Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My New Profession

I'm a deer chaser now, by profession.  The deer have been coming around so often that the horses complain by kicking their stall walls, which triggers the dogs to run for the door barking because they've come to associate the horses kicking with deer being in our yard.  I let the dogs out to do their business, and they can sometimes chase off the deer, but usually the deer just stand there and stare at them.  More and more people around here are getting dogs, and so there is this chorus of dogs barking at 2:30 AM, which wakes a lot of people up, so I have to chase my dogs back into the house to get them to stop barking once they've had their potty break.

However, even though the dogs were barking toward the west tonight, I didn't trust that all the deer were gone, so I grabbed a flashlight and headed out to the road behind the barn to the south, and sure enough, I flushed out a second herd of deer off my neighbor's lawn.  I suspect she left a gate open and they were probably feasting on her hay.  Fortunately the deer can't or won't jump my 5-foot chain-link to get to my hay, but by walking behind the barn they scare my horses.  As you know, my horses have been panicking in their stalls over hearing and smelling deer for many years now, so I doubt they are ever going to get used to them.  My neighbor's horses are not bothered by them, but their barn faces in a direction where they can see the deer coming.  My horses can't see anything.

So, I've just decided that since the horses and dogs wake me up each night when the deer come around, I may as well put on shoes and go outside to chase them off.  Maybe they'll eventually learn not to come back.  You wouldn't believe the amount of deer pellets I've had deposited on my lawn the past few weeks.  My husband thinks it will make good fertilizer, yet he won't let me fertilize the lawns with horse manure because he says it ruins the lawns.  The deer pellets don't break down quickly like the manure, though.  I really don't care about the lawn debate.  I just want my sleep.

We've lived in this house for 18 years and haven't had deer visitations until recent years, and the deer population is growing fast.  I guess the drought is flushing more and more of them out of the mountains into town to forage, because this is the worst year yet.  It's pretty watching them leap short fences without making a sound, and they are interesting animals to observe, but even I have to admit that they are starting to become a nuisance.  So, until they learn to stay away from the hay and lawns in my neighborhood, I'll be chasing them off.


achieve1dream said...

I'm slowly catching up on your posts lol. Just wanted to respond to your comment on Faran's saddling post. It doesn't surprise me that Gabrielle hates that woman. She sneaks around and that comes across as predatory. I hope when you move that you have really nice, quiet neighbors. :)

fernvalley01 said...

Been there,done that, they are a beautiful nusiance, but a NUSIANCE all the same .Glad at least they are not getting into your hay

achieve1dream said...

LOL Yeah deer are the ones things that make my horses gallop around like dorks hehe. I think it's because they never hear them come into the pasture and then when they run off it startles the horses. Makes for pretty pictures lol.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I wish we still had deer roaming around our neighborhood. Even though we're surrounded by National Forest and BLM Land, the deer don't come out of the forest into populated areas. I guess they get enough food there.