Monday, December 12, 2011

Instant Karma

Yes, that's a saddle on Bombay. The sun spent most of the day behind a light cloud layer, so I knew I could ride without it blasting me in the eyes. Also, I had the energy to ride, because I stopped taking my blood pressure medication in the morning. I realized that at some point in time, I lost some weight and the blood pressure medication was putting me to sleep during the day. I was tired of always being in a vegetative state, and now that I've stopped taking it, I feel human again.

While I was tying the laces on my boots to get ready to ride, I somehow pulled a muscle in my hand. It felt like it was hung up on a bone. I thought, "This is the most ridiculous horse-related injury I've had yet. Could this be an omen? Maybe I shouldn't ride."

But I pushed past it and eventually the kink worked itself out so that I could lift a saddle. Lostine shocked me by volunteering to be ridden first, but once I got on her, she was a handful. Apparently, she had bloated her belly more than usual during the four times I tightened her cinch. As soon as I threw my leg over her back, she took off. I only had one foot in a stirrup and the saddle started sliding down her side. I halted her (not easily, I might add) and hopped off.

Once the cinch was tightened, I got back on, and called her a bad name when she refused to stand still for me to get my foot in the other stirrup. I have to use my riding crop to turn the stirrup in order to get a toe in it. Time for some oil and broomstick treatment.

Lostine basically spent the next hour doing everything she could think of to try to get me off her back. The more she misbehaved, the more I rode her, and only when she obeyed me did I praise her and end our ride so that she could eat her lunch. We did a lot of walk and whoa, trot and whoa, as you can imagine.

Bombay was an angel. Gabbrielle was a turd, but I straightened her out pretty quick. Mares don't seem to do well in cold weather. Kind of like me.

My tack room door is permanently in this position...

...because the mechanism that kept it open broke when high winds blew the door open.

So, where does instant karma come into all of this? Well, right after I had finished up working the last horse, I was standing in the paddock surrounded by my fan club because I had just handed out treats, when I became aware that my nosy neighbor was slowly backing her car up and watching me at the same time.

This is what I don't get. This lady and her husband have lived in this house for five years, their driveway is about half an acre wide and long, yet they act like backing up and getting out of it is a huge ordeal. Whenever I'm in my yard they will literally back up going one mile per hour and turning so that they are facing me. Then they stop and stare at me for a really long time, then back up some more, then stop and stare, then back up some more...

Well, you may remember that several weeks ago one of their live-in guests trimmed a huge branch off their tree and just left it lying there. It was a branch with many smaller branches coming off of it. It was as wide as the trunks of some trees. When it fell, it almost hit my neighbor and the guy yelled, "LOOK OUT!" Of course, I had just put my horses in their stalls, and they freaked out over the commotion, trying to kick down the stall walls.

So, today my nosy neighbor was slowly backing up and apparently so enthralled with watching me in my yard that she wasn't watching where she was going and CRASH! The horses spun and galloped off, narrowly missing me, I screamed out my usual expletive -- the one I use every time my annoying neighbors do something stupid to cause my horses to stampede, and the woman's car came to a stop on top of this fallen tree branch. I glared at her, and she just sat there not knowing what to do. I shook my head and went in the house, all shaken up from my near-death experience, and when I looked out again, she was still trying to get her car untangled.

Instant karma. I'd like to say I hope she learned her lesson, but I seriously doubt it. The moral of the story is... always watch where you are driving instead of gawking at your neighbor.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I would have stood there staring at her and laughing. What an idiot.

Good for you getting out there to ride and work all 3 of your horses.

No riding here. Our weather is just nasty. Another storm just rolled in with heavy wet snow. We're expecting another foot of the white stuff. Have I mentioned just how much I really dislike winter?


fernvalley01 said...

good for you for getting a ride in, and on all three! yay! as for the neighbor, too funny!

Swamp Dog said...

If you have an inkling of what time your neighbor will be backing out of her drive, take a stool or bucket down close to her drive and just sit there and stare. It will really freak them out, and they certainly will leave you alone, they might even move. HAHA

Linda said...

I lived with a broken trailer door arm for over three years. I'd carry a broom handle with me every where I went and prop the door open. This spring it slammed shut on me so many times I got sick of it and hopped in there and yanked the arm off, read the part number, got on the internet and ordered a new one. It was about 30 bucks and just clicked right back in the socket. It was like a miracle from heaven to me. I still marvel at it every time I prop the door open without the broom.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog but the new back ground makes it very hard for me to read, it is a little dark but then I am an older lady so my eyes aren't what they used to be. keep posting i plan to keep reading, you are so real and the pics are good.

Mikey said...

I love when that happens :) If you give people enough rope, they'll hang themselves (myself included in that one, I've looked stupid a time or 3)
Glad you got some work done with the horses. Always makes a person feel better :)

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

A-hahahahahaha.....That is too funny! Karma can be a bitch. ;-)

Crystal said...

Awesome about the neighbor, haha, too bad it caused the horses to freak out though.

achieve1dream said...

Hahahahaha that's hilarious!! I don't like to laugh at other people's misfortune, but that was so overdue in happening lol. I hope she learned a lesson too, but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm glad you were able to get out and ride. I bet that helped a lot to lift your mood. :) I'm also glad you figured out the problem with your blood pressure medicine and got it straightened out.