Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reuniting with Nature

I didn't want a long recovery from this illness, so as soon as my lungs and sinuses started clearing up, I asked the kids to go on an afternoon hike with me.  We brought the dogs along and hiked the motorcycle trails in the Pine Nut Mountains since the hills are rolling and they wouldn't put as much stress on my lungs as my usual Eastern Sierra trails do.  I brought my new wide-angle lens on my Nikon and took pictures.  This is an adjustable lens that can widen and shorten in frame, so when I wanted close ups instead of landscapes, all I had to do was turn the ring.

The air was filled with the pop popping of guns and we found several shell casings along the trail.  At one point we walked to the edge of a cliff and noticed some men standing around a pickup truck down below.  There was a big bang and we jumped back, thinking we were being shot at, but it turned out that they were setting off firecrackers, which is illegal in Nevada.  Doing that in dry brush is unforgivable.  Once they saw us, they stopped.

It was nice to get out of the house and have a warm enough day to take a hike without having to bundle up in coats and gloves.  The dogs were so happy to get out too.  I think it's good for the kids to get out into the brush after spending four months living at a concrete university.

I've been thinking about new year's resolutions, but have become a bit jaded since the best laid plans always get thwarted.  I'm keeping my expectations for 2012 very low.  In order to make resolutions, I'd have to assume that I'll have some kind of normalcy and can regain control over my schedule.  There is so much that should have been taken care of or completed in 2011, and I'm still waiting for others to do their part, so thanks to other people, the settling of my mother's estate is dragging out way longer than I wanted.

It's been a hard year with my mother's death, and now my in-laws are having serious health problems.  Between that and the fact that we are planning on moving out of state in 2012, I expect nothing will come easy.  Maybe I can rest in 2013.  I want to take my time in choosing a new home, because wherever we move is where we will spend the rest of our lives, so it has to be perfect.  I don't want to compromise anymore.  I don't want to give anyone the opportunity to move into my space and destroy my lifestyle with their actions.  If I have to be around people, I want to be around people who share my values for peace, quiet, and respect of nature.  I want to ride my horses around other horseback riders and hikers, without gunshots, firecrackers and motorized vehicles popping and roaring all around me.

Hopefully, my dreams can come true just over the next horizon.


fernvalley01 said...

WIshing for you a peaceful home soon into the new year

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Love these pics of your kids walking the dirt trails, NM. How awesome to have them home with you all week. I get sad just thinking about my sons going off to college. I'll miss them so much, my heart will probably break.

I'm looking forward to move, even if it will be challenging, because then we'll practically be neighbors!

Here's to peace, joy and a wonderful 2012 for you and your family!


Leah Fry said...

I hope 2012 brings you your heart's desires, but especially peace and freedom.

achieve1dream said...

Sorry things have been so difficult. I hope 2012 is full of only good things for you. So I take it your husband finally agreed to a move? I'm so excited that it's finally a possibility!!