.  Here were my impressions:

The Dodge Rams had comfy seats, were easy to climb into, had the best combination of horsepower and torque with the Hemi engine, and were the most affordable.  I just didn't care for any of the color choices they had.

The Ford dealership had apparently sold the majority of their trucks on Black Friday, so there was slim pickins.  They tried to sell me a top-of-the-line F150 Lariat with heated and cooled leather seats, backup camera, Bluetooth connection for your mobile phone so that you don't have to deal with OnStar, a whole lot of computerized functions that include how the truck handles when it is hauling a horse trailer, and just about anything you can imagine.

It had more gadgets than my husband's Cadillac and because it was a 2011 model, they were offering it for $7,000 off the MSRP price.  I actually didn't like the leather seats as much as the cloth seats in the Dodge Ram, but I loved that little rear end video I could see in the rear view mirror.  I also loved that it had a fold out step to get up into the bed of the truck.  I keep straining my ankles when I jump out of the bed of my current truck.  It was the only truck I looked at that came with running boards and was fully set up with a trailer package.

However, it's horsepower, torque, and hauling capacity left a lot to be desired compared to the Dodge Ram, and those are my priorities.  It did have more power than my current 2001 F150 XLS, but I still felt that with the Fords, I would have to stray into diesel territory to get as much power as I needed.  The saleswoman keep dragging me over to used F250s that had as much mileage as my current truck, but she said I couldn't compare the two because a diesel truck can go for 300,000 miles.

We then looked at some Chevy and GMC trucks.  We liked them a lot, but they were $15,000 to $20,000 more than the Dodge Rams and they didn't even have all the bells and whistles that the Ford F150 Lariat had for a lower price.  We liked that they had a couple of long beds available, which were almost impossible to find on the Dodge lot or in the F150s.  I really struggled to climb into the Chevys and GMCs, because there were no interior handles on the driver's side.  All I could do was grab the steering wheel and jump, because none of them came with running boards and these trucks were considerably higher off the ground than others we sat in.  I felt as if I were mounting a horse.  Chevy's salespeople were the most laid back and enjoyable.  We felt comfortable perusing their inventory at our own pace.

The Ford dealership was a bit aggressive with each salesperson handing us off to the next salesperson as soon as we started to walk.  I think they ended up pushing four different people on us in an effort to get us to buy that day, even though we made it clear that we were just doing our research.  Also, their sexism wore me down, because I was buying this truck for me, my horses, and my photography business, yet all the salespeople kept directing their attention at my husband, who finally took off on his own so that I could ask the questions I needed without being brushed aside.  The Dodge dealership was respectable.  They did make us shake hands with a manager, but no one put pressure on us.  The salesman took down my contact info in case anything new came in that fit my needs.  Ford and Chevy offered to order whatever I wanted, but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger on anything just yet.

I think that overall the Dodge Rams fit my needs the most.  I realized that I'm having a hard time choosing a new truck, because it just doesn't feel the same as when I bought my current truck.  Basically, when I bought my current truck back in 2001, my husband and I had been rejecting truck after truck, and then our salesman took us to the back of the lot to look at two Crew Cabs that just came in, and this was back in the day when Crew Cabs were a new concept.  I took one look at that truck and instantly knew it was exactly what I wanted.  I had no doubts.  I didn't have to think about it.

I'm going to have a hard time letting go of my current truck because it has the most comfy, plush upholstery.  They just don't make upholstery like they used to.  I like to sink into some fluff.  Most of the car seats now-a-days are hard as a rock.  They aren't true bench seats, but they wrap around you like a captain's chair, which doesn't work well for fat people or women with wide thighs that spill over the sides.  The cloth seats are like felt, attracting dog hair like crazy.  With leather seats, you risk having your dog's claws poke holes in them, but if you want to get the dog hair out, all you have to do is roll down the windows and drive.

I'm also going miss the sliding back window.  I used to sleep in the backseat of my truck with only that window open, because no one could climb through it and it didn't attract people's attention the way a side window being rolled down did, so I could nap in peace on my lunch breaks without coworkers walking up and talking to me through the window.  Also, if you've got a carload of teenagers and someone has gas, opening that back window is the fastest way to suck the smell out of the cab away from the driver.  ; )

Dodge did say that they are expecting a whole new shipment of vehicles to come in within the next couple of days, so they'll call me as soon as they do.  Since they discontinued the cobalt blue I like so much, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a bumble bee yellow.  I need something bright and unique to call attention to my truck and the sign advertising my business that will be on it.


Mikey said...

Girl, look online. We were very specific in our truck too, Wade had engine specs and this and that. We found ours up in St. George, UT online, bought it online. The people were FANTASTIC at getting me approved, all done over the phone or computer. THEN, they drove it down here for me!!! I think the charge was a couple hundred, but hey, I would have spent that in gas. PLUS, they took my old truck back with them. It was the best, easiest deal I ever did for a vehicle. Look online and see if you can find what you want at another dealership. I know Idaho was always a good place to buy trucks. Good luck!

Dreaming said...

Searching for a car or truck sucks! It is exhausting and makes my head hurt from all of the details. My hubby likes the challenge. When we bought our current truck he did most of the preliminary legwork (but, it is his truck, after all) and ended up playing one dealership off of another and we got a super deal.
We do have the backup camera and LOVE it! It makes hitching a dream. We ended up with a Toyota. It has served our needs quite nicely.
Good luck! I hope you find the perfect truck at the perfect price in short order!

fernvalley01 said...

Funny I always tell myself I wont turn a vehicle down based on color. When I bought my ford escape that said they had one in blue and one in brown. I was thinking Please ! tell me it is not that neon jelly bean blue!!!! (it wasn't ) newest vehicle I have a rav 4 in a very pretty red(which I asked for as they had plenty and i was buying new. Truck we pull the trailer with is a soft grea and we had the trailer when we bought it painted rto match

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I do not envy you having to shop for a pickup. Thank goodness I won't have to do that again for (hopefully) a long time.

Anonymous said...

we went on car max and said the exact car we wanted and they found it, we are in florida and the car was in calif. they shipped it to fla. and we have the car we wanted at a reasonable price. we live in a farming area that most people drive trucks and pull stock trailers, the farmers are moving from there usual trucks and leaning toward toyota saying they last long with the rough treatment they give a farm truck. good luck on the hunt.

Tammy said...

I am going to be shopping for trucks next year. Ram is my first choice. I'd have to have a minimum a 1500 megacab but probably will end up going 3/4 ton. I have a 2 horse aluminum gooseneck with weekender. It's a fine line... Great tips about shopping online and may pick some of your brains when I start to look.

I currently have a 1 ton diesel. Don't need a 1 ton for the trailer I have now and I absolutely HATE paying a $1 a gallon more for diesel fuel. That is ridiculous and I won't go diesel ever again until the price is right once again. When we bought our diesel in 2000, it wasn't much over a $1 a gallon then. What a rip off it is now!

achieve1dream said...

Truck shopping is a pain, but it's exciting too! I hope they had the perfect truck for you in the next shipment. :D