Friday, January 6, 2012

Weird Morning

This morning I had a photo shoot bright and early, only the sun didn't come out bright and early to wake me up.  When I did awake, I was running late.  I saw a shadow move along my bathroom floor from the window, and it bothered me, but I didn't see anything outside.  I fed the dogs, then let them out into the back yard to do their business.  I went out a different door to feed the horses and looked around a little bit for any calling cards that Mr. Peeper might have left behind.

I didn't see any evidence of him visiting, and I've been locking my gate, so I thought perhaps he gave me a night off.  I went back in the house and was shocked to find Scrappy sitting inside at the door waiting for me.  Who let him in?  My kids are away at college and my husband was at work.  I was the only one home.  I almost didn't go inside the house, but then reminded myself that if there were a intruder in there, Scrappy would be attacking him.  After all, Scrappy did kill the handyman and bury him under the house.

Just kidding.  He bit the handyman several times when the guy barged in the house.  Sometimes we leave the back door open a crack and the dogs let themselves in, only this time I know I shut, latched and probably locked the door.  It's possible I forgot to lock it, but I know I latched it.  Perhaps the dogs have just gotten strong enough to push a latched door open now?

I went inside the house and found the back door open a crack.  I looked around the back yard.  No one was there, so I shut and locked the door.  Then I walked through every room in the house with a sharp object in my hand and looking in every potential hiding spot.  Nothing.  I reminded myself that the dogs would be barking if someone was in the house.  Then I glanced over at the door that leads to the garage, and it was unlocked.

My husband always locks all the doors before he goes to bed.  It's possible he needed to go into the garage this morning and forgot to lock it.  Also, he went to bed early last night and may have forgotten to check that door.  At any rate, I opened the garage door, switched on the light and looked all around.  Nothing.  Then I heard the dogs barking on the other side of the house.  I shut and locked the garage door and ran to find them barking at the back door, which was still locked, thank God.  If it was now unlocked after I know for sure that I locked it, I would have really freaked out.

I looked around outside and no one was there.  I had to get in the shower, because I was going to miss my photo shoot and I told the dogs to stay with me in the bathroom.  A short time later I heard them scurry off like they were running to investigate a noise.  I shut off the water and heard them barking on the other side of the house.  Again, they were barking at the back door, which was still locked, thank God.  I looked around and saw nothing, once again.

I'll tell you that with all the local businesses we have lost during this recession, the only new businesses that came into town and seem to be thriving are a gold and silver pawn shop and a gun pawn shop.  I'm starting to understand why the sale of guns is doing so well.  With all these unemployed people around, there's a lot of mischief, and people need to protect themselves.

When I returned from the photo shoot, my neighbor friend stopped by to talk to me.  We were standing out in the road getting caught up on the latest gossip, and Mr. Peeper came out of spy and eavesdrop on us from the trees.  He eventually got in his truck and drove past us with his window rolled down and stared really hard at me. 

The other day a young girl of about 12 showed up at the  house and is now living there too.  So, they have 4 adults and 1 child living in a tiny, run down house that couldn't have more than 1,000 sq. feet to it.  I'm sure they're driving each other crazy and that's why these people spend so much time on my property.  They also hauled in a bunch of bicycles and dining room tables, so it looks like this family is here to stay for a while.  Goodie.  I love having to get used to the annoying habits of new neighbors every few weeks.


fernvalley01 said...

How terribly unnerving! Keep Scrappy the wonder dog near at all times girl!

appydoesdressage said...

Yikes. I think signs that say "Intruders will be shot first and asked questions later" would be in order and then carry an unloaded shotgun around on your shoulder for a week or to make a point. That is scary.

Dreaming said...

How very strange. I agree! But, at least Scrappy was acting normal...are you sure he went out with you?

achieve1dream said...

Wow how creepy!! Do you think he really could have been in your house? Agreeing with the others maybe you should get a gun. I have several in my house because I used to be alone at nights a lot and it was the only thing that made me feel safe.