Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Follow Up

Sometimes I write blog posts and forget to mention their resolutions.  My blogger friend achieve1dream is really generous in commenting on almost every post I write when she gets time to read them, so sometimes she makes a comment on an old post and that reminds me that I never followed up on the subject. 

I'm like a rubber bouncy ball, only staying in one space or mind-set for a short period until I hit the floor or a wall and jettison off somewhere else.  Usually, before I can even solve one problem, I'm faced with the next one, which is why the same problems keep coming back to haunt me, and the same comments show up on my blog posts, and then I think, "Oh yeah, I was going to try that.  Why didn't I ever do that?" 

It's usually because a more pressing problem came my way or the other problem went away on its own, only to come back later.  In my post titled Weird Morning, I talked about how I was scared because when I walked into my house my back door was open and the dogs were inside.  I looked around for an intruder, but found no one.  Since then, I have witnessed Scrappy opening the back door by himself.  It turns out that sometimes when I close it, it doesn't latch all the way, so I've trained myself to lock it each time I close it, unless I actually do want the dogs to let themselves in. 

The creeper who had been living with my neighbors and leaving calling cards on my property at night has long since disappeared.  There is definitely a correlation between his presence next door and the calling cards.  When he goes back to wherever he came from, the activity stops.  So, I need to keep an eye out for him, and either set up a new kind of trap or contact the police early on in one of his visits in anticipation that he'll start up his usual routine of looking in my windows at night.  Also, he's definitely more aggressive in his night stalking when my daughter is home.  He seems to always show up next door when he expects her to be home for the holidays and over summer, only she sometimes does not come home for the summer, and her schedule will be completely different from now on, so he will be hard-pressed to second guess her movements.

Some people have been wondering what brand I chose for a new coat based on comments in my post, Come Register On The Coat Brag Book.  Well, I started researching the various recommendations and then told my husband about my coat situation.  He insisted that I had to be willing to pay $400 or more if I want a really good coat.  Then he started reminiscing about his favorite coat, which he got in Minnesota 30 years ago and had given to our son.  However, our son doesn't need it when he is in Arizona, so he left it here.  My husband encouraged me to wear it while I'm cleaning stalls, and I came back indoors in a sweat.  Usually, I come indoors shivering, angry because everything fell out of the pockets, and struggling to get the coat off, because the zipper is stuck.  No problems with my husband's coat.  I've even been wearing it indoors at night.  It's better than a Snuggie or a blanket.  So, I found my solution right under my nose.  It's one of these coats that has a brand that has since gone out of business.

In The Home Search, I talked about my struggles with finding homes for sale that haven't already been ruined by bad neighbors.  My new blogger friend Cut-N-Jump has been filling me in on her experiences living in Arizona and recommended some real estate agents to me.  I got really excited when she told me that one of the real estate agents is the wife of her hay supplier!  I picked that agent and called her yesterday.  I need to get those connections happening now before I get to AZ and find myself high and dry without hay. 

Anyway, she returned my call while I was out in the Pinenut Mountains walking an unruly hound dog from the shelter.  I was out of breath, because this dog was pulling me in all directions while I was trying to talk on my mobile phone.  It turned out that the real estate agent was out of state and out for a walk herself.  Neither of us was in a position to write down any information, so we decided that she would text her email address to me, and when I got home, I could email her my information.  I immediately clicked with this lady and she said a number of things that made me feel comfortable having her as an agent.  She thinks like I do.

When we hung up, I realized that this hound dog was standing in front of me with its front paws on my shoulders, panting in my face, and trying to get me to keep walking.  I was so engrossed in the conversation that I totally forgot about the dog.  What a character!  When I got back to the shelter and put him away in his kennel, the animal control officer gave me a funny look and said, "You know, NuzMuz, you're picking all the difficult dogs."

I scheduled a preliminary time in February to fly out to Arizona and have the agent give me a tour of the various equestrian neighborhoods around Phoenix, and show me some homes.  So, I'm making progress and feeling good about it.


Ms Martyr said...

I like my realtor also. It doesn't hurt that he's a friend of my husband's. He understands our situation and doesn't pressure us. Usually he waits to hear from me about homes I've located on the Internet. He agrees that they all look good there, but sometimes are quite different when seen in person. I'm not willing to settle but will hold out for my ideal. I don't have to move, just want to.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Awesome! I'm glad you and Joan hit it off. She is a really nice woman and her husband is a great guy too. They are easy to deal with and know their stuff.

How funny that you are taking all the challenging cases at teh shelter. A lot of times they are just completely misunderstood.

Crystal said...

Glad you founda coat that works, and moving ahead in the house search, how exciting.

Dreaming said...

I think that finding your husband's coat to be perfect is a hoot. You are right, sometimes things are right there and we just have to adopt a different mindset.
I'm glad you found a realtor. The ones we have worked with have been wonderful. I think that is one thing the downturn has done - realtors had to step up to the line and really do their job, or they wouldn't make money!
Check with her about whether they have access to software that she can use to funnel properties with your requirements to create a list of possibles.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Dreaming - Yup. She's already starting the process of sending me lists of properties that fit my requirements. I have access to the MLS database myself, but it doesn't contain all the criteria I'd like to search against, so I always have to sift and sort to some extent.

Mikey said...

Awesome! You're coming out, like, in a couple weeks! I hope you're planning to attend the Arabian Show. Maybe we can all meet up with Paint Girl, if she can stand still for 5 minutes, lol. I think I will take Mercy again this year.
Excited for you!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds great!


achieve1dream said...

Aww thanks for the mention. I'm glad my lateness has it's uses hehe.

That's really creepy about the stalker guy trying to track your daughters times at home. When he comes back and you call the police I would be sure to mention that! The stalking of someone's children will usually get their attention lol. Good luck!

That's the most excellent solution ever on the jacket! I love those kind lol. I doubt your son will be getting it back though hehe.

I'm so excited about the real estate agent. She sounds great. I can't wait to read all about your trip to AZ. And I really hope you get to go to the Arab show with the others. Pictures please!