Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All We Want for Christmas is Quiet

The horses have been getting their fill of loud noises this past week and they are almost dead to the world.  The annoying neighbors have been allowing a man who I call Brutus (because he looks like the Brutus character from the Popeye cartoons) to come by every afternoon around 4:00 PM to work on his jeep engine, which is as loud as a jet engine, of course.

He parks it right up against the fence to my horse paddock and proceeds to rev the engine repeatedly for at least an hour straight.  Between 4:00 and 5:00 PM is right when I need to clean stalls, put the horses in them, feed them, and blanket them.  I just love bending underneath the belly of a horse to grab a belly or leg strap only to have Brutus fire up his engine at that very moment.

Lately he has been bringing a woman with him, and the two of them spend hours standing over the engine admiring it while it idles.  Tonight he gunned the dang thing as hard as he could, spewing black smoke all over the neighborhood and choking me, only to have the engine gurgle and die.  "I can't believe I forgot to put gas in it!" he yelled. 

Really?  I can.  Especially since the guy seems to have a problem seeing past the nose on his own face.  It obviously never occurred to him that he's disrupting the peace night after night with what he is doing.

Tonight the woman stood in the front yard next door and watched my every move as I did my chores in my back yard.  I contemplated asking her if it is truly necessary to leave the god awful engine running the entire time they are standing around socializing or staring at me.  The only thing I hate more than being stared at on my private property is being stared at while a jet engine is blasting out all the sounds of nature and robbing me of my oxygen.

Brutus actually has two jeeps, one pick up truck, one boat, three trailers, and two classic cars waiting to be restored on my neighbors' lot.  He drives off in one jeep, only to return a few minutes later, fires up the engine on the other jeep, lets it idle for an hour shaking our house, drives off, returns a few minutes later, and on and on it goes.  He's been shaking our house off and on for two hours now.  All I can do is hope that his karma comes back to bite him the way it did when the nosy lady crashed into a fallen branch while staring at me instead of watching where she was driving.  When Brutus does finally drive off, he speeds and kicks up rocks and dust all over our property.  It's only a matter of time before he hits someone or something.

Also, our handyman has started our project on transforming my spa room into a photography studio, so he was busy sawing our fiberglass spa into little pieces today -- one more noise for the horses to get used to.  They've been handling the bombardment of noises pretty well.  They do insist on facing the source of the noise and observing, but I'm not seeing as much spooking and stampeding as I have in the past.

The entire family is home for the holidays, and everyone is sick.  My son went to the doctor yesterday and was put on some heavy duty antibiotics.  I told my husband he should see the doctor too, but he insisted it was just allergies.  Now he's got a fever, so I was right.  He should have seen a doctor.  My daughter and I are faring better, but getting hit with symptoms here and there.


achieve1dream said...

I'll be back to catch up soon I promise!! Just wanted to drop by and respond to your comment about Chrome pulling the tire. It never even crossed my mind how I would get the tire loose if he panicked lol. Oops. I think I had it tied far enough back that if he had panicked I could have just circled him with the lead rope and stopped him. That's why I was leading him instead of ground driving (we will get to that eventually). :) I actually expected him to do well with it because he is so laid back and accepting of new things, but actually he surpassed even that in my biased opinion. I'm very proud of him. Thank you for your comment. I'll rig up a way that I can release the tire next time just in case something bad does happen. Thanks for the reminder to always have safety first!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I bet the horses finally have realized it takes too much energy to spook at so many noises that you have around there. With winter here, they need to conserve their energy instead.

I thought your spa room had already been transformed into a photography room?

I hope everyone there feels better by Christmas.


lytha said...

Oh dear. As annoying as all these laws in Germany are, it is illegal to let a car idle unless you're at a red light. The police would be showing up and telling Brutus to turn it off.

I tried to let my car idle one morning while I scraped ice, to let theheater help me, and I was told to turn it off.

Mikey said...

Oh yay, we're all going to be sick for Christmas :) Joy. We're doing the same thing here, all of us sick, I'm driving us girls to the dr today. Wade refuses to go, I'm sure he'll be a mess by the end of the week.
At least your horses are desensitized to all kinds of mayhem. I can't wait for you to move and find some peace and quiet.

fernvalley01 said...

Wishing you a quiet, peaceful and healthy Christmas my friend!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - I've been using my spa room as a photography studio, but it has been a liability, because the animals keep jumping onto the spa cover and falling into the spa. So, now we are removing the spa, filling in the hole with decking, filling in the skylight holes in the ceiling, and rewiring the lighting system so that I can actually have spotlights in my studio that are brighter than the mood lighting that has been in there.

Lytha - Yay for Germany! I suppose if their cars are made well enough, no one should need to idle them on cold mornings. Maybe it's their way of punishing you for owning a Japanese car. ;)

Mikey - I hope everyone gets the right medicine and gets well soon.

fernvalley01 - Thank you for the good tidings. Back at ya.

achieve1dream said...

Ha, you sound like me telling someone to see a doctor and them waiting until they feel like they are dying to go. Ugh! I hope he finally went, got the medicine he needed and is feeling better. :)

I guess the horses are finally getting desensitized to the noise. That's a good thing at least.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the studio when you get it all set up. :)