Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scrappy the Ferocious Guard Dog

Holy cow!  I just noticed that the last post I did was #1,200 and that's not even counting all the posts I've deleted over the years, which must be in the hundreds.  I think we need to create a chart that increases our ranks as bloggers based upon how many posts we write...

1 to 49 posts = Newbie Blogger
50 to 99 posts = Noteworthy Blogger
100 to 499 posts = Impressive Blogger
500 to 999 posts = Professional Blogger
1000 to 1499 posts = Veteran Blogger
1500 to 1999 posts = Diehard Blogger
2000+ posts = Get a Life (Just kidding)

Whenever someone comes to our house, I have to either lock the dogs up in a back room or put them out in the back yard, because they go absolutely nuts if someone knocks on the door, rings the doorbell or walks into the house. So, when the handyman first came by to give me his estimate half an hour early, I wasn't ready for him and the dogs began barking and throwing themselves against the front door.

I couldn't open the front door or they would run out and attack the handyman, so I had to go out the back door and run around the side of the house to talk to him. I asked him to wait outside while I locked up the dogs, and he said not to worry about it, because dogs like him. No, I said, you need to wait out here until my dogs are locked up, because they will attack you.

So, now that he's working on our home repair projects on a daily basis, the dogs have gotten used to his noises. However, he made the mistake of walking into the main part of our house before we could lock up the dogs, and Scrappy charged him, jumped up on his leg and bit his jeans. I ran over and pulled Scrappy off of him and made him sit.

All I did was gently hold him down, but the dog acted like I was beating him. He cried and whimpered and rolled on his side. Now I know how his previous owner treated him. I probably should have reminded the handyman not to come into the main part of the house until I have the dogs under control.

I wonder what would happen in a case like that where I warned someone that my dogs would attack him if he came into the house, and say he walked in unannounced, got seriously bit and sued me. Would my rights be protected because I told him not to come into the house? He obviously needs to come in to communicate with us, but I've been checking on him every now and then to see if he needs anything, and I can't keep the dogs locked up for several days straight while the handyman is around.

I'm sure at some point they'll get used to him, but it is bothersome that Scrappy bites visitors.  His teeth are so dull that I doubt he could break anyone's skin.  He usually just bites their clothing.  It's difficult to train a dog to behave when visitors come into the house without having strangers ringing the doorbell and walking in again and again like they do on the dog training TV shows.  I don't know of anyone who would give up their time to ring the doorbell and walk into the house repeatedly for several hours just to help me train my dog, and I'm sure at some point we'd have to swap out the stranger with a fresh stranger, because the dogs learn that each stranger is a friend.


Cheryl Ann said...

I was feeding the ducks at the city's park and one bit me constantly. Can I sue the city? He scared me!

Dreaming said...

I love your chart and rating scale. I laughed at the "Get a Life". There are days I feel like that!
Our dog goes nuts with stuff like that, too.

Mikey said...

Love the blogger rating, lol. That's perfect!
I love Scrappy. He's a good guard dog!

fernvalley01 said...

love the scale. As for retraining Scrappy at this age??? I think you would need Ceaser not sure us mere mortals could get ti done

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Perhaps you could ask any visitors to offer your dogs a treat when they enter the house....not just any treat either, something like bacon or a piece of canned chicken. I remember watching an episode of the Dog Whisperer where Cesar had visitors to a hair salon who kept a little bulldog, do this when they came in for a hair treatment. It did seem to work.

Great Blogging Scale. It looks like I'm finally a Veteran blogger now that I've been blogging for over 5 years and have 1,306 posts. lol!


sue said...

I am a dog trainer (with over 30 years of experience) and all I can say.. being warned or not... a dog bite can fall into a grey area...I have had clients win and loose in similiar situations... I even had one client loose (big time) because she had posted a "beware of dog sign" to warm people about her dogs.. and the sharp lawyer that they went up against "won" because he said that when she posted the sign, she was admitting that her dogs were dangerous... sadly in this "sue happy world" you just can't be too careful.....

achieve1dream said...

Hehe I love the blog rating scale. :D Congrats on reaching veteran status. :)

I've heard the same thing about beware of dog signs. It's like admitting the dog will bite before it does. Doesn't make any sense to me but I think the stupid people outnumber the smart people these days unfortunately. I like the idea of having the strangers give him a treat. Or you could convert your front door into a dutch door lol. I've always wanted a dutch door. :D