Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Off Topic, But...

Is anyone else being driven batty by excessive phone calls containing political messages and surveys?  We have been getting calls at least every half hour throughout the day and night.  I think it is indecent to call private homes after 8:00 PM, yet the calls keep coming long after that.  I find it so ironic that our politicians tried to protect our peace, quiet and privacy by creating the National No Call List, yet they are so quick to trample on our right to peace, quiet and privacy themselves by paying people to setup robo-calls to promote their campaigns.

Because we've got people in our house registered to different political parties, we get calls from pretty much every candidate who is running for an office during both local and national elections.  It's beyond obnoxious.  In years past, before all this phone nonsense began, we used to happily research each candidate through the Internet, news, television and radio debates, and mailings before making our decision on who to vote for.  However, now that we are getting these endless meaningless phone messages from candidates and their supporters, we no longer enjoy voting because we view all of them as a being a bunch of inconsiderate jerks.

They have to know this is annoying and disruptive, and therefore making repetitive phone calls is doing nothing to improve their popularity.  If a man called a woman as often as Mitt Romney calls me, he'd be arrested for stalking.

I work out of my home and was interrupted so many times today while trying to process some photographs, that my work ended up being sub-par do to all the distractions.  Even if I don't take the time to answer the phone, it still jars me out of my concentration when the phone rings.  I have four extensions to unplug and one mobile phone to turn off in order to escape all the ringing, but can't do that because I'm trying to run a business.  Politicians claim that they are all for supporting and increasing business in our country, but I guess that is only between elections because the rest of the time they are doing nothing but preventing business from taking place... not to mention, preventing some of us from sleeping.


fernvalley01 said...

Luckily here we don't get that typwe of call, every other call telemarketer etc under the sun , but no political stuff Yeah Canada !

Breathe said...

We have stopped answering our phone, everyone knows to call the cell phones. Politicians exempted themselves from do not call lists.


Reddunappy said...

Gaahhh I hate political years.

Hopefully it stops for you after the primary tomorrow.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

We rarely ever answer our phones and just use the answering machine and called ID to pick up. But even so, we don't get any political calls. I don't know why. We're registered to vote, but thankfully they don't bother us with their phone calls.