Monday, February 27, 2012


We finally got some snow this winter after being promised some for several weeks. I feel sorry for all these pregnant robins who thought it was spring...

Though I can't stand the cold anymore, I do love the way a fresh snowfall seems to quiet everything down and cleanse the neighborhood. There's less traffic on the road, less construction noises, less trash to look at. I've been seeing evidence around the neighborhood that the county may have actually acted on my complaints. Someone was supposed to contact me when they investigated my reports, but no one ever did. However, I think someone did speak to the neighbors who I complained about.

What pushed me over the edge was when two more neighbors simultaneously started working on loud vehicle engines every day on top of the other three neighbors who are always making a racket with their construction and manufacturing businesses. It seems that since those three neighbors have been getting away with all the noise pollution they've been causing, other neighbors now feel as if it is okay to add it to. So, between that and the fact that we have to sell our house in these conditions, I went ahead and put in formal written complaints about the three businesses.

I reported the guy who disrupts the whole neighborhood by revving dragster engines, specifying that his business is usually very quiet with this one exception, and I haven't heard a peep out of him in the past few weeks since I put in the reports.

I also reported the guy who grinds granite all day, specifying that when he drags his equipment out onto his driveway, the grinding noise grates on my nerves, and he wakes me up every morning by allowing the engine on his diesel truck to idle for half an hour or so. I just came to the realization this morning that I haven't heard his truck engine idling or his grinding for a while, and he lined up all of his trailers in front of his house to help buffer the noise. He also moved all of his equipment into his garage and has been working in there, like he should.

Then there's the nosy, annoying neighbors. I went out to do some work in the stalls and noticed that they were digging a post hole on the other side of my chain-link fence. I wondered if they might be putting in a wall or wood fence. I hope it's a wall, because my horses will eat any wood fence they try to erect. However, I'm skeptical that they can do all the work themselves, because just digging one two-foot deep hole takes days because of the hard-packed clay and river rock. I suspect they will give up after digging the one hole.

Then I noticed that they removed all the garbage and debris they've had piled up on their driveway for years, and the front of their house actually looked nice! They also tried to rearrange all the junk vehicles on their lot to hide them behind trees and bushes, and push them back further toward the back of their house. I can't imagine they are just randomly doing all this clean up voluntarily. Someone had to put pressure on them.

They are still staring at me every time I walk outside, but have not approached me to ask if I was the one who reported them. Quite truthfully, there are so many neighbors who are sick of these sloths that anyone could have done it. They have another broken down vehicle now, because they left the door open on one of their trucks for two days, and the interior light ran down the battery. That's typical. They often leave doors open and trunks and hoods up, even when it is raining or snowing. That's why I kind of wonder if everyone in the family is mentally challenged. You'd think at least one person would notice and say, "Hey, that's bad. We shouldn't do that. We'll run down the battery and ruin the upholstery." But they never do.  I've thought about going over there and doing them the favor of closing everything, but since I chase them off my property, I don't want to tread on their property without permission.

Anyway, I hope these changes last.  I know I won't have to deal with these neighbors much longer, but I still want to be able to sell or rent this house without them acting as deterrents.  


Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh, that fluffy little robin looks pretty cold. A fresh snow is cleansing; that's a nice way to describe it. I hope your neighbors keep up this good behavior so you can get your house sold.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I should probably put this on the last post, but didn't want it getting lost in the shuffle.

Move My Horse lists 4 companies in AZ for hauling. I have no info on any of these, so it's a take at your own risk kind of thing.

There is another one, I am looking for his contact info. Ed is his name. I was going to have a horse brought in from Texas or ship a mare of mine there.

I am also digging through my emails, etc. for a couple of other guys too- Gary Mitchell comes to mind. He is excellent! Both good guys to deal with.

I will shoot you an email with both Gary and Ed's info when I find it.

Good to see things calming down in the neighborhood for you. That will help you get out of there quicker hopefully!

lytha said...

ah, this is so exciting, reading about your state with the neighbors, and the possibility of being GONE soon.

i can't stand it!

mentally challenged - well, children make mistakes like that when they get their first car. but they have had more than their first car so i think, yah, challenged.

also creepy and criminal and i cannot wait for you to be outta there.

did you say pregnant robins, oh my, how i miss the song of robins!

Vaquerogirl said...

sounds like a lot of big changes on your horizons! Take care my friend and good luck!

Crystal said...

I too think snow sure makes everything look nicer, it covers up all the junk and dead grass. Nice your neighbors are behaving, it sure would be easier to rent or sell if it was quieter around when they come see the place.

Rebecca said...

Wow it looks cold there! We got measily hail today and that was enough for me! Brr. :op

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It's beginning to look as if they aren't building a barrier between my property and theirs, but are just erecting a small fence on the side of their house so that they can store all their junk back there without anyone being able to see it from the street. That's doesn't solve my problem, because I can still see their junk clear as day from my angle.

achieve1dream said...

Well I hope the noise pollution has stopped at least. I'm glad someone was finally listening!