Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just What The Doctor Ordered

I came home after a photo shoot to find Lostine lying on the ground. When I approached her, she stood up and then stretched her front legs out in front of her and her back legs out in back, so I knew she was colicking. I started my usual process of administering ProBios and Bute. (I know Banamine is better for colic, but our vets out here rarely hand that out.) I walked her around the neighborhood, massaged and groomed her, and then fed her bran mash and beet pulp. She was snatching at everything on the side of the road that she could get her mouth on, so I knew she wasn't too bad off. I walked her again around the neighborhood before bedtime just to make sure she was back to her normal self.

She was. The first time I walked her when she was in the most pain, she just plodded along side me wherever I went. Then when I walked her in the same places this evening, she spooked at several things. Yup. She's back to normal. After a colic episode is pretty much the only time I'm happy to see my horses spook.

The other horses were pestering me to take them for walks too, so I did. Gabbrielle was grumpy and kept getting ahead of me. I think she was annoyed because she wanted me to let her graze on the grass like I let Lostine. Bombay and I had a blast walking behind the barn and then running away to try to ditch the girls. Gabbrielle always chases us when we do that. I was impressed with Bombay's effort to stay at my shoulder no matter what speed I went. He's such a good boy.

I got a new light for Gabbrielle's stall, because there have been a few times lately when I got home after dark and had a hard time seeing where her blanket straps were hanging. I found a larger stick-on Sylvania LED light at The Home Depot.

It casts light all the way over to her other stall wall, which is brighter than the smaller Sylvania LED lights I've used in the past.

You can see the hoof marks on Bombay's stall wall from the time he got cast against it and panicked because there were some deer behind the barn.

It was nice to spend a little bonding time with the horses, even if it was just leading them around. I was able to stop my chores long enough to enjoy our spring-like sunset.


fernvalley01 said...

Glad Lostine came out of it well. amd that you enjoyed some pleasant time with the horses

Dreaming said...

How scary to come home to find a colicky horse. I'm glad you were able to deal with it in such short order. I think it's cute that the other horses wanted a walk too... I bet they wouldn't have been as thrilled t have ProBios and Bute... oh, but that bran mash!! Yum!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's fun to see the inside of your stalls. It caused me to remember that I've actually been inside Bombay's stall. I should get some of those lights for my barn until we can get the electric fixed.

Gorgeous sunset photo! We had a pretty sunset tonight. It turned our snow (that hasn't melted in over 35 days!) a lovely shade of pink.


Laura said...

Glad Lostine came out of the colic ok. And even better that you got a few minutes with your horses...hope that trend continues!

strivingforsavvy said...

I am glad to hear she is better AND that you got special time with each of your horses :)

Sydney said...

Glad shes alright. Take it from me and the loss of my old girl Naigen. Sometimes they are in a terrible amount of pain and still eat. She was in shock and ate her last banana, apple and bit of hay before we euthanized her. Her gut was twisted and she still couldn't let that last morsel get away.

achieve1dream said...

Beautiful sunset!

I'm glad Lostine is okay and that you got to spend time with them. I know riding is more fun, but leading them is awesome too. :D Of course that's all I can do with Chrome hehe.