Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Strange Lights and Calling Cards

After writing that last post I went outside with a flashlight to look around for the guy who's been trespassing on my property at night and leaving calling cards.  The dogs had been going outside repeatedly and barking toward the north.  It's very dark in our neighborhood, so someone could be standing 50-feet in front of me and I wouldn't see them.

I went out the front door and walked through the gate to my side yard, which is the place where he last left the half-eaten loaf of bread.  While shining my flashlight around toward the west and east, I noticed strange lights coming from the north.  I shut off my flashlight to make sure it wasn't me, and I saw what looked like another flashlight just beyond my horse pen to the north.  I ran up that way and of course that light got shut off on my approach.  I probably made too much noise.  I turned my flashlight back on and shined it all around, but couldn't find anyone.  I knew the guy was there, but he does such a good job of hiding and saying quiet.  So, I locked my gate and went inside the house and locked all the doors.

Then this morning I went out to feed the horses and stopped short to find a Jolly Bally sitting directly behind my wheelbarrow.  You may not think that is odd, but it made my hair stand on end.  You see, every time that I go outside and do anything with my horses, these neighbors and their guests watch me.  Anyone who knows my routine knows that I put the horses in their stalls first, and then I push the wheelbarrow full of hay through the gate and to the barn.  I feed the horses, put on their blankets, and then leave the wheelbarrow by the barn for breakfast in the morning. 

You can clearly see the one tire mark in the sand where I pushed the wheelbarrow.  That Jolly Ball could not have been sitting there last night, because there is no way I could have pushed it up over that ball.  That means someone came into my horse paddock during the night and placed the ball there.  The horses couldn't have done it because they were locked up in their stalls.  Plus, if they got out, all the hay would be gone.  My husband was asleep as soon as it got dark, and my son was in his room.  They didn't go outside.

This guy often does subtle things like that -- leaving behind calling cards to show me he was here.  One time he left an inverted pyramid of rocks on my RV lane.  Obviously, it's not natural for rocks to pile that way.   A human had to do it.  I questioned my husband and kids, and they said they didn't do it.  Then there's the half-eaten loaves of bread and cigarette butts when no one in my family smokes.  I almost wish the guy would do something clear-cut so I'd have a case.  He never steals anything or breaks into our house.  He just trespasses in such a stealthy manner that I can't catch him in the act, and then leaves behind something that defies the laws of physics just to mess with me. 

These incidents correlate with the young man who moves in next door and stays for a few weeks at a time.  When he's gone, the calling cards go away.  But I'm also suspicious of this other man who lives across the highway.  I've caught him coming up my road and playing with my horses several times.  When I come outside to confront him, he scurries back to his house but watches me over his shoulder the whole way.  There are just so many people who don't respect property lines around here that it's hard to tell who just can't resist my horses and who is a potential criminal threat. 


goodtimetoreview said...

I'm sure someone has suggested this, or maybe you've thought of this...but have you ever considered getting one of those trail cams? A friend of ours put one up in our shelter belt to catch pictures of any critters that might be wandering around. It caputures picturs day and night. Could be something worth looking into.
A private barn I once managed had trouble with people tresspassing, so the owner put up a sign saying that survalince cameras were being used to protect the property. Half of them were real and half were fake but it got the job done and there weren't any trespassers anymore.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I have both motion detectors and cameras set up, but the guy either keeps disabling them or the batteries die or they just don't work as they should, so they are useless. I spent a fortune on security and nothing has stopped him.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Just now the dogs across the highway were barking non-stop again. I went outside to investigate. My dogs were barking too, but I couldn't see anything. A short time later I did see some movement behind my trees, heard a car door slam and a different man -- the man who revs his engine for hours on end on my neighbor's property -- drove off hauling the jeep he's been working on.

Apparently, he had been parked on my property behind my trees for a while doing something. It's too bad he took the jeep away, because one of the things on my To Do List for tomorrow was to file a complaint with the county about the neighbors renting out parking spaces for junk vehicles on their property. I couldn't do it over the holiday, because all the county offices were closed. Maybe they've been reading my blog and knew they had to get it out of there before I filed my complaint.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Good lord...I read these last few posts and your neighbors are getting weirder and weirder. I'd be creeped out too thinking that people were snooping around my property after dark. (shudders)

Maybe you should have a pretend cell phone conversation so the neighbors can hear you telling someone else how much you LOVE your new gun. ;-) LOL

How long 'til you guys get to move?

None to soon I suspect!

goodtimetoreview said...

ugh! That sucks! I just moved and thankfully have no neighbours for at least a mile and a half. But the property was abanonded for a year so I am still worried about people stopping by and helping themselves to our stuff. I want to get a big Akita or another big guard dog that can protect the farm when we are gone as silly as that sounds.

Rockin Heart Jewelry and Vintage Finds said...

Okay very creepy! As creepy as a stalker!! Seriously, you need a big dog chained to your fences out there!! Like you said it's hard to prove anything.....until he does something really bad.
Thanks for the comment on colic. Loretta colicked AGAIN this a.m.! I'm thinking it might just be gas. She has been FINE. I am wetting down everything. She pooped this a.m. before her hay. She grazed a bit after then was fine in her pasture. Next thing, stamping, trotting around, irritated. Gave her a dose of Banamine, moved her to a corral. She pooped immediately (so no impaction?) then she was fine. She had a mash and I'm about to go give her another one, no hay until tomorrow a.m. if she's okay. I'm at my wit's end. Vet said maybe to check her teeth, do some bloodwork, try to determine if it's digestive. Grrr! Thanks for letting me vent. ;-) ~ Ranch Girl

rothcomilitary said...

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Vaquerogirl said...

Don't just say you have a new gun- go set up some cans in the yard and blast away at them one afternoon. Should the cops come, tell them you saw a snake...That would make any interloper think twice about setting foot where the cans got shot!
Stinkin gaslighters!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It just keeps getting worse around there. I just don't know how you stand it.
They remind of that TV show "Infestations". They're truly like a horrible pest infestation!

Too bad you can't just get a can of Raid and blast 'em all away!


Dreaming said...

Yeah, this one's pretty high on the creep meter!
It would give me the willies if I felt like someone was creeping around my yard.

Mikey said...

Yep, that's way creepy!! I don't like that one bit. I don't have any advice, really. You can't shoot him, I would assume he's unarmed. Call the cops, he'll be gone by the time they get there. Hmmm. MOVE, is all I can say. Until then, keep your doors locked.

achieve1dream said...

I have an idea!! Set a huge bear trap out where he walks and break his damn leg!! Just kidding. It just frustrates me to no end that people can be so rude, inconsiderate and creepy. How long ago did you buy your trail cameras? Can you exchange them on warranty? Maybe get them repaired? If you can just get a picture of this jerk you could get him in trouble for trespassing. My dad uses trail cameras for hunting and his work great. I'll have to ask him what kind he has. Also do they ever take pictures of anything? Maybe you need to move them (after dark so he can't see you). If he doesn't know where they've been moved to maybe he'll stay away.