Saturday, January 21, 2012

We Got Water

Well, I don't know if Reno got enough rain to put out its fire, but I got enough to flood my horse paddock...

It's a good thing that I didn't bother to vacuum and mop the floors yesterday, because I had to walk through all of that and track the mud in the house this morning.  When I came outside I found that either Bombay or the high winds knocked over the wheelbarrow filled with hay.  Here's a picture of my current hay supply that is supposed to last me until the first cutting of this year...

Because we've had freezing temperatures, just no moisture, every night and some days, I figured any precipitation we'd get would be in the form of snow, which just collects on the sides of the haystack and then falls off. However, this rainstorm soaked it pretty good, so I suspect I will be having to deal with a lot of moldy hay eventually.

I know it is better to leave it in the farmer's shed until you need it, but based on what my hay farmer told me, he wasn't going to make good on that second block I ordered last fall. He gave my alfalfa-grass mix away to another farmer down the road who needed to sell it to someone else, and who was willing to pay more than the price we agreed that I would pay, so I had to get mostly straight alfalfa. Based on the number of blocks that had "SOLD" spray painted on them, there wouldn't be much of anything left in a couple of months, so I had to grab what I could now.

My neighbors' garbage blew into my yard again. These are the same people who let their tumbleweed piles blow into my yard every year. I've talked to them about it, but they obviously don't care, because they've lived here for 16 years and still haven't made any effort to tie down their trash cans and burn their tumbleweeds before the winds pop up. A lot of people around here don't have fences specifically to let other people's trash and tumbleweeds blow right through their yard. Since I own dogs and horses, I need fences, and so all this junk sticks around on my property until my husband or I clean it up.

Last night a picture colored by my neighbors' grandson blew over to the front of my barn and freaked the horses out. I picked it up and stuck it in their windows and shook it at them, then asked each of them to come up and poke it with their noses. At first they were running in circles in their stalls with their tails curled up over their backs and snorting out warnings to the herd. I said, "For Pete's sake! It's a picture colored by a little boy!"

Eventually, they settled down enough to approach it and touch it, then I took it away and let them eat their dinner as a reward for their bravery. I'm leaving this plastic bag in the tree for a while to desensitize them to it. It's been a while since I've tied plastic bags to the fence posts. I don't mind things scaring them as long as they don't get so frightened that they break a leg, and I prefer not to be on their backs or in their line of escape when something spooks them.


fernvalley01 said...

if you can pull the stack apart a bit , maybe you can salvage some , looks like you have it up on pallets so hopefully the covered stuff will be ok, Never rains but it pours huh?

achieve1dream said...

Yay for the rain, but sucks for you hay. I like fernvalley01's suggestion. Hope it helped you.