Friday, December 30, 2011

Drying Out

The freshly stained deck is drying out. We had one old bucket of semi-solid redwood that was too light to cover the older, darker stained part of the deck, and a couple of old buckets of semi-transparent cedar stain that wouldn't bring the old and the new parts of the deck together seamlessly either, so I just told the handyman to go to the store and pick up some new solid stain that was anything but black. He chose a solid natural cedar, which casts an orange glow around, so I'll have to see how it affects the photography. I can always lay down a neutral gray floor rug.  He did a really clean, flawless job with the staining.  I usually get stuck with that chore and have to stain on multiple layers over several days because I keep missing spots.

The skylights have been filled in and the new lights installed. It looks good in the pictures, but if you stand below and look up, the new patch is a completely different texture from the old ceiling.  It still looks a lot better than it did with those holes in the ceiling.

Once the stain dries, we'll put all the furniture back and probably even have more room for other props. I'd like to find a used loveseat that looks luxurious -- the kind you can lay a Persian cat on and feel the wealth.

I got tired of trying to see through oily, dirty windshields, so I washed all of our cars.  Guess what happened?  Come on.  This is me... NuzMuz, the Queen of Murphy's Law. 

No, it didn't rain.

I got all done rinsing, soaping, wiping, rinsing each vehicle, and before I could dry them off...

Come on.  You can finish the sentence.

...a huge dust devil came roaring up the street, completely enveloping all of our freshly washed, wet vehicles, and they ended up looking worse than they did when I started.  Sigh.  Why do I bother?

Oh yeah, and while I was washing the vehicles, I heard a siren behind me and turned around to see an unmarked car with blue and red lights flashing on the dashboard at the end of my driveway.  Just then one of my neighbor's boarders came down the street in her truck and he stopped her to talk to her.  She drove off, and the driver of the unmarked car drove past and waved.  He went to my good neighbors' house and knocked on all the doors.  He was wearing a green uniform with a badge and a gun.  When he found no one home, he left.

I wonder what that was all about.  I'm guessing he was a prison guard, though I don't know if they have dashboard lights they can use.  I know one of these neighbors works for a juvenile detention camp, so maybe it was just business.  I sure hope there aren't any escaped convicts on the loose.


Mikey said...

Of course a dust devil came though, lol.
That's very strange, the guy in uniform. Wonder what that was.
Your studio looks much better! You'll have it in order in no time.

fernvalley01 said...

Usually I get rain or something , a dsut daevil would really make a mess.Glad the staining went well, I never do my own painting anymore, (costs to much to fix my mess)

achieve1dream said...

That sucks!! Did you rinse the vehicles off before the dust dried? I hope it came back off. Not as good as when you first washed them though. Is there any way to defeat Murphy's Law???? :D