Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Love Lost

No love lost here in the neighborhood, because there never really was much.  Last night I needed to clean stalls, put the horses away, feed and blanket them, but the annoying neighbors had a ton of people over at their place all hanging out next to my barn.  There's a woman living with them who I call The Chain-Smoker, because she comes out onto their front porch every five minutes to smoke, so if I want to do any chores or interact with my horses without being stared at, I have less than five minutes to do it.  Even though she has several chairs to choose from, she crouches like a panther in a dark corner of the porch and smokes and stares at me like she's ready to pounce.  It freaks me out, so I've been trying to avoid her.

Then last night The Calling-Card Creeper was having a sword fight in the front yard with the little boy who now pretty much lives at the neighbors' house too.  (That makes four adults, one child, and one dog crammed into that tiny shack.)  They had long, thick sticks and were clacking them together, dancing around like fencers, and screaming.  I kept looking out the window waiting for them to stop so that I could do my chores without the horses spooking, but an hour later when it was almost dark, they were still at it.

So, I went outside to find my horses cowering in a huddle in the corner of my yard looking worriedly over at these two who were acting oddly.  I opened all the stall doors, but the horses wouldn't go in.  They were afraid to be trapped in their stalls with all that activity going on around them.  I kept calling them, and finally Lostine made a break for it and ran at a fast trot into her stall, then stuck her head out her window snorting.  The two boys went on with their hour-long sword fight without acknowledging that they were scaring my horses and preventing me from being able to do my evening chores. 

I had to put hay in each stall to get Bombay and Gabbrielle to give in and go inside.  I usually blanket Gabbrielle first, but she was all worked up, because her stall is closest to the neighbors' place and she gets the brunt of all the noise and sudden movements.  I put Bombay's blanket on, then Lostine's, and just as I was bending over with my head and arm under Lostine's belly to grab her blanket strap, the man of the house fired up a chainsaw.


Who cuts wood in the dark?  Weirdos do.  I would swear that he intentionally waited for me to come outside and put the blankets on the horses to do that.  He had all day to work on that chore.  There was no reason for him to wait until it got dark out to start cutting wood.  I figured that the county acted on my complaints and this was his way of getting revenge.  Fortunately, his timing was off, and he started up the tool when I was working with my oldest, calmest horse.

However, now I was in a pickle, because it was going to be one of the colder nights of the year and I had to figure out how to get that blanket on Gabbrielle while she was in tizzy.  I decided to just go for it, and she made me proud by holding still despite having every nerve of hers buzzing and every muscle as taut as can be.  Of course, as soon as I went inside my house, everyone stopped next door and went into their house.

We had a wrench thrown into our house hunting plans.  I was going to get everything set up to refinance our current home and get locked into a loan approval for a new home, but we seem to be missing some important papers, so the bank can't do anything for us.  There's going to be a two-week delay before we can get those papers.  It looks like I'll just be window shopping this weekend, because I won't be able to buy anything.

I seriously doubt I'm going to have time to go to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, because I have to cover a lot of ground around Phoenix checking out neighborhoods and viewing houses over just a few days.  I still need to make arrangements with my real estate agent to see when she's available to take me on a tour before I can commit to meeting anyone in BloggerLand.  I may have to take a rain check.

Houses are starting to sell, so I'm losing opportunities.  The good news is that one of my husband's friends here is selling his house, and he had five showings last weekend, which means that the housing market is recovering.  In 2009 - 2011 a home buyer was considered lucky if he got five showings in a year.  So, that makes me more confident that we can sell our house.


Deanna said...

"Who cuts wood in the dark? Weirdos do." OMGosh- you so crack me up!! I know these neighbors are a pain- but your tongue in cheek humor is awesome for us readers!
I've been to the Scottsdale Arab Show- it is so great. I'm sorry it looks like you'll have to miss it. I like your 'glass half full' view of things right now- that at least the good real estate market means your home should sell quickly.
Appreciate you keeping us posted!

Cut-N-Jump said...

I'm not sure if we are going to the show or not either. Usually we work the 'Jump Crew' finishing up with the Saturday evening performance.

Let me know if you are heading this way and maybe we can hook up and look at a few places around here. I know the one down the street just sold. At least the sign is down and there are horses out front in the one turnout.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Today the weirdos next door left all the doors open and hood up on one of the junk cars on their lot all day long. This is something they do often, and are always surprised when the battery dies. So, the old man waited for me to come outside and start putting my horses in their stalls for him to come outside and start slamming all those doors and the hood closed. My horses didn't see him, because he moves so slow, and Bombay nearly got a concussion hitting his head on the window frame when he jumped.

Also, my husband has been trimming trees all week on our property, so the old guy must have thought it was a good idea, and he started sawing off branches on his trees. The only problem was that there was no logic behind which branches he was trimming and he was doing it all wrong. I won't be surprised if those trees die as a result. This is just more evidence of their Monkey See -- Monkey Do mentality.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Never a dull moment with your weirdo neighbors.
I hope your trip to Phoenix is a success story.


achieve1dream said...

Your neighbors are . . . well we just won't go there. You know how I feel about them lol. And we all know how sick of them you are, but what can you do. That sucks about the paperwork! I'll keep my fingers crossed that things pull together quickly so you can get out of the hell hole.