Friday, December 9, 2011

The Short of It

Spent all of Thursday night wiping a virus off my laptop and changing the passwords to all my accounts
Woke up Friday morning
Ate breakfast
Fed dogs
Answered emails
Took shower
Unblanketed, released and fed horses
Started laundry
Rinsed dirty dishes and put in dishwasher
Made bed
Paid a bill and put in mailbox
Phone rang -- contractor asked if we were still on for our appointment
Dryer buzzed at me so I had to cycle laundry
Phone rang -- contractor was lost and needed directions to house
Met with contractor to get estimate on job, but contractor said he needed the weekend to research and would get estimate to me next week
Started collecting serial numbers and values for business insurance
Phone rang -- some charity asking for my mother
Tried to return to collecting serial numbers, etc.
Dryer started buzzing repeatedly at me, so I had to cycle laundry
Tried to return to collecting serial numbers, etc.
Husband walked in door 4 hours early from work complaining of ingrown toenail
Husband wanted help finding something to soak foot in
Found barf bucket for husband's foot with the help of a flashlight and long stick
Forwarded spreadsheets to insurance agent
Suddenly glanced at clock and saw I was an hour and a half late in feeding horses their lunch
Fed horses and noticed water trough was empty
Started filling trough
Moved truck back to its parking spot now that no more visitors need to park there
Closed off driveway
Remembered to get mail
Opened and read mail -- threw majority in trash
Remembered to go to bathroom
Checked Facebook and saw that I had two invitations to events I don't have time to attend, one of which is tomorrow
Somewhere in here dogs were asking to be let out and in for the umpteenth time
Got hungry, set two pieces of bread on a paper towel and pulled out a can of tuna
Dryer buzzed at me, so I had to cycle laundry
Started hanging clothes in closet
Suddenly remembered that the hose had been running in the water trough for the past hour
Ran outside and waded through flood to turn off hose
Returned to hanging laundry
Remembered to use bathroom
Walked past kitchen and saw two slices of bread sitting on paper towel
They were now dry and stale, so I toasted them and spread tuna on them
Ate lunch around 2:00 PM
Listened to husband tell stories -- by now ingrown toenail had morphed into a migraine headache
I realized that I never actually started dishwasher
Began wondering if the old company I used to work for was still in business and researched it on the Internet
Began wondering if the company that offered me the job that I turned down was still in business and researched that on the Internet
Found a job advertisement for a breeding and foaling manager at a 135-acre Friesian horse breeding farm and dressage training facility
Fantasized about it and then reminded myself that I've never bred a horse before
Phone rang and no one was on the other end
Phone rang again and this time it was the truck salesman giving me instructions on how to get my tow package
I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to call the other handyman to tell him if he got the job or not -- I told him I wouldn't know until next week when all the estimates and bids came in
Handyman begged me for the job and made me write down half a dozen references I knew I'd never have the time to call
Handyman asked if he is scaring me off because he talks too much -- his wife says he talks too much
I politely say no, even though the truth is a resounding yes
I'm too busy to deal with non-stop talkers, so I don't want him in my house for five days talking my ear off
Realized I still had laundry to put away, but before I could deal with that I noticed that the clock said 4:00 PM -- time to feed the dogs their dinner
Realized that I must clean stalls right after that, because otherwise half a dozen cars will start driving behind my barn around 5:00 PM and people will stand in the neighbors' yard staring at me
Sun started setting
Cleaned manure out of paddock
Cleaned manure out of stalls
Teased Lostine by pretending that I was jumping up on her back and then followed her around with my arm around her neck while she tried to get away from me
Chased Bombay out of Gabbrielle's stall before he could mess it up after I cleaned it
Wished I could ride a horse really fast while the neighbors were gone, but knew that by the time I got my boots and helmet on, as well as got a horse tacked up, the neighbors would be home
Decided to chase the horses around with a lunge whip to exercise them all at once before it got dark
Had a grand old time trying to out-smart the buggers under a nearly full moon
Chased them around the back of the barn only to have them spin in terror and stampede straight at me
I dove out of harm's way and looked up to see that my annoying neighbor was driving up the road behind the barn shining her headlights on us and that's what spooked them
Annoying neighbor stopped behind my barn because her loose dog was blocking her path
Kid got out of car and led dog back to house
I knew our fun had ended, so I put horses away in their stalls, fed and blanketed them
Put away more laundry
Wrestled with Scrappy on the floor while he pretended to bite me
Cooked and ate a really gross dinner
Fed most of it to the dogs
Realized that I never RSVPed to the Facebook invitations
Realized that I forgot to wash the towels and bed linens
Did a little research on writing, publishing and marketing
Brushed my teeth and immediately felt hungry
Had a snack
Brushed teeth again
Sat on couch feeling frustrated because another day passed without me being able to:
1.  Exercise on home gym equipment
2.  Work on my novel
3.  Work on my quilts
4.  Do anything to further my photography business
Popped some pills so I could relax and eventually sleep


fernvalley01 said...

Head was spinning reading this , until I read the part about the brreding facility "Fantasized about it and then reminded myself that I've never bred a horse before " I love you sense of humor!
Heres hoping tomorrow is a better day

Reddunappy said...

You forgot walking into the other room for something and forgeting what the hell is was! LOL LOL LOL

(I couldnt remember all that LOL)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

All I can say is, WOW!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Reddunappy - Oh yeah,I definitely walked to many rooms and forgot why I was going in there. You can add half a dozen of those into this list. It's funny that I forgot to write about that... or maybe not. Ha ha! I also remember searching for my glasses while they were propped up on my head.

Dreaming said...

Great post! Yup, busy, busy...interruptions....unfinished projects...things undone. Tough life!

strivingforsavvy said...

I'm exhausted!!

Linda said...

I'm sorry you had a gross dinner. lol. And is there ever time to exercise for any of us? I gave up on that one a long time ago!

achieve1dream said...

Yikes!! You have way too much to do in one day. I wish I could come up there just to help so you could ride your sweet horses.

Sucks when dinner turns out gross. Had that happen recently lol. I've done the teeth brushing thing too before. I hope things calm down for you!

Also, thank you for the sweet comment on Chrome's blog. I agree that all of the daily work I do with Chrome has created a strong bond of trust between us. He has never offered to kick (well one time a while ago he picked up a hoof and it brushed my leg, but he didn't kick out) so I wasn't too worried about that. I also know his body language really well and could tell he was fine with the medicating. He's put up with so much handling 'back there' since he got gelded. He's such an angel. I was very pleased with how he walked out too. It's like once the panic passed he thought it over, stepped forward, let me remove the halter and walked right off. I love this horse!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you documenting your day. Maybe somehow it might help you figure out how to delete or move things around so you can accomplish the things you really want to...or find time to relax. Because that is what I want to do after reading this post.


ps I'm impressed with how you turned your stale bread into toast. Shows what a good problem solver you are. I probably would have just given it to my chickens instead. lol!