Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yesterday was amazingly productive, so I'm feeling better about the size of my To Do List.  The handyman worked really hard to get the job done in one day and to get it done right, so our kitchen molding is up and now our kitchen looks finished.

The job I gave him was nearly impossible in my eyes.  We had something like one and a half inch molding, and you couldn't attach it to both the cabinet and the ceiling, because the gaps were larger in some places than the molding was.  However, the next size up in molding was way too big, and would have interfered with the cabinet doors.  Both our walls and our ceilings are uneven and warped. so trying to blend the molding in to disguise that seemed like an impossible task.

We brainstormed for an hour over the different possibilities of how to handle the problem.  Each time we'd decide on an attack plan, he would think of some reason why it wouldn't work, and we've have to start from square one.  Since the molding was right on the edge of the cabinets, he couldn't nail it on, because the edge of wood would have split, so he came up with the idea of gluing the molding mainly to the ceiling, and to the cabinets in other places, and then applying wood putty into any gaps.  The end result was practically perfect.

While he spent 9 hours working on that, I managed to get two coats of the correct color paint onto the master bathroom trim.  Remember when I painted it previously with a can of paint called "Ultra Bright White" and it turned out to be yellow, the same color as the bathroom wall, because the store used Ultra Bright White to mix the yellow and did not label the can properly?  It was probably our responsibility to do that, but I do miss the good old days when customer service was alive and well, and paint stores properly labeled the paints for their customers.

We have a ton of leftover paint and stain cans in our garage, so instead of trying to play a guessing game, I just bought a quart of "Ultra Bright White" at the store and didn't let anyone touch it to turn it into a different color.

After painting, I made time to work on a quilt and read one of the books I recently downloaded to my Kindle.  I kept the dogs locked up in the bedroom to keep them out of the handyman's way.  He was going in and out a lot, and I didn't want the dogs running outside or biting him.  When he started using a drill and a nail gun, Midge got really scared and ran around our master bedroom, climbing on dressers, knocking down lamps, knocking over jewelry boxes, furniture, and other things.  I just don't get how some dogs can be so incredibly fearful and neurotic while other dogs are not bothered by anything.  I should have taken it as a bad sign when Midge hid from me when I went to go look at the litter of puppies.

Scrappy gets so mad at her for being obnoxious when she's scared, that he adds to the problem by growling at her and chasing her around to get her to stop whatever she's doing that is bad.  I ended up putting her outside where she couldn't hear the noises, and that did the trick, at least until she started barking because she wanted back in.

The handyman doesn't mind my dogs, but he did complain about the annoying neighbors' dog, which they sent over to my house to harass him.  He said the dog circled him and barked at him while he was trying to work.  He was trying to cut the correct angles for my molding, which takes a lot of math and concentration.  He said the dog also did its business on my lawn.  The neighbors were outside and aware of everything that was going on, but did not do anything to stop it.  I wish I hadn't been so busy and oblivious painting in the bathroom, because in a situation like that, I would have caught the dog, loaded it into my car right in front of my neighbors and driven it over to the animal shelter, where the neighbors would have to pay a fine to retrieve it.  That would make them think twice about letting their dog have the run of the neighborhood. 

So, I've got two more days without anyone in the house, which will allow me to work on my novel.  Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to do much with the horses with the howling wind outside.  We've got some hope for rain on the horizon, which we desperately need.  We've been having to hand water this winter.  One person we know made the mistake of turning on his sprinklers, and then during the night his pipes froze and burst. 

Oh yeah, the newspaper brought some good news.  Home sales in our area are at their 2006 levels, which means homes are now selling like hotcakes.  They are also selling at their lowest values, as low as they were in 2001, though.  That's not a problem for us, because this house has been in our family since 1994, so we would still make a profit.


Reddunappy said...

Feels good to get things done!!!

Dreaming said...

The trim looks really nice. Both the kitchen trim and your newly painted trim. I bet once the masking tape is removed it looks like a new house!
I'm glad the market is looking better. When we sold our SC home we had to sell it at a far lower value than it would have sold for before the 'crash', but we also owned that home for a long time, so we earned a nice profit.
Good luck!

fernvalley01 said...

Well done! sounds like you got a lot accomplished and it looks great!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's good news about the home sales, and that you're feeling a little better and not so overwhelmed. Being able to mark something off of your to-do list really helps, too.

I'm having similar problems with a neighbor allowing their dogs free run of the neighborhood, too. I keep telling them about it, but they do nothing. I've even showed them photos of their dogs on our property and harassing our animals. But they don't apologize or even acknowledge there is a problem and their dogs are still kept loose in the neighborhood.

I keep having to clean up dog poop and chase them away from our chickens and out of my horse, llama and goat paddock. It's very frustrating. I guess I could do what you suggest, but I hate being the bad guy. But when you keep on asking them to keep their dogs under control and they ignore you, what can you do?


achieve1dream said...

Beautiful cabinets!! They look fantastic. :D I'm glad you got the trim done too. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your days continue to be productive.