Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mr. Peeper's New Tactic

Hopefully, this is the last story about my neighbors' guests for a while.  I wish it would just snow just long enough to send them plowing their way back to California to get some warmth.  This morning the dogs across the highway were barking non-stop again.  These people own a whole pack of dogs, and it's really loud and disruptive when they get going.  They stay quiet as long as strangers don't encroach on their space, so every time that they bark, I know that someone is loitering between our houses.

I looked out the window and saw my annoying neighbors' guest, the Peeping Tom, jogging in place between my pasture and the mailboxes.  He seemed to be teasing those dogs on purpose, because he would not move from that location.  I opened the front door and screamed, "SHUT UP!" to let the man know that he was disturbing the peace by teasing this pack of dogs.  He ignored me and continued jogging in place, so I ran to my closet to grab some clothes to get dressed, so I could go out there and strangle the idiot.

I was getting dressed at the window to keep an eye on this guy, because he's stealthy and always manages to disappear as soon as I make up my mind that I'm going to confront him.  He came slow-jogging, kind of a cross between jogging in place and moving forward up my private road in front of my house.  He then very deliberately stopped in front of my window behind my trees and turned to look in my window while jogging in place.  I was pulling a shirt over my head, so he got an eyeful.  When he saw I was looking back at him, he casually turned back toward the road and moved on.

I realized that he was wearing earbuds and listening to music, which is why he didn't hear me yell shut up to the dogs.  He probably didn't even hear the dogs barking all that time he was jogging in front of them.  So, I let him go back to my neighbor's house.  Of course, he had to pause and jog in place behind my barn while my horses were still inside their stalls.  Bombay was so scared from the odd sound behind the wall, that I couldn't get him to back out of the stall window so that I could remove his blanket and let him outside.

I don't know if these neighbors and their guests are just totally oblivious to how disruptive and intrusive their behaviors are to the neighborhood, or if they know and they just don't care, or if they do this shit on purpose because they've made it their goal to terrorize me, all the dogs in the neighborhood and my horses.  I suspect this guy is going to make a habit out of these morning "jogs", so I'll be better prepared next time.  Of course, he had my neighbors' dog on a leash and was supposed to be walking it, but because he spent so much time jogging in place, the dog didn't get any exercise.  Why can't he jog down the street to the local public park like everyone else does?

Once again, the Peeping Tom pushed the envelope just enough to piss me off, but didn't do anything illegal, so calling the police would have been a waste of my time.


Mikey said...

so bizarre!

Whytefeather said...

Just found your blog. Was wondering if you could put any no trespassing signs especially on/around your yard, house, barn, coral areas if not just your whole property period.

Wouldn't hurt for the nosy neighbors to see you walk outside with a rifle or shotgun either. :) Some one walking around my property at night... that's asking to get shot at. Just my opinion etc, but I'm a bit of a hermit too and I seriously take exception to people trespassing on my property.

fernvalley01 said...

I sure hope Mr Creepy finds something else to do far far away , and soon!

Jeni said...

Even if you don't believe in guns, I'd get one and learn how to use it properly. Personal safety is a must. If these people are not so harmless the police wouldn't be there in time.

achieve1dream said...

What a loser!! I hope they go home soon too.