Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lots of News

House Hunt:  I spent literally all day and night yesterday getting paperwork together for a home loan approval and finally got the pre-qual form late last night.  Now I'm in the phase of investigating this home a little closer and possibly making an offer.  Turquoise Pants is still living on the porch next door sucking on her cigarettes and staring at me all day, so it feels great that I'm one step closer to leaving her and all the other weirdos over there in my rear view mirror.

Dog Care:  My husband came up with an excellent idea on giving pills to dogs.  I was just putting the antibiotics down the side of Midge's throat away from her tongue, but she was figuring out how to spit it out.  If we mix it into her dog food, she works around it.  If we roll it up into food and toss it to her, she eats the food and spits out the pill.  So, here's what we are doing now that works:

1.  Have another dog (Scrappy) close by to put on pressure.
2.  Roll pill up into one piece of cheese and hold in one hand.
3.  Roll up identical piece of cheese in other hand.
4.  Have third piece of cheese rolled up and close at hand.
5.  Hand pill cheese to Midge and quickly hand other piece of cheese to Midge as a chaser, so that she has to swallow the pill in order to get the second piece of cheese before Scrappy gets it.
6.  Give Scrappy third piece of cheese.

Works every time.

Photography Business:  I received a very unexpected phone call yesterday from a local television station.  They asked if they could come to my photography studio and film me in action with the shelter animals.  They want to do a story on how professional photography helps find animals homes, and then they are going to interview me for about 15 minutes.  I don't even know if I have enough to talk about to fill that time, but I agreed to do it.  It'll be weird having a television crew in my house.  I was already so booked up between trying to buy a new home, having a farrier appointment, and having an appointment with a tax accountant, and after I got this call, I had to set up an appointment to do my hair.  Plus I've got a lot of house and yard cleaning to do before the camera crew arrives.


Katharine Swan said...

Congratulations on the interview! That's fantastic news, and should really help you with your business!

We have one dog that eats pills with her dinner pretty well -- I think because she knows we want her to. The other sometimes has problems with it, so we discovered that we could roll the pill in peanut butter, open her mouth from the front, and with the other hand stick the pill to the back of her tongue (the peanut butter acts like glue!). Then she HAS to swallow it, and she's usually so excited about the peanut butter, she doesn't fight the process at all. In fact, she comes over and sits down when she hears me getting the pills out. :o) If Midge figures out the cheese thing, you might try this approach!

fernvalley01 said...

Exciting news! and cool idea on the pils for pups

Dreaming said...

What great news! Both with the loan approval and the TV gig. You rock!

Mikey said...

Very cool! Are you going to share the interview with us? Pretty please!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Unfortunately, I probably won't even get to see the show, because they only show it on cable, which I replaced with DirecTV a while back. Maybe I can get them to put it on YouTube.

Crystal said...

Exciting things are looking up! Awesome about the interview.

When I had to give pills to my dog it was easy she just ate them and didnt realize till afterwrds (sometimes a dumb dog is a bonus ;) lol

Cut-N-Jump said...

Ask them for a copy on DVD. They should be able to do that for you. Way cool!

I hope that Scrappy doesn't figure out s/he is being shorted a piece of cheese because of the pills.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Awww, Scrappy is half-blind. He won't notice.

aurora said...

Congrats on the upcoming interview! Definitely ask for a copy of the clip, in whatever format you can view (otherwise you may get raw).

achieve1dream said...

That is so exciting about the interview!!! Congrats!

I use hot dogs for giving pills. I break a hot dog up into several pieces and toss them to the dogs. They swallow it whole so once I give the one with the pill they never even notice it lol. :) It's easier to get a pill in a hot dog than to roll it up in cheese. For me it is anyway.

Yay on the house! I'm so excited for you. You've needed this for a long time. Keeping my fingers crossed!