Friday, January 20, 2012

Reno Fire Update

I don't know how long this link will be available, but you can go here to see some amazing photos of the fire.  If you are patient while flipping through the gallery, you'll see pictures of horses being rescued.  An equine hospital and horse training facility and stables had to be evacuated.  All the horses got out safely there, but it was reported that at least one home owner lost a horse.  The last assessment was that 27 homes and 3,700 acres burned, over 4,000 people were evacuated and the fire is now 50% contained with more high winds on the way.  The power is out to a lot of homes, there is a water boiling advisory, and of course risk of flash flooding in the fire area once the next storm hits.  More than 800 homes were saved by firefighters!  That's incredible.  Those guys and gals are going to be sooooo tired.

This is not anywhere near where I live, but back in the day when the population here was sparse, we used to travel through this area every weekend, so I'm very familiar with it.  Also, my son has this great coach who is an Olympian who trains him up in Reno.  The fire burned right up to the parking lot of the high school where they train, but spared the buildings.  School is closed there today due to smoke damage.  I'm concerned that the place where I was considering trading in my horse trailer may have burned down, because that business was within the fire map.  I really like the father and son team that own the place.  You may remember me telling the story about the son answering all of my questions by inserting multiple cuss words into every sentence.  He's a riot and doesn't even mean to be.

Anyway, the main highway that people have to travel to get to and from work and home is shut down still, so people have to go way out of their way to get into Reno from the south.  They either have to drive through Virginia City or along Lake Tahoe, which is now covered in snow.  We have had no snow in the valley since November.  You can see how dry the landscape is in the photos in the link.


Crystal said...

My worst fear is fire. Of course where we live it would be a prarie fire cause there are no trees, but thats sometimes worse cause they can move so fast. Hope it never gets here like that.

Cheryl Ann said...

Incredible photos! Our mountains are very dry and a storm is heading our way with about an inch of rain expected and snow at 7,000 feet.

Dreaming said...

The photos are eerily beautiful. They are mesmerizing. I found I kept having to go on and see one more. Then another. Then another.
Several years ago I had the opportunity to talk to an equine ambulance driver. He is based in California, but goes all over the west to help with rescues. Helping to move horses out of fire evacuation zones is one of the services he provides for free. Whenever I see a fire like this I wonder if he is there.
Glad that you are not near this.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Any word on how the fire started?

I noticed in some of the pictures some of the houses had bushes right up next to them. This is a good reason why NOT to plant things too close to the house!

Hope things are under control soon and no more homes are lost

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. That's just crazy! Last summer we had fires all over New Mexico, but with all the moisture we've been getting this winter I'm thinking that we'll be pretty safe this summer. I hope.
We still have hard packed snow patches on the ground and lots of water and mud, too.


fernvalley01 said...

Couldn't look at the pics , but maybe later. Thank GOD for firefighters! a terrible and dangerous job wherever it is
word verf ,domfook . Kinda belongs on a post about your neighbors huh?

Mikey said...

I looked at all the pictures. So sad. But happy that they got some of those animals out of there. The loss of people's homes was terrible too. I was going to say, that's why you keep bushes and trees trimmed down, but then I saw one house with a circle of cement around it, and it still burned. So much for that...
I've been working 2 jobs the past few days, so I haven't caught up. I hope they've got it out by now

achieve1dream said...

So sad the homeowner lost a horse. So heartbreaking. I hope the fire was quickly contained and burned out.