Sunday, February 12, 2012

Before the Storm

It seems that our nicest days are always the day before a storm is expected to move in. I took advantage of it by riding Bombay, who was killing me with his boredom. You know how people tease you by trying to block you from getting where you are going? Bombay does that to me while I'm walking around the horse paddock shoveling manure. He anticipates the next pile of poop I'm going to scoop and stands right on top of it with this mischievous look in his eye. He was obviously bored and in need of entertainment, so I slapped a saddle on him.

The new neighbor was revving his jeep engine the entire time I was riding, which was irritating me. Why do men do that? Do they really need to rev engines over and over while they are working under the hood? What are they listening for? Sometimes I think that revving an engine is the mating call of some men, or a way for them to pleasure themselves. I just find it to be a rude and annoying behavior. The off-roaders are taking over our neighborhood now. They see property with a horse riding arena or a lot filled with sagebrush and view it as a place for them to race their jeeps around.

The Calling-Card Creeper is back.  He showed up this weekend with his mail-order bride and a couple of vehicles without license plates.  He parked one of them right next to my fence, of course, but also backed it into a tree and left it there.  As soon as this storm moves in, the branches on that tree are going to start swinging in the wind and scratch up that pretty white paint.  I really have to question the intelligence of these neighbors.

Then there is this junk. For weeks trucks have been driving up and dropping off stuff that really belongs in a dump. See the condition of that barn roof? It's been like that for five years.

In this next picture you'll see a horse standing amongst all that junk. I just keep waiting for one of those horses to get injured on it. Of course, I don't want the horses to get hurt, but it's bound to happen. Animal Control is sick of me reporting problems that are going on next door, so I have to tread lightly with them and pick my battles.

I did finally get my reports out to the county regarding all the unlicensed businesses going on around me causing traffic and pollution. I don't know if anything will come of it or not. All I can do is try. I find that most people around here are self-centered, and as long as it's not a problem that is affecting them, they don't care. A part of me has resigned myself to knowing that my neighborhood has just become on huge pile of trash because the people moving in are a bunch of trash collectors, noise makers, and air polluters.

Look at this thing in the picture above.  I think it's some kind of Tiki lamp.  The neighbors had it delivered to their place.  It's clearly broken, so why do they need it?  I'm already nervous about them setting the neighborhood on fire because they leave containers of gasoline scattered around their property and allow people to smoke. 

I've been keeping everything locked up including my horse trailer, because I know it is only a matter of time before the Calling-Card Creeper starts sneaking around my place at night.  The last time he was here, he arranged some rocks on my RV lane into the shape of an arrow pointing at my horse trailer.  I don't know what the heck that was about. 

I'm being extra vigilant when I hear noises at night and when the dogs start barking.  I take the time to investigate everything, because I really want to catch this guy in action, so that I can have something for the police to go on.  Right now I just have the "calling cards" and my suspicions of who is leaving them.  Technically, DNA could be found on the cigarette butts, the half-eaten loaves of bread, and the half-drunk bottles of liquor I've found, but since no serious crime has been committed beyond trespassing, nobody is going to waste time and money on it. 

Years ago in another house I had a neighbor who was a Peeping Tom.  The police could never catch him in the act, and they told me not to worry about it, because if the guy had really bad intentions, he could easily act on them.  Since he just kept coming back to look in my windows, he was just "toying with me."  So, I already know that the police around here don't taking trespassing and an invasion of one's privacy seriously.  The only thing that really separates a nosy neighbor from a criminal is whether or not he breaks into the house.

Because I am so sensitive about my privacy and because I've had multiple experiences with Peepers, I've contemplated working with State Legislature to pass some kind of law to make trespassing a more serious crime.  Believe it or not, I'm starting to miss our usual winter snowstorms, because sometimes they are all we have to keep people out of trouble.  I think we need to start building prisons in the arctic regions and ship all the criminals off to there.   If they escape, we don't have to waste manpower searching for them.  We just let the polar bears get them.


Tammy said...

I think that tiki lamp looks like the heaters they use for outdoor or patio seating. Nice to have if it works; definitely junk if it isn't.

We have been getting nice weather before the storm, too. Still cold here right now. Hoping by next weekend it starts to improve again.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

If it is a working heater, then they should be using it on their porch or patio instead of just shoving it up against my fence and giving the horses one more thing to play with.

Dreaming said...

I'm glad you got out for a ride!
The other day I thought of you when I rode in the indoor across the street. I had no sooner begun to work than the stable man came down with the Bobcat to move snow. He tooled around moving snow the entire time I rode! Luckily, Pippin was pretty cool about it and I decided it was a good learning experience for him... but it was a bit annoying. As soon as I came out he turned it off. I'm thinking that maybe he didn't know I was in there.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yikes....I don't know how you do it. I would go batty with people like that as neighbors.

We are getting lots of moisture thus winter. It's been snowing a few inches every day for over a week.

Hopefully this will help give us some green grass this Spring and raise our water tables, too.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's snowing right now actually. There's already over 6" on the ground and it's still blowing and snowing. Should be all melted by noon tomorrow, though. :)


achieve1dream said...

Ha! I love your prison idea lol.

I'm glad you got to ride, but the view does suck lol. Hopefully that tree will scratch the crap out of that car. I'm not an evil person, but they are extremely rude people so they deserve it lol.