Thursday, December 15, 2011

Odd Sightings

The other day when my son and I were driving through the city, a man in a Santa Claus suit crossed the street in front of us leading a donkey that was laden with pots and pans like a 49er's sidekick.  What was so odd about this sighting was that it happened right at one of the busiest intersections in a highly populated city.

Then the other morning I was walking past my dining area window when I spotted a wild peacock strutting across my neighbor's front yard.  I grabbed my camera, but it disappeared.  We've heard the voices of wild peacocks off in the distance for many years, but they've never come this far south before.  They sound like crying or screaming children.

On yet another day, I walked out to the barn and noticed our local flock of quail in a tizzy.  Then I realized that a hawk was attacking them.  I admit that those quail sure do look fat and juicy, so I don't blame the hawk for wanting some for dinner.  My presence scared the hawk away, so I don't think he ever got his snack.

Today was a much better day after the previous days I posted about.  I baked some cookies for my son, and then we counted and rolled coins together.  Our family always tosses our change into a pickle jar, and then after a few years, we count and roll all the change and take it to the bank.  Whoever does the most work in counting and rolling gets the cash.  So, my son earned about $150 today.

Also, the animal welfare group that I've been doing pro-Bono photo sessions for invited me to one of their meetings.  I was planning on joining their group in the spring once all the work is done in settling my mother's estate.  I just didn't want to join now, because it is impossible for me to keep a schedule.  I don't want to commit to being places or to handle responsibilities only to have to cancel or drop the ball and inconvenience everyone. 

Anyway, at the meeting they presented me with a plaque making me an honorary member of their non-profit organization and thanking me for contributing my time and talent to helping present homeless pets in a flattering light.  They also gave me a T-shirt and a $100 gift certificate to a very classy Italian restaurant.  I was planning on taking my husband there this Sunday for our anniversary, so it was a nice surprise to find that the group covered our bill.  We'll probably have to bring our son along too, because I can't imagine just the two of us running up a bill that high.  It was very generous of them. 

I sat through the rest of the meeting and listened to what they would like to do to increase adoptions and how they would plan fundraisers to cover the cost.  I'll probably just turn around and donate that $100 back to them so that they can make pet adoptions more affordable.

The generosity of this group really amazes me.  Every week they donate a bag full of props for me to use in my photography studio.  My assistant is constantly buying stuff for the studio, and I've asked her to stop, but she says she does it for the animals.  She bought me a really expensive backdrop for Christmas.  I need to come up with some idea for a gift to buy her to thank her for all her donations and hard work.  Any ideas?


fernvalley01 said...

the oddest thing I have seen is a trailer with a helicopter on it right here in bugtussle Alberta!
Our neighbors have peacocks , and that is the most annoying sound!

Cheryl Ann said...

How nice! I hope you and your family enjoy your well-deserved dinner! That was very thoughtful of the rescue! :-)

sue said...

isn't it grand to you that someone does see the good work that you do. I know we do these things "because" but it's nice to know that it is "seen".. about the volunteer, I think the VISA gift cards are always nice, they can be used for anything and you can get almost any amount. She wouldn't be expecting it either, so you wouldn't have to do any huge amount... and then if she chose to donate it back to the shelter, she could.... so glad things are coming around, even if it's in small amounts....

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I'm glad it was a better day yesterday. How nice to get the gift certificate! Maybe you wouldn't have to use it all at one visit?

Cut-N-Jump said...

Sound slike a wonderful event and how thoughtful of them to present you with the gift certificate. Maybe a photo album of the pets she has helped you photograph? That way she can look through and see all the little faces of the pets she has helped.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's so awesome that the animal rescue recognized all that you've been doing as a volunteer. What a generous way to thank and honor you!


achieve1dream said...

If she has a pet you can offer to take some pictures of them for a gift for her. :)

That's so awesome that they recognized you and gave you the gift card. I hope you had an awesome dinner. :)