Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm at a loss for a title for this post.  My To Do List has been pushing onto a second page of my college-ruled legal pad.  One item on that list was to clean out our refill all the water troughs in the barn.  I'd been meaning to do that for days, but one thing after another kept getting in the way.  So, when I went outside with the intention to clean those water troughs, I was determined to not allow myself to get distracted or blocked by anything.  That kind of determination always sets me up for failure.  It's like asking for some emergency to fall in my lap.

I was in the middle of filling troughs and cleaning stalls, trying to keep a close eye on the hose so that it didn't flip out of a trough and spoil all the sawdust pellets I had just paid $120 for and spread in the stalls to keep them dry.  Pine shavings have been completely worthless for me when it comes to keeping the stalls dry.  The only purpose they serve is bedding for the horses to lie on. 

It was quiet in the neighborhood and I began whistling happily, thinking that perhaps once I got done with my chores I might actually get to ride a horse.  Then I heard the telltale CLINK CLINK of my annoying neighbors' paddock gate.  I heard a horse whinny, followed by the sound of galloping hooves.  My annoying neighbors' horses had busted loose again and made a beeline for my horses at the fence.  They all touched noses, which drives me nuts because those horses they board are always sick.  These people are like a disease.  Everything they do and don't do affects me and my horses.  I'm sure they have no clue as to how much money and time their negligence has cost me over the years.

I thought, "I'd better get over there and shut their front gate before the horses get out onto the highway."

Before I could even set down my fork, they took off at a gallop out the front gate over to my friend's house.  Sigh. 

I looked over at their front door, waiting for them to come outside to take care of the problem.  I knew they had to know their horses got out, because I can't even come out of my house without them knowing and coming out to watch me.  When I didn't see any movement, I figured I was going to have to forfeit both finishing my chores and riding a horse in order to catch their horses.  They always have to find some way to ruin my plans.

If this were the first time their horses escaped, I wouldn't have been so annoyed, but this has been going on for years.  The man is a handyman who fixes up other people's houses, yet he can't fix the latch on his own paddock gate.  The level of neglect that goes on over at their place infuriates me.  They just open up the door and send their dog outside to have the run of the neighborhood when it needs to pee or take a walk.  They let trash pile up until their place is a health hazard.  They let their grand kids run around in the street.  The list goes on and on. 

I heard the roar of an engine and saw the man driving their car from the side of the house around to the front, and then he stopped at the end of his driveway and yelled at my friend for help.  I thought he was going to do the smart thing, which is to block the horses from getting further down the road with his car, but instead he blocked them from being able to get back onto his property.

My friend had to go get one of her own halters, catch one horse and hope that the other horse followed, because neither of the horse facility owners know how to halter and lead a horse.  They just watched while my friend did all the work.  She's always having to come to their rescue.  When a mother goat that they were boarding rejected her baby goat, it was my friend who went over there multiple times a day to bottle-feed the baby goat.  They wouldn't lift a finger to help it, even though it was their legal responsibility to do so. 

My friend gave me a look of disgust.  I don't know if she was disgusted with them for letting their horses get loose again or if she was disgusted with me for not helping.  Just a couple of days ago she was complaining to me about constantly having to stop what she's doing to catch their loose horses.  It was one of those situations where by the time I turned off my hose, grabbed a halter, unlocked my gate, went up my driveway and up the road, my friend would have had those horses corralled anyway.  I was right.  She got it done lickity-split. 

I did get my barn chores done, but didn't get to ride, because my horses got all riled up by the commotion and were galloping around whinnying.  I didn't have the time to catch one of them and settle it down in addition to having to tack up and ride.  I've learned that Mondays are the best days for me to try to ride now, because that is often the quietest day next door.  On Sundays, the annoying neighbors do leave for church, but then the horse boarders show up and start honking their horn at their horses as they drag the paddock.  (The property owners don't bother to clean up the manure, so they just make the boarders come by on Sundays to spread it around.)  Also, Brutus shows up on Sundays to rev his jeep engine.  Wednesdays through Saturdays, they always have visitors and babysit kids.  I don't know about Tuesdays, because I always have to work on Tuesdays.  So, when a Monday passes me by without me being able to work with my horses, I feel let down.  I know I have to wait another six days before I'll get another chance for quiet.


Mikey said...

I'll say it again, your neighbors are nuts!!
I hear ya though. I never get to ride anymore, there's always something to be done that gets in my way. I don't dare let junk pile up around here, that's my pet peeve.
I said today to Wade "the only thing I'm riding today is my broom". I think it scared him :)

fernvalley01 said...

I will just keep wishing and praying for you to find your dream property , peace quiet and a place where you can be happy

Shai said...

Would it be possible for you & your helpful neighbour to report the horses getting out to the local authorities? I know it takes time out of your day, but if you can gather up complaints against them maybe they'll be forced to either move or fix the things that are going wrong.

The one that bugs me the most it the peeping Tom, that's just disgusting & disturbing the way he leaves "presents" for you to find.

What are the ordinances in your area, are they allowed to have that much junk on their property? Do they have a license to board the horses? You have a right to peace & quiet.

achieve1dream said...

That sucks! I'm with Shai. When the horses get out can you call the authorities and let them catch and take the horses away? They need to go to someone who cares for them.

I hope you get to play with your horses next Monday.